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No confusion is possible because I do not use a nickname to pay tribute to the famous American coach! I am Alexandre Cormont (that's my name!), The French expert in love coaching, and John Alexander is an American coach who has written several books on love. Some of you may already know whoever wrote one of the bestsellers of the reconquest "How to get your man back in 1 week".

Advisor seduction for men, he knows perfectly the male psychology, he helped thousands of women to better understand the breakup in love with his book "recover your man in a week John Alexander" but few people, especially in France really know him. Maybe you've heard of him before in my lectures or in my videos.

Can techniques coming directly from the USA be effective in France? Can we recover a man in a week and if so how? You probably wonder a lot of questions by discovering the title of this ebook that leaves dreamer. Once again I will help you better understand the methods to recover his ex and especially those developed by the Americans.

Reclaim his ex boyfriend with John Alexander

It was in 2008 that John Alexander published his book, it was exactly one year before I started my Love Coaching activity to help men and women improve their love lives. What makes the strength of this book is precisely the fact that John Alexander know so well how to think of men. You will tell me "It's a guy that's normal!"

And not exactly, not all men are able to become a coach in a snap of fingers, some are baker, other graphic or other doctors and do not necessarily understand the subtleties of communication in love! After a breakyou need advice and an accurate analysis to get it back. That is why the book in immediate access Get your man in one week John Alexander brings a real added value if you just break, because it will avoid you falling into the classic pitfalls.

That's exactly what John Alexander offers in his book, which you can find more details on this hyperfull presentation pagethere are some great tips you can follow. By understanding your man you will be able to evolve in your actions and adapt techniques that will be really relevant. It is a powerful advantage to have a better vision of the man's mentality to win back him. You will be able to customize your actions and match his expectations. By becoming a better seducer you will maximize your chances of succeeding your reconquest.

It is not often that the Americans have their books translated, however, at home, and you see it with my many articles, there are the same problematic as across the Atlantic. The translation of one of books to get his man back the best sellers was therefore logical and it is quite normal that I make you discover it within this site that deals with relationships and reclaiming an ex!

You do not want this situation to last too long. Tell yourself my ex miss me is a terrible feeling. You want to quickly rebuild your idyll and end this period of distance and that is why the actions proposed by the author will have a quick impact on the situation. You do not want to wait for months before knowing again the sentimental happiness, in a few days (7 days exactly), you will be able to bring solutions to this problem by returning in the best way with your ex and creating a lack that will push him to react.

The mastery of male psychology by American coaches

A few weeks ago I made you a surprise like never before, with the presence of an American coach at an exceptional conference that lasted nearly 2 hours. You probably remember Adrian and if that's not the case I invite you to read the article I gave him in clicking here. It was a resounding success in the world of the reconquest of love because the freshly arrived specialist of the United States and your coach number 1 in France could answer all your questions! Many of you are wondering when the next conference will take place and I can tell you that our friend from Miami and I have already started thinking about a format you probably do not expect ...

But we're not here to talk about my next lecture and Adrian had an advantage over John, because he's totally bilingual, but because it's important to confront philosophies and methods to find the perfect balance. . Americans have a different vision of love life and that is why Adrian came to France to study the behavior of the French in love.

With the book Recover your Man in a week from John Alexander and the advice that the number 1 coach in the US will give you, you will have all the cards in hand to surprise your man through methods that will totally upset him.To recover his man in a week is possible, but for that it must be in the best conditions and the advice of a coach is not negligible. They are even indispensable!

The method to recover your man in a week John Alexander

There are many things in common between my designing the actions to put in place to recover his ex and what John explains in his book. The method I have developed for years has necessarily similarities and is therefore a book that I warmly recommend to my readers because you will find your story and necessarily effective solutions.

There is an important part of the actions that is related to the understanding of the break. You must not go in the dark and this is precisely the problem that many of you encounter. You do not know what to do because you can not determine which situation is relevant to you. Inspiring you with the recommendations of a lovecoach will allow you to see more clearly and put in place the right actions.

Precisely, one of the first and main initiatives that you can find in the e-book "get your man back in a week (or less)!" Is writing a handwritten letter. With the latter it is possible to touch his ex in the heart because he does not expect to read you. This is not a love letter but an analysis of your story and the solutions you can bring to restart it!

The book is composed of 4 parts:

1 / Introduction to the method and the first steps

2 / The myths about rupture

3 / Tips to show your change

4 / The process of seduction and the culmination of the reconquest

And you will discover in particular:

  • The 9 reasons why a man leaves a woman (pages 16 to 24)
  • All special situations after a break
  • Words that will have an impact on your ex-boyfriend
  • The truth about distance relationships (page 66)
  • How to make him obsessed with seeing you again

So it's a book that must have on his bedside table after a separation or divorce because it is very complete and the style of the author is very appreciated because quite direct.

You can buy his ebook by clicking here.


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