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I live my celibacy badly: Here is the method that will change everything!


Your soul mate has not knocked on your door yet? You can not stand being single, you say I live my celibacy badly, but you do not know how you take to force your love destiny and to know how to find love? Looking for help to conquer the heart of the person of your dreams? So you are in the right place!

I introduce myself, I am Alexandre Cormont, your love coach since 2007 and I accompany you in your goal, in a first to overcome this celibacy that hurts you but especially to fully live a fulfilling relationship. For this, I suggest you to discover a little down a very useful video when one is aware of poorly live his celibacy and that we want to change things with specific advice. By following my coaching philosophy and the exercises more question of being single. And if you want even further than this article and the video that accompanies it, I guide you step by step in my ebook the Code of Love accessible here.

I am perfectly aware that it is not always easy to find the rare pearl and unfortunately you start to lose hope, you think that you will never be able to know this relationship that you expect so much, and that finding the good or the good is just a Disney animated utopia. You are not alone in this case but know that there are solutions and it is to help you find them that I accompany you. But you must not let emotions or even worse negativity take over because when we try absolutely to meet his dreams and we think only of that we can quickly make mistakes, due to the precipitation and this almost obsessive desire to no longer fall asleep without anyone at his side. But thanks to your coach, you will finally be able to move forward, for that you just have to read carefully this article and watch this video.

Why do I live badly in my celibacy? The 3 main reasons!

Most men and women over 30 tend to feel guilty about being single, yet there are 15 million in France according to the latest INSEE statistics, so it is not a unique case that you are going through.

However, there are reasons why you feel bad and have difficulty assume your love situation and therefore to evolve without stress. I have decided to retain 3 which are in my opinion the main ones.

I do not live well being single because it is to be in solitude

We all have need affection or at least attention in our life. That of our family, our boss and of course a partner. Being alone at home in the evening, waking up without someone at your side inevitably causes a lack and therefore a kind of sadness when this situation persists over time.

It is often the element that is the most difficult to accept because celibacy does not make it possible to make plans for the future, be it traveling, buying a house and of course starting a family.

I live my celibacy badly because I am not rebuilt since my break

We often have the impression that single men and women have been for years, but this is obviously not always the case. You have known love stories, some more beautiful than others and you sometimes have a hard time forgetting them. Thinking about your ex is not negative in itself but the fact of suffering and staying stuck becomes worrying.

In reality, it is not the loneliness of celibacy that is most difficult to accept, it is rather the lack left by your ex and the fact that you may not have taken the necessary steps for you. rebuild. Time can not heal all wounds and you feel concerned by my words, you must act as quickly as possible to rebuild yourself.

For this, I encourage you to follow my training to forget his ex definitely to learn how to rebuild and read my article about actions to live well his celibacy to put in place as soon as possible.

My celibacy hurts me because of the eyes of others

These are often external looks or rather the image that we have of you or the prejudices that are the causes of your misery. A single man at 30 is a womanizer and a woman who does not have children does not know how to keep a man. These are obviously misconceptions but they hurt and can work your mind and make you feel guilty.

You see your friends advancing as a couple, you are not always invited to the parties because you come alone, all these negative behaviors do not help you to raise your head. Despite the fact that millions of people are single, there is always prejudices.

However, there is fortunately a behavior that can change everything ...

I do not live well my celibacy, here is the behavior that will allow me to move forward!

When one says oneself I live badly my celibacy, there are several hypotheses to take into consideration and each one requires very precise actions and therefore inevitably different. It is essential to put your finger on the problem you are facing simply because that is where your strategy will come from to fight against your celibacy.

That you are single for a long timeWhether you've just emerged from a breakup or want to understand the basics of seduction to regain self-confidence, whatever your situation, I'll help you understand how to meet the right person.

In this video to find love when you do not live well, you will also discover what you should use to maximize your chances of finding the rare pearl. It is therefore to make an analysis or rather a report! What are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, and especially how will you be able to gain an advantage when dating and so understand how you should put yourself in front of the person you like.

One of the main things to do in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and especially to know exactly what you are looking for is to determine the type of man or woman that you like and that you are looking for. I do not necessarily mean physics, you already have your tastes and you do not necessarily need to list what you like or what you do not like, it is more of a psychological profile of encounter. If you have to go through this step it's also to force you to do not choose someone by default.

I often take this example because it is revealing but a woman who wants a caring man but who, because she absolutely wants to live as a couple and start a family, turns to a man who from the beginning is detached and not at all involved is not the solution because very quickly tensions will appear. Suffice to say that this couple has no chance to continue. Therefore and even if this example is a little caricature, do not get into a story just because you say I live badly to be single. You must still have a common vision with the person you will covet.

If you have trouble figuring out exactly what you want from your future partner, then you can do the opposite exercise, that is, you list what you do not want in your half. And from there you will be able to better define the criteria of the perfect man or the ideal woman according to your "needs". As a result, it will be easier to do your research on sites or dating apps like Meetic, Tinder or Attractive World.

Indeed, when you know what you want and especially what you do not want it is easier to make your choice!

What my coaching philosophy will bring you ...

As I said at the beginning of this video to find loveFor more than ten years I have accompanied thousands of people, men and women, of all classes and social conditions towards one goal: to find the soul mate.

In my opinion, happiness necessarily means a life of full-blown relationship and a real sharing and a strong complicity with his half. It is therefore necessary to create a cocoon shape around the couple. But before reaching this, it is essential to put in place a effective seduction. Indeed, there is no miracle method when one lives ill his celibacy. It requires a strong commitment and above all to set up specific actions.

But for this it is still necessary to know how to go about overcoming his celibacy. The essential advice I give to people who trust me is in one word: organization.

Why ?

Quite simply because often when you have a deep hurt, and I know that it is the case when one pronounces sentences such that I live badly of being single or I'm sick of celibacy,we tend to act in a disorganized way, trying in turn to find ways to meet people. As soon as one of your relatives or a friend tells you that there is a way to meet people that worked for him / her then you go for it without taking the time to organize yourself in order to put all the chances of your side.

For example, you must be aware that on a dating site the photos (yes I used the plural because it is imperative several photos!) And the profile description are essential and it is therefore necessary to apply meticulously to the moment of creating his file by dwelling on these two elements at length. But there are a lot of other tips that I would take too long to detail here.

It is this philosophy that led me to write a special book that can help you, as well as my readers, find love in a few weeks.

This is the Ebook I mentioned in the introduction and you can find in my shop called "The Code of Love". In addition, this purchase will allow you to benefit from a special offer for coaching with me or a member of my team of coaches trained in my philosophy.

I will take the time to answer all your questions so get ready to be happy or happy in love !

The author of the Code of Love and the video if I live my celibacy badly!