This forgotten behavior that you must do to improve your life in a positive way


This forgotten behavior that you must do to improve your life in a positive way

A miracle method? No.

Something simple? Yes.

Accessible to everyone ? Yes.

So what is this simple behavior accessible to all that many people do not do?

It's here celebration.

And you know what ? Celebrating every little victory of your life is what makes the big difference between positive people and others.

This will also make a difference in your mental well-being and motivation.

I'm sure you do not celebrate your victories enough.

Do you confirm that?

I have read many books and scientific papers. And what comes out of all this is the fact that celebrating every little victory greatly improves the quality of our life.

Every victory, no matter how small, must be celebrated with honor.

And more regularly you do it and better will be the health of your brain. He will receive somehow the following message:

Wow in fact, I manage. I'm not that bad, and besides, regularly, I do things that work. It's great, let's be positive, let's keep it that way and make sure we move towards our goals and dreams.

You understand it, you train your mind to win, you condition your brain to have a state of mind of celebration, of joy and especially of winner.

So many more parties, a lot more chocolate to eat to please you and a lot more "Wow what I did, it's just great!"

It sounds simple and you think I quibble for very little, but do you really do it? Let's look at this together.

Do you tend to focus on what's wrong or what's wrong?
Did you know that studies have shown that divorce is not caused by increased problems within the couple?

No divorce is much caused by a decrease in positive emotions between the two protagonists.
Want to know if a couple will last? Simple.

Do not look at how they bicker together. No, look instead at how they celebrate together every innocuous and important moment of their life together.

Want better relationships? Celebrate with your entourage the good things that happen to you.

Studies have shown that couples who were celebrating regularly the good times spent together get a better rate of commitment to each other, have greater trust in each other and are more satisfied with their relationships.
I say it again. It's not enough to just say "Wow, it's beautiful darling, congratulations for what you did".

Admittedly, it's already a good foundation, but you have to show it by facts! Do things, go to dinner for the occasion, go out, drink, go for a swim, etc.

Finally, romantic relationships should not be the only relationships to be celebrated. You must also think about your friendly relations. (By the way, do you make one of these 8 mistakes in a new conversation?)

How long are you friends with your friends? A few years already? Congratulations.

I now have a question for you: Why celebrate your relationship in general and not your friendship?

Do the same thing. Celebrate your one year friendship for example :).

Teresa Amabile, a Harvard professor, did a study and showed that there are seven factors that make a company go more productive than another and that also makes it worthwhile to work on it.

Of these seven reasons?

I'm sure you guessed it. Go a little effort;).

Yes, these are the victories celebrated together.
The small victories celebrated condition the success of employees and they will be even more motivated.

Do you want your team to be more productively what succeed better daily ?

Celebrate each small victory together and do not wait until the end of a big project or the end of a year (and again, I'm nice).

I'm not asking you to dance or party in the middle of the meeting room. But a coffee, congratulations, encouragement, it does not require much effort.

You know what you have left to do !

The majority of us tend to see things that are wrong and focus on them.

We lose too much energy and that does not help us in our quest to happiness. You will be more happy and satisfied of yourself in you focusing about the things you already have in your life.

Many researches have shown that recognition is a powerful way to boost our motivation and happiness. It's a matter of attention that you put into everyday life.
Be thankful and express your gratitude for the small things of everyday life, no matter how small.

You do not really know how? I redirect you to the article I wrote for this purpose: the power of gratitude: 5 tips to live happier.

What is the key to creating good habits and succeed successfully your goals? To eat chocolate.

Yes, yes, I am serious.

Charles Duhigg author of the free"The power of habit" showed that if you celebrate every little victory when setting up your habit, this onewill anchor more easily within you.

Do you want to go back to sport? You want to be sure to continue your sessions and not give up after a while?

Make a habit of giving yourself a small candy like a chocolate for example at the end of your session to congratulate you on the effort you have just made.

If you like, research has shown that habits have three components:

  • The trigger, that is, the element that will make you start this habit
  • The routine which is just what you do
  • The reward

The reward is what there is more important when setting up a new habit. That's what will encourage your brain to continue. This reward will reinforce a certain pattern in this one that will push you to continue.

It's not necessarily chocolate, but anything that could make you happy :). The whole thing is to send the following signal to your brain:

Hello, congratulations for the effort you have just made. I know it's not necessarily easy for you to start something new. To thank you and to encourage you, I make you happy. Let's continue together and you will always be rewarded.

It seems too simple to walk? It's wrong. Every victory celebration as small as it is a big difference in your ability to undertake your goals and to be happier in your life.

So, fiesta!

In summary:

  • In your romantic and friendly relationships: Stop focusing on what's wrong and focus on things that work
  • At work: celebrate each of your victories as well as those of your colleagues. This will strengthen the team as well as its motivation.
  • In your personal life: focus on the good things of everyday life, appreciate them and express your gratitude.
  • For your motivation: celebrate every effort you make when setting up a new habit so that it is anchored more easily in you

Lirone, professional chocolate eater.