How to be self-confident

The 4 rules to feel good about yourself!


This is probably one of the main hurts of our society. We hear about happiness, joy of life, pleasure, but in reality few people know how to achieve it. We would like to believe that buying a better car than your neighbor or being better than your colleague will make you feel good about yourself.

But in reality, the concept of well-being is much larger than what the consumer society wants us to believe in imposing on us having always more and always better than the others. We must not be blinded by the way others look at us. It is perfectly possible to feel good about yourself and to be happy with little, provided you do not pay attention to others and have confidence in yourself.

Achieving happiness is much simpler than you think, but you have to change your mind completely to find the true origin of well-being and inner peace. But nothing innate, and everything requires effort and work. There are people who were younger and morbidly timid, but who gradually managed to fight this defect to gain charisma. So yes, feel good about yourself, you too can do it!

Rest assured, we can not please everyone

To feel good about yourself, you must be aware of something that may seem trivial but it is always good to remember. "You can not please everyone." Starting from this principle, and if you actually apply it, you will see that your life will totally changeshe will even be upset.

I still see every day that too many people absolutely want to do as their neighbor (when I use the term neighbor, it can actually be parents, cousins, friends ...). So-and-so has to buy this or that, so I have to show that I too can. We want to make us believe that feeling good about oneself is inevitably related to social rank, which is totally wrong.

If you seek the approval of others by the acts you undertake, you will have trouble feeling fulfilled because you will always find someone who will have something to complain about and who will criticize you. You must therefore convince yourself that your happiness does not go through the eyes of others. When you act and buy, for example, a car, do it for yourself and not anticipate the reaction of people who will see you driving this one. The reason is simple, if you want us to notice you and finally you are criticized for your choice, then you will doubt and you will be disappointed. If on the contrary you buy a model because it is this one that you want and not another, then you will not consider the opinions of others and there you will be really happy to be able to drive it every day.

Remember that the jealousy of others sometimes causes them to be rejected and are therefore likely to criticize you. Do not take it into account and keep moving forward as you see fit.

Learn to know each other but especially to love each other

The other rule to know for feel good about yourself is to learn to love oneself as one is. Year after year, the dictate of beauty is growing. For you ladies, it started with breast implants, then botox and now the fashion is with ultra collagen lips. For you gentlemen, it is the tummy tuck, the fight against baldness and facelifts now.

I'm going to make a confession that may surprise you. Everything happens in the head.

It is easy to notice when we linger a few moments on reality shows, not that I'm a fan of this type of program, but we must recognize that it is a reflection of society. All of these beautiful young people live in a totally superficial world. Despite what they want us to believe, we see very quickly that girls who are yet pretty even naturally completely lack confidence and do not appreciate.

As a coach in seduction, I know that the physical can be important but there is an even more important parameter. Self-confidence. You may be the most beautiful person in the world, if you can not reach out to others, it is unlikely that you can find a soul mate. If, on the contrary, you love yourself, then you will go more easily to others, you will try your luck, you will take risks, and that is what is essential to feel good about yourself.

To feel good about yourself, you have to feel alive.

Set goals to feel good about yourself

Feel fulfilledthis necessarily means goals that we set ourselves daily. Because yes, Feel good about yourself learns and works! Again, once you have to do it for yourself and not for others to have a certain image of you.As in each area, progress is slow and difficult, but if you put yours, you will achieve results.

Nevertheless, the preliminary to obtain these effects and to know its weaknesses or the points on which it is necessary to work. Knowing oneself is essential to move forward and set the right goals.

It is necessary to work in priority on the points that seem most important to you, that is to say those that are most needed. It is often useful to use a personal development coach to establish an action plan but above all to have a neutral and comprehensive view of the situation. For example, some things may seem important to you when there is really no urgency. On the other hand, parameters to feel good about yourself that you can ignore need to be set up right off the bat.

In the same way, a coach will be able to help you plan your actions to go at a correct pace. I noticed that most people want to skip the steps or go much too fast. The consequences are dramatic simply because by doing so you risk burning your wings. You probably know the story of hare and turtle? And well in terms of welfareit's the same. If you want to go too fast and set yourself too high goals, you will have trouble reaching them. The risk being that because you can not get results, you get discouraged and you do not end up stopping your efforts and therefore your exercises. It is thus preferable to set achievable goals so without aiming too high but to practice them regularly.

Before walking on your two legs, you walked on all fours ... To feel good about yourself, you have to go step by step. There is no point in putting the turbo for 3 days and stopping, you should rather promote a slower, but steady and daily progress.

Stop wanting more

A new state of mind in contradiction with what we want to impose on you, that is what will allow you to be well in your skin. To want more and more is the characteristic of human nature, or in any case, it is the vision that is taught to us from a young age.

Yet it is this life philosophy which drives millions of people, maybe even billions to Feel bad about themselves. We must know how to put an end to this perpetual march forward because that is how we are never satisfied with anything.
To live happily and feel good about yourself, it is necessary to know how to appreciate what is possessed both materially and in other areas.

Your coach for feel good about yourself