How to make his ex girlfriend jealous?


To separate does not necessarily mean that you have to draw a line on your ex! Precisely, it is often this break that increases the attraction and desire to rebuild something, it often acts as an electroshock and a single idea trots in our head: get back with his ex! However, neither the love nor the wish to make it return will allow you to reach your goal, because to arrive at this result it is absolutely necessary to put in place various actions. It is precisely at this moment that we come to the idea of ​​using jealousy to make it react and bring it back to oneself.

We've all seen it in a movie or read in a book. The hero is madly in love but the break ups everything and from the moment he makes his ex girlfriend jealous, she will realize that she is still as much in love. Well, I must already admit that in reality it does not happen this way! It's obviously less simple and it does not stop to an addition on Facebook or an appointment with another woman for your ex decides to realize that you miss him. So you naturally wonder how to make his ex girlfriend jealous? How to get a reaction from him? And especially what are the actions to implement and how to know that our actions are effective?

All these questions are natural, because even if we want to use this method, we do not always know how to do it well and we find ourselves very often in a rather particular situation to manage because the one we love does not It does not necessarily have the expected reactions or even has no reaction at all. This delicate context leads to making mistakes and heading the wrong way. To avoid falling into the main pitfalls and know how to use jealousy to recover his ex, I give you here my advice and my analysis through.

This article is going to be useful to all the men a little lost who do not really know what to do and / or who dare not necessarily act for fear of appearing ridiculous. I will guide you in your actions so as to obtain a positive reaction and allow you to really launch your reconquest of love because this is the way to think, with a positive state of mind and with the desire to resume in hand your sentimental life. If you have already gone to the next stage and your ex is already very jealous, then I advise you to read this article: my ex is jealous, what does it mean?

Make her ex girlfriend jealous, for what purpose?

Of course the ultimate goal is to recover his ex. As I explain in this special folder to recover his ex to consult absolutely before launching anything, there are multiple ways of doing according to different elements such as his attitude, the reasons for the separation, his desires, his character, his expectations. These elements must be taken into account in order to have the most appropriate attitude. So you will have to take on yourself to analyze the general context and of course in order to maximize your chances it will be necessary to avoid falling into the traps of the prohibitions of the reconquest like harassment, the threats and all the other behavior which you would be damaging.

Once you have done this analysis, you can then determine an action plan. And if you read this, I imagine you're wondering how to create jealousy at home after separation. But before you go headlong, you must ask yourself what the goal is. Here I selected the 3 main hypotheses, but there may be others. Understand that I would have to spend a lot of time to take all the reasons that lead to wanting make her ex girlfriend jealousSo if you have more personal questions, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the article so that I answer you. In the meantime, here are the reasons that may explain why you wish to make her jealous!

I want to make her jealous to get her back as soon as possible

It is often said that jealousy is a proof of love, that's what makes you feel that way to make her come back. The fact of not wanting to turn the page and wait for a reaction on his part shows that we have in mind to get back with his ex.

You had this shock, this sudden awareness about her presence in your life and for the reconquest to be simpler you hope she feels the same. So, for this, it will be necessary that she is not insensitive, so the best way is to make her mad with jealousy. You think that as soon as she sees you in good company, her feelings will return at a gallop.

Although this may actually work, I still want to qualify.Indeed, we must not rely on this aspect often when we want to carry out a reconquest there are several levers to operate. In my opinion it can be a trigger, but you should not make it your only weapon!

I want to make my ex jealous to avenge me

In this hypothesis, the idea is not to win her back, but rather to give her the change. It is not always in a good spirit that we want to use jealousy after a break. Even if there is always this desire to rebuild something, resentment, sadness or even anger can also make us regret her decision by showing her that in the end we just had to do with her.

When we have not decided to break up or when we have been hurt by the behavior of his ex-partner, we often seek not to have explanations but especially to take revenge and to provoke a reaction that will not make him necessarily pleasure but which will allow us, paradoxically, to feel better. If the goal is there, that is, rebuild after the breakup, then I encourage you to do so. If the goal is just to avenge you, then do not show him that pathetic face. Honestly, there is better to do than waste time trying to prove things to him.

Stay focused on yourself and your well being because it will be more than enough. I am aware that the spirit of revenge can animate you because you have suffered from the break, but you have nothing to prove to him and sometimes this type of attitude can seem pathetic and in the end to serve you or to make you even more suffer. To avoid going through this, think twice before using jealousy to recover his ex girlfriend.

Make her ex-jealous when we do not know what to do after the breakup

We must also make it clear that wanting to make her jealous is often the most logical solution that you have in mind after a breakup, you have not yet heard of methods like radio silence, reverse dependence, the reseduction and all the other strategies that I created or developed.

So you rush on the most logical solution or in this case the one you know, even if you often realize that it is not necessarily the right one! So you decide to use it hoping she will take you somewhere but you do not really have a plan, you let improvisation reign. It's a bit of a default choice and unfortunately it will not get you anywhere.

Making your ex jealous can in some cases be effective but you must think carefully about how to proceed. Everything must be calculated in the slightest detail and it is for this reason that often being accompanied by a coaching professional will be essential. To book your session or learn more about this service, just click here.

How to make his ex girlfriend jealous?

If your choice is to make your ex jealous, then follow these strategies that I deliver you and that will make your actions even more impactful.

Choose the right person to make her jealous!

Of course for exalt the jealousy of a woman and especially his ex, do not look for noon to 14h!

We are looking for someone else, an attractive woman who does not leave indifferent preference with which we will go to places frequented by his ex, or a woman with whom we will show on social networks or even couple on Facebook. Otherwise, we can also make noises by indicating that we attend this or that person.

To make the right choice at the level of the person and their physical criteria, there are two ways to proceed. Either you take her exact opposite, so she will ask herself a whole lot of questions about your choice and it can really make her mad rage or jealousy that's according to it!

But the best is still to choose a woman who will look like your ex almost like two drops of water! There too she really risks being "green" because she will say that you are reviving with another and that you have completely forgotten.

You who know her character well will be able to choose the best option in order to touch her deep inside her and thus to make her react.

Other tips for her ex to become jealous

When we ask ourselves how to make her ex girlfriend jealouswe often tend to get out of the equation and want to use someone else to have a reaction. However, you can do it alone without having to pick up all the women present at a party your ex is in.

If you follow my philosophy you know that I attach great importance to rebuilding after a break both physically and in your daily life.If you show up with a new body on social networks, if you give a new image, if you spend time making dreams trips or if you have original activities that you never did with two, she will react and want to know more and that's exactly what you want!

You can also use social networks to make her angry and she regrets the separation by showing you with other girls. If you switch to Male Alpha mode, she will tell you that you like it and that can lead her to be jealous. By cons, do not do too much either because you must remain credible. Indeed, if you go too far, playing on jealousy can turn into a dangerous game.

Jealousy between ex: yes it is often a dangerous game!

Wondering how to hurt one's ex with jealousy is understandable as I said in the first part of this article although it is not a method that is totally effective. If I do not always suggest it is often because it does not solve problems, quite the contrary. Very often, the woman that we want to recover is certainly jealous but also enters the game so as to make you as jealous and very quickly it is the runaway. This is what I explain in the video below.

Many men will want to go to another woman sometimes even the friend of her ex to make it totally crazy, however when the former partner also decides to go see another man and even sleep with him (thinking that you are serious in your relationship) we find ourselves in a rather special situation that prevents any love reconciliation.

It is dangerous to want to use the jealousy of his ex as a weapon to win back because we do not control his reactions and we can get the opposite effect, that is to say, create even more conflicts. That's why it's not so much jealousy that you have to use but the way you create regrets.

Let me explain.

Obviously you will find a man who will tell you that for him it worked perfectly but on the one hand your story is different and two conflicts are not resolved in depth, she simply returned by fear or for another reason. It is therefore better to move towards the second method that I described, that of the profound change of personality, because it is not only anger that you will create but also desire, which will necessarily be much more effective and beneficial.

Recovering your ex girlfriend in other ways is it possible?

"It's jealousy or nothing because I'm sure it'll work!" When I coach a man for the first time, I sometimes hear that phrase. They assume that this is the one and only thing to do to recover his wife especially when the latter is in a couple but although understandably it is not in this way that the reconquest works.

It is obviously possible to act differently and this requires taking a distance but it is not enough to act by constantly telling myself that my ex thinks of me, but on the contrary the idea is more to give myself time to rebuild and better understand the reasons for this separation. Taking stock is essential in order to better come back and consider the future. The idea is not to push her to take the first step and find herself 3 weeks later in the same situation. The objective is to start on a true reconciliation and to envisage the future more serenely.

It is this method of coaching that I advocate and that I detail in my book 70 pro tips to get your ex back which allows you to use powerful strategies to reform a strong couple once the reconquest is over, because if you had a goal, this is it!


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