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Restoration of the marriage: How to overcome the false thoughts of the enemy and to be strongly fortified


How to defeat the enemy's lying thoughts and be powerfully strengthened during the wedding restoration season?

Have you had a battle in your mind since you made the decision to pray for the restoration of your marriage? Does this happen to you just once in a while or every day?

What thoughts are jostling within you? Does this sound like what I describe below?

"I can not wait for my husband / wife anymore."

"It's too hard, I can not go on like this."

"My husband, you do not know him! There is never going to change."

"My wife does not want to come home, why should I continue to pray?"

"It's been too long since I pray, it's sure God does not hear me."

"If there are so many people who divorce, it's certainly because God can not restore marriages in trouble."

"I'm not a good Christian, why would God answer me?"

"It was because of me that my marriage was destroyed, I deceived my spouse, why would God hear me?"

"I mistreated my wife so badly, I know it's my fault that all this happened, God can not restore my marriage."

"Has God really spoken to me about the restoration of this marriage, or are it just my thoughts, my emotions, my dreams?"

Have you identified in what I just said thoughts that often come in your heart?

We must know that we are at war and that Satan is doing everything to prevent the manifestation of God's plans in our lives. And one of its main modes of operation is to bombard our thoughts with false words to limit us, discourage us, push us to abandon everything.

What to do when faced with this kind of oppression in his thoughts?

Let not this book of the law depart from your mouth; meditate day and night, to act faithfully according to all that is written there; because then you will be successful in your businesses, then you will succeed. (Joshua 1: 8)

The key is focus your thoughts on the Word of God and to meditate it again and again. In the video below, I explain how to meditate on the Word of God in practice.

Meditate does not mean simply think of the Word of God. No. Meditating the Word of God is the proclaim again and againuntil the fortresses of lies that Satan had built up in us are overthrown, until the evil seeds of the enemy in our hearts are cut to pieces, reduced to nothing and our environment and our lives are processed.

Faced with the oppression of the enemy in your thoughts, beloved, do not sit in discouragement and depression. No. Stand up, saturate your thoughts with what God says about your situation and proclaim His promises! Amen?

You are in the camp of victory. Stay focused on the Lord and persevere! What God has promised you about your marriage, He will do it!

Here are some Bible verses that will give you courage:

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Be strengthened in the Name of Jesus!


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