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6 powerful way to overcome your transient depression


6 powerful way to overcome your transient depression

Black. Grey. Black. Thinning. Black.

More black than sun. Much too much.

Yes, I'm talking about moping.

Depression can be really horrible for the human being.

One could really think that very few people are affected by depression, but in reality it is about 15% of the population each year who would live periods of depressions more or less long.

Also, I do not know if you know, but according to some studies, there would be more than 50% chance that we fall into a phase of depression during our life.

More than 50% chance, you imagine? It's crazy, is not it?

It cooled me a bit when I saw that.

I do not know what you think, but it's true that in France, we are not very known for our joy of living!

The problem with depression is that it affects not only our person, but our life in general.

We come to lose his work, his relationships, the taste for life, and we would like to finish it as quickly as possible.

Well I assure you, when we reach this stage is that we are really not good for a long time. This is called chronic depression and it is more rare.

However, the one most people know by period is the so-called classic / mild depression, which is a depression that rarely lasts long (if you take control) and is less terrible than chronic depression.

And as you must understand, we must go through this stage before arriving at so-called chronic depression.

But then, how to quickly overcome our mild depression?

Let me give you sometips that worked for me and my surroundings.

Let's go !

Anti-depression pills. Overcome depression.

0. And why not drugs to overcome depression?

This is only a personal opinion (open notice for discussion!), But I think the drugs are the last things to use in case of depression.

In France we are the world champions (yes!) Of taking medication for a yes or a no, and more particularly for taking antidepressants.

Once again, the statistics are alarming!

I am convinced that transient depression can heal itself personal and natural.

Why ?

Medications are a very easy way for you to override our true malaise.

It is hoped that the drugs will remove our fog to finally see the sun.

So yes it can work.

You may feel a lot better and finally think you have survived this depression.

But then, after a while, a situation similar to the origin of the first depression reappears. Not sure that you are not sensitive to it and that you skip it so easily.

You will surely reuse drugs, and so on.

It's a vicious circle without end. Until the day when these antidepressants will be ineffective.

On the contrary, although it may be a little longer, using natural meansyour body will thank you more and you will be less inclined thereafter to fall into a depression!

That said, whether you are depressed, whether you are a little bit or not at all, I will immediately give you powerful ways to deal with his passing depression.

1. Do not stay alone

Exit is a good way to change your ideas.

This is the first tip I recommend.

Take the air, meet friends, go to events.

No matter what you do, it's all about to take some fresh air and see a little something else.

You will no longer be focused on your malaise and that is already a step of realization.


Have you ever felt bad? Not true ? And yet when your friends or family make you go out, it's going right now.

This is where I wanted to come.

Socialization is the worst enemy of depression. Stay alone in your corner and I assure you that your condition will not be improved.

Meet new people is a excellent opportunity to open his mind and to overcome in a natural way his transient depression.

Why ? For two things.

  • When you voluntarily meet new people, you will rarely see them, make a zombie head and tell them: "Hello me it's [name] and I'm depressed" . You will make them run away.
    On the contrary, by being in a state of mind of meeting, you will do an effort which will do you only good because somehow you want them to have a good impression of you. I am wrong ?
  • You will discover new faces, new ways of thinking. You will not get stuck in your negative thought patterns.

Another thing again.

This is implicit, but I repeat:also surround yourself with positive people.

There is nothing worse than when you are depressed to be with friends who have the wrong state of mind!

Hence the importance of being surrounded well everyday when we want to turn to happiness and the positive.

Finally, it has been proven that the sun is beneficial for the health of the human being on various points. If time allows, enjoy!

Take sun baths daily to reap the benefits.

2. Play sports

A natural way to feel better is to play sports. You are spoiled for choice. It's all about spending yourself.

Sport is a great way to:

  • To recover,
  • To have excellent health
  • To increase your self-esteem.
  • Improve your sleep (see next point)
  • Reduce the symptoms of depression

What is responsible for all this? The endorphinsThese hormones relax your body after a good workout.

You feel so much better, in better shape and you feel a certain pleasure!

Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that sport is a great way to boost morale and well-being.

I will not send you the scientific papers, anyway?

3. Make the groundhog


You will quickly understand.

Another natural way to feel better is to to sleep. 

Ah, I see your eyes widen! There are those who have to say to each other "Yes, I finally have a good reason to sleep" and the others who have to say to each other "But Lirone, what is this method fallen from heaven?"

For having lived, I know that lack of sleep often causes the appearance of negative thoughts in his mind and gives us a tendency to be irritable and see the black around him.

That's why I do not really like to go out or see people when I'm very tired, because I'm less likely to be in the positive and simple things could annoy me.

After again, it depends on the people.

In any case, after a good nap or a good night's sleep, you will feel much better, as if the daily worries had disappeared.

Tomorrow is a new day. Who says new day, says new start! Enjoy it.

Do not hesitate to rest when you have the opportunity.

4. Eat properly

It may sound like a boat and have no effect on our moral state, but I assure you that diet influences our state of mind and our well-being. (I think I have not taught you there with all the pubs where it is written that eating properly is better for your health 😉).

Food really plays a vital role.

Favor fruits and vegetables.

Omega-3 are also effective. Studies have shown that these acids improve our moral health and mood in general.

There are many in fish, but also in nuts, eggs and vegetables.

5. Try sophrology

From personal experience, I recommend you relaxation therapy.

For having done regularly, I assure you that sophrology is a way very effective to live better everyday life.

In addition to promoting its positivity and open-mindedness, sophrology allows you to change your mind and do a mental job that will allow you to reduce the symptoms of depression.

In fact, sophrology makes it possible to favor a mental balance between our emotions and our behaviors.

If you are interested, let me know and I will write you an article on sophrology and how to practice it on a daily basis.

6. Revisiting your motivations

"A life without goals is like a race without a finish line."

A race without a finish line?

Do you think to stay long?

Do you think you have enough energy and desire to keep going?

I do not think so.

I would end by saying that one of the main keys to well-being and a good moral state is the good qualification of your goals to achieve in your life.

An important principle in life is:

The purpose of life is to lead a life that has a purpose.

In fact, happiness comes from working regularly to achieve one's goals and moving forward with confidence toward the goals of one's life.

By having the right goals, having specific goals in your life, you will brighten your inner fire within you.

What I want to convey to you as a message is that once you know clearly what goals you want to achieve in your life, be they material, emotional, physical or spiritual, and spend your days to achieve them, you will find a certain joy and a flawless motivation.

That's what will somehow make you happy :).

Perhaps at this moment you feel that you are paddling and not advancing as you wish.

I am wrong ?

Ask yourself the right questions. Ask yourself the questions that will make you progress properly.

I know it's not easy.

Myself, at this moment, I ask myself a lot of questions about myself and my life. It's hard questioning, but we have to spend time on it because if we do not ask the right questions, who will do it for us?

We will let ourselves be led by life, whereas the opposite must happen: you must direct your life.

The key with this last point is to discover your main goals and goals of your life.

It's your turn !