Celebrate with me the release of my new book "Confidences of a love coach"!


I am asked regularly "Alexandre when did you plan to do your next conference live?". Well good news friends, for all those who were not available last July 9, I am organizing a new event that will please you for sure.

Indeed, I finalize several months of intensive work with the release of my new book that will address the major issues of love life and happiness. And for the launch of this book, I planned to do things big by organizing this conference to which I invite you to Paris in the 17th at Espace Batignolles, 18 rue la condamine.

What will be the program of this conference?

Whenever I did group workshops but also during my conference on July 9 in Paris, participants all expressed their satisfaction of having followed such an event because it upset their perception of the situation.

For almost a year, I have been working on the writing of my new book which will be called "Confidences of a Love Coach" and with which you will leave if you attend my conference.
In particular, I have compiled all the misconceptions and false beliefs that exist about love, the mistakes that my co-workers make on a daily basis, but also the solutions that we find together in all areas of the sentimental life.
Conference organized in Paris on July 09, 2016 by Alexandre Cormont
I have written this book to help you take full control of your love life and I want to go further with this conference. You will leave this afternoon with concrete answers on all the issues that you go through in your love life or issues that haunts you for a while.
I will answer all the questions you have always asked yourself!
Since my arrival in Miami in early 2016, I have had the chance to work with the greatest coaches in the world and to be inspired by their coaching philosophy that combined with my vision of Love allows me to meet you. propose a unique event. This conference will be a moment of exchange, sharing and I will obviously take the time to answer your questions.

You can still book your place as a privileged member. Enjoy quickly by clicking on the following link:

I reserve my place at the rate of49 € instead of 97 € right here :>>> I want my place for the conference of 19/11/2016 with Alexandre CORMONT <<<

When and where will this conference take place?

The Saturday 19 November between 14h00 and 16h30 I invite you in the heart of Paris, in the seventeenth borough, to an exclusive conference with a small number of participants in order to answer the questions of each person.

And I will not be alone! My team will also be present and other coaches will accompany me to help you better. There will be Hugo and Vladimir that you can find on the coaching page of the site and Adrian an American love coach (but who speaks French do not worry!).

I have concocted a custom program that you can discover a little further down. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a coaching as if we were face to face and you will see, it is an innovative concept that I propose to discover.

How will this face-to-face conference unfold?

More than 2.5 hours of advice and support ! It is the duration that I grant to this exceptional conference during which I will enter the smallest details of the sentimental life, of the seduction to the reconquest sentimental. All the stages will be evoked and all the myths will be deconstructed. You will be amazed !!!

And you will not leave empty-handed because you will have access in preview to my next work that I will offer you, even with a small dedication if you wish it 😉

How to book a place for the conference confidences of a love coach?

The places are limited for this event because I want to answer everyone's questions and accompany you in a personalized way in addition to my intervention. Do not waste a minute to book your place and discover all the solutions to your love problems!

Take advantage of the rate 49 € instead of 97 € by clicking here:>>> I want my place for the conference of 19/11/2016 with Alexandre CORMONT <<<

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