Recover her ex after a second break


Living a breakup is a particularly difficult event to overcome, your habits are upset, your daily life is not the same and above all you have the impression that your love life will never experience strong moments as in the past. You had already managed to recover your ex but unfortunately, you have once again broken. Feelings are still present, however, recovering his ex after a second break is the solution.

For this it is necessary to set up a plan of action to revive happiness and if your feelings are always present, a new reconquest is the best solution available to you. Finding a stable and serene relationship is a necessity for your happiness and you are therefore perfectly right to want to undertake initiatives that will have a powerful impact on your ex. But this time, it will take different and stronger actions not to have to win back his ex a third time.

If you have arrived on this page I guess it is not by chance and you are looking for the most effective advice. However, you are not in a "simple" breakup because your situation is a bit specific. Indeed, you have already experienced a separation with this person and therefore you had previously embarked on a reconquest that you had "successful". Unfortunately, that did not hold and your couple separates again. You must therefore renew your weapons and start a new battle to save your story.

Recovering his ex after a second break is far from impossible. But how to succeed in reviving the flame again? How to recover his ex a second time without experiencing a new separation? Are the odds slimmer when you've already had a separation? Find out how to go about this article, to overcome the ordeal of the second separation and to have another chance.

Why we undergo a second separation: 3 explanatory reasons

During my years of coaching, I noticed that there were often 3 reasons explaining the second break even after a successful love reconquest.

We broke up for the same reason as the first time

If there has been second break it is probably due to the fact that you or your ex did not respect the commitments promised during the previous separation. The expected change did not take place, the same mistakes were repeated, the grievances of the past were not settled, in other words, all the elements that caused the first separation resurfaced. No wonder in these conditions that your couple is in trouble.

It should be known that during a reconquest Do not hesitate to denounce the things that bother you if you want to start on a good basis. Far too many people pretend to be happy / happy to find their ex while nothing has been done, concretely, to rebuild the couple.

If it was your case, you lived in the lie and necessarily one of the two did not support it anymore. To recover with someone, must not only be done by simple will but because there is a real common project but also draw a line on the past. The different must be behind you to really move forward. Finding his ex on false promises or not to keep the change will automatically lead to a second separation. If your new break is a few days or weeks after reconciliation, chances are it's for the same reason as the first time.

New break and new reason

We must not forget that the life of a couple can have unpleasant surprises, so it is not so rare when the relationship continues, new issues arise. It is therefore not necessary to always question your past and the whole relationship. In this situation, it is actually starting from scratch in his reconquest. If you had broken up for the first time because of emotional dependence for example and today you are no longer together because of a betrayal you suspect that the methods are changing and that what you have done before to the reconquer is no longer relevant.

That's why it's really important to take the time to do some introspection and really know what are the causes of this new breakup. Before thinking of reconstructing this story again, you must first know if the problem is deep or if you simply have trouble communicating and finding solutions without breaking.

You do not live a second break

If this second separation intervened, it is also because your reconquest was not completely accomplished.Kissing your ex or sleeping with him / her does not mean that you have fully recovered and that everything is over or that your couple is saved. This is certainly a good start, but nothing is totally erased. It should not be assumed directly that this is a second separation because in reality, in your eyes you were not in a relationship. This is more of a new take away from your ex.

Be careful not to want to rush things in your love life because it is the best way to go back. Feelings, but also the fear of ending up alone, tend to push you to act quickly and unconsciously, while it is important to take your time to make the best possible choices and to settle definitively the disputes that persisted. I am aware that you are used to wanting to go a little too fast, guided by emotions, but it takes time to return with his ex.

Very often the people who are contact me for a personalized coaching and a complete follow-up or be like you who visit my site have a lot of doubts as for the chances of their reconquest. You are not the only one to think so. However, when it comes to a second break, there are more negative thoughts and questions. You have the feeling that this is a sign of destiny and that you can not be in a "normal" relationship with this person at least.

Let me tell you that you are mistaken in thinking this way. Everything is not ruined, quite the opposite. Nevertheless, one must know how to question oneself so as not to be constantly in doubt. It is possible to return to his ex for the second time but it takes both good methods but also good reasons.

I recently coached a girl who was constantly leaving his man at the slightest remark and then wanted absolutely to return to him. In this situation, in emotional dependence and manipulation one must think more about oneself than about reconquest, for example. To return his ex a second time is not impossible.

Techniques to recover his ex after a second break

First, before getting back into a story after a new breakwhether it be the second attempt or the third or the fourth to find the heart of his ex, we must understand where the harm can come from.

Just like after a first separation, you must not move in the blur and improvise as and when. No, you need a more elaborate plan by an expert and that's why I advise you to read my book "70 pro tips to get your ex back". Especially since your first actions have not been totally effective, in the medium / long term.

This time you must know more not to revive, still, this situation because as it reduces the chances of succeeding in regain the love of his ex . If you have to take time, do it without hesitation. The reconquest is not a sprint, we must act quickly but well and there is no point in rushing. You may be wasting time doing so but this is not the case, as it will benefit you in the next steps. To give you a hand, I created the seminar you need to know the reasons for the breakup that I propose you to discover here: THE method so that my ex comes back faster!

To give you the time and the distance to make the right decisions, there is a technique, which I am sure, is not unknown to you and that you may have used in the past. This is of course the Radio silence. The disappointment must be even greater this time because you thought you were finally finished with these techniques and yet you must use them again. Do not panic, they still work but you have to adapt them and not to reproduce the same actions as those determined after the first break.

Use the SR correctly and this will allow you to:

- Not to commit one of the prohibitions of the reconquest which consists in harassing his ex

- To put away to succeed again your reconquest

- To create a lack in your ex who will push her to come back to you

But for recover his ex after a second break the main step to put in place is to do not repeat the same mistakes a third time. A big fight can explain a break, it happens regularly but a second separation is the sign of a much deeper and recurring problem.

To solve the latter there is an essential element to the life of a couple you know since I regularly mention it on my site, it is about communication.Thanks to a dialogue built, sincere and regular (this last point is important because you must constantly exchange with your partner) you will not relive those moments that hurt your love life and your hopes of love happiness.

You must show the man or woman that you like that you are ready to change and turn the page. This can be done through new life projects, a physical change, more happiness in your everyday life. To move forward you must make a clean sweep of the past and focus on the future. Looking forward, you'll be able to create a brand new couple that you still need to build. The task looks delicate but rest assured, I am here to accompany you.

With regard to the handwritten letter, I know that many of you are asking questions. If you undergo a separation for the same reasons as the first time, you do not need to write the same letter, your ex will notice it. However, if the break comes from a new problem and the changes, the solutions are not identical in this situation we can actually consider writing a second letter to recover his ex.

If I am the only coach to guide you to regain his ex after a second breakbecause I believe that we all have the right to make mistakes and that I want to help you redeem yourself.

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