How to seduce her

Captivate a man: should we build or deconstruct his seduction?


You are looking for the perfect man and you can try many actions, you can never fall in love? You have no trouble attracting or even seducing a beautiful male but are you rather unlucky when it comes to starting a relationship in the long run? How to engage in seduction to find great love and finally find a real balance in your life?

It is 6:22 when I wake up with a start and I realize that the night has brought me advice! Yes, I even dream of you! More seriously, I finally put my finger on the last important detail of the process of seduction that I have been developing for several months just FOR YOU ladies! From now on, I am certain to be able to help you to captivate a man and thus to seduce the man of your dreams regardless of your problem in love.

Today, to seduce a man you have only one proposal that could however be divided into several branches: a help to learn how to build your seduction, to gain personal confidence, to better understand the male psychology or simply to know the codes of the romance of dating dates. But in the end it all comes down to a central point, and in fact I realized you needed something else to go even further. Wondering what exactly? All is yet in the title!

Well, I do not wait any longer to explain this new concept and you can only read on By being confronted with the various problems that you encounter when I advise you in personalized coaching, I am I am aware that for a large part of women, the difficulty you encounter is different from that of men because you must rather deconstruct your seduction to change some bad habits.

Are you following me?

This means that you have entered a process that you master. You know that you attract men and you know your assets. Yet, every one of these men met will never offer you to build a lasting relationship and you do not understand why. All this proves that your seduction model is not the right one and you will have to modify all of your habits in order not to reproduce the same pattern!

You are in a situation that you master but that prevents you from being happy so why continue like this? Forget everything you've learned about seduction and start over from scratch, but for a result that's up to scratch.

Now think about the box in which you will have to position yourself. Do you have to build your seduction to seduce men with whom nothing will succeed? Or deconstruct in the hope of keeping those who really make you crack?
There are no good or bad answers but it is necessary to make a specific point because it will condition your future emotional encounters.

I help you better understand men and all their psychology!

To help you better understand the choice you need to make, I have listed 5 profiles related to problematic in seduction of women that I accompany on a daily basis:

1 / You do not know how to captivate a man who pleases you?

How many times in coaching have I heard women say to me "Alexander, I do not understand, I attract all men who do not interest me but as soon as a handsome guy pecks in my eye, he does not even look at me! ".

2 / You do not know how to seduce?

At the beginning of coaching, the questions are always the same. "I'm attracted by a charming man, but I do not know what to say to him, so Alexandre, I need you to tell me what to do and especially what to say?"

3 / You tend to relive the same situations?

"I meet a man who tells me he wants to get in. The relationship is wonderful the first weeks, I'm the happiest woman and he always tells me he does not know where he is. I wait before committing myself, he tells me I love you quickly, I let go and 3 weeks later I hear the same words again. I do not understand anything to men Alexander ".

4 / You are comfortable with seduction but do not understand men?

"Alexandre, I have no problem to seduce a man.I will say even without boasting that I attract almost all.The concern I encounter is that I can not live a stable relationship ... Men are afraid or are only sexually attracted to me Why? "

5 / You have been disappointed in love and you are afraid

The fifth type of women that I am brought to counsel includes those who have been hurt by a painful past and who no longer trust her or the male gender.
I often hear "I was very in love with a man who destroyed me, I think it was a narcissistic perverse manipulator… "

How to build a strong seduction?

If you want to build your seduction and break with your usual pattern that places you in a situation of waiting then I invite you to realize that seduction is a moment to share and live. It is necessary to bring out all your desires so that each moment that you will share with a man is conducive to a blossoming and especially, that it allows you to live a unique happiness on the present moment.

Seduction starts from you and in my guide " The Code of Love "You have an overview of your construction to attract, charm and seduce a man.First, you will have to study your seduction profile.This is to take stock of two important questions: what are your strengths? and what are your weaknesses?

Your personality is your best asset to seduce and I help you to highlight your qualities but also to assume your faults to be able to please by remaining always natural. This is the essential point of my philosophy because you have to highlight the one you really are inside of you.

In a second step, I guide you to establish your needs in love to focus on the essentials and never position yourself in excessive demand for a man.

The third step of your construction is to return to your past, whether distant or near, I give you the tools to analyze your mistakes so you never reproduce them again.

Finally last point to build your seduction smoothly, it is the evolutionary action plan in which you will have to target the 6 ways to make meetings: Professional life, the social circle, the evenings single, the events to find Love, dating sites and social connections.

To learn more, I invite you to observe the description of my book "The Code of Love - find the man of your life in 3 months"!

How to deconstruct his seduction to avoid the same mistakes?

If on the contrary, you master all basics of seduction, I propose to deconstruct your habits to not reproduce the same pattern and to leave your comfort zone.

Of course this is not an easy exercise to implement but it also know what you want! It is therefore sometimes necessary to question oneself and to try new actions.

The role of manners and your idea of ​​men's involvement

We are in a society where it is up to the man to take the first step and come and seduce the woman who attracts him. In this situation, you will have to undergo a double choice that is not necessarily to your advantage. Therefore, either:

1 / You make a decision by default because you have not taken the initiative to approach a man with whom there could be the most attraction. So you let yourself be carried away by the situation and you never take the lead. You will therefore make a choice based on the notion of " Less bad "instead of the ideal" for the better. "From the start, the attraction will be insufficient, which does not suggest the best for a story of heart.

2 / You will meet a man who will scramble to make you fall in love but who will remain behind him because finally you will behave like all the other women on which he could have fallen. Therefore magic will not work.

If you want to stop now this scheme in which you will find no favorable outcome, you must consider that a man is never in love before having fully discovered your world.

Your task is to take the time to seduce the one who attracts you by highlighting your personality and taking initiatives to prove that you also have many assets to make.

The fact of Deconstruct your seduction must lead you to change your habits but in no way to push back your value system. I'm not asking you to drop all your principles but rather to put yourself in danger of making strong decisions that few women could make. This, simply because now you have a habit of letting yourself be carried by the actions that the man who covets you sets up. We are in the 21st century and you have your say!

This is the right time to think about changing all your habits and thus review your vision of seduction. I guide you through my products to accompany you in your search for a stable and fulfilling love life.

I wish you a beautiful day and happiness in your love life.