How to seduce her

She's dragging me, how to react?


It is true that if one follows the norms and manners of society, the normal process of seduction is rather than the man facing the first step in order to flirt with the woman who attracts him and not the other way around. However, nowadays, codes to flirt are not quite the same as a few years ago! In this area things tend to evolve, the notion of parity continues to progress in mentalities. Seduction is becoming more and more of a women's affair as they do not want to stay on hold anymore but take charge of their love destiny. As more and more men admit it's my wife who dredged me! Do you dream that it's the same for you? In this case you will also have to be open to seduction even if it is indirect. To guide you in this process, I appealed to Steven Do, an ace of seduction who explains how to react if it catches me!

Whether you are a don Juan or on the contrary that you are really not good at seducing, the fact of being flirted by a woman can be quite surprising or even confusing because it is still quite unusual. And as the situation is reversed, a man who usually would be very comfortable to flirt or flirt can be very uncomfortable in this case ...

However, as I will explain it to you there is nothing complicated and your behavior must revolve around an attitude: ease. And if there is a word to remember it would be distributed! To adopt the correct behavior, I invite you to read carefully and if you have a question about this process of inverted seduction or you wonder how to know if it catches me or even how girls flirt, do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

Why do girls sweep men?

What's going on ? I have the impression that she is dragging me what will she ask me! Here is the first reaction of a man who is flirted by a woman! And then very quickly we get used to what a woman is enterprising and we are enjoying this moment! Because it is true that we do not often have the opportunity to let women decide in this kind of situation. When a man has a crush, he must often act and show some signs of interest.

I hallucinate or she catches me? Yes it's 21th coconut century!

So what if she decides and not you? To find out, one must therefore wonder why one is dealing with a drageous woman. Is she just a merry man or is it a sign that she's interested and that you like her so much that she could not miss this opportunity to come talk to you? It's nice to feel as attractive as Brad Pitt or Will Smith no ?!

When a girl flirting or try to flirt with a lot of questions that come to mind. You wonder if this is a good thing for you, if it is rather a sign that you are no longer in the game since you can no longer analyze the signs of interest send by the fairer or you fell on a girl a little crazy.

Some men find it hard to cross the road and talk to a woman they like. So if the woman in front is attracted to you, she may be tired of waiting for you to take the first step and she decides to take things in her own hands.

To be flirted by a girl is not something common, but when that happens, take the opportunity because a girl who has the courage to go to a man and take the first step is a woman who has flashed on you and who really wants you . Even if you're not necessarily used to it, it's still pretty pleasant and rewarding.

The real reasons why a girl flirts!

Yes a girl is dragging meit's because she does not want to miss out on a great story with me!

And yes, by waiting for you, she will perhaps miss all the moments she has already imagined by your side. So do you say that you are very lucky that she comes to you because it will make your job easier ... No need to operate your brain for find a catchphrase to seduce her, it's cooked at all ... But that's sometimes what puts some men off. Yes men are sometimes complicated and when it is too easy it does not interest them!

When he is approached by a womanevery man instantly becomes nervous and his heart rate picks up. Anxious, he hesitates! But we must know that women are as afraid as you to deal with a refusal, perhaps even more because their image may take a hit, not only it eats a rake but in addition to it. go for an easy girl, it's double trouble!

It is also possible that your beautiful stranger does not know where to chat and that suddenly she falls back on you. If she is a stranger passing through your city, she may be looking for a guide ready to accept the intimate moments ...

We must also be made to the idea that this girl is perhaps not a mere seducer and you are a small challenge for her. A chick who flirts with you may be just simple tease woman who is not sincere and just wants to have fun with you. In this case, it's up to you to be careful and set your limits. In general we can easily find this kind of girls in the evening, so do not hesitate to ask your friends if you are not sure of his little carousel ... Otherwise there are still keys to identify a girl who flirts for real.

How do I know if a girl is hitting me?

If you have a friendly relationship with a girl or just that a girl has come to talk to you and you do not know what to think of her behavior, there are not 50 solutions. You can think of yourself either she wants me for buddy, or she picks me. Enter seduction game or simple friendship, you have trouble knowing whether the girl is flirting with you or on the contrary if it's just courtesy. In this case take the lead and choose what you prefer either friendship or love, but if you opt for the second option, be careful not to fall into a circle of friendship with her.

If the woman who comes to talk to you in a sexy look is that she takes care of her and she likes to please so do not hesitate, she comes to flirt with you, go for it! You will unmask this way if it is a tease because when this type of woman comes to you flirting and you take a step forward, the tease will do three back.

Analyze his behavior to find out if a woman is dragging me! Generally speaking, it is primarily the language of his body that a woman signals her interest. Very often, a woman who is interested first tries a physical rapprochement. She often tries to sit near you. She touches your arm or shoulder. She bends down to talk to you. Here are some overt signs of interest from a woman !

However, do not get me wrong ... if she barely speaks, keeps her arms crossed, flees your eyes and tries as much as possible to avoid you is that she does not try to flirt at all so do not do you no movies.

A girl who flirts tends to tease and mock you nicely! So if a girl does this with you, have no doubt! She's probably trying to seduce you and have you in her pocket.

Similarly, if it sends you messages and calls you very often, and sometimes even for nothing is that it flirts with you! Indeed, when a woman spends her time exchanging with a man is that she likes it particularly well especially if there are small sms of drag. When a lack is created and it seeks to fill it by talking to you all day, there is no room for doubt, she is interested and you have a playing card!

Finally, a girl who asks you for advice or to help her with certain tasks such as at the gym, probably feels an attraction because in this type of place why come to you when she embarks the choice? It's a clear sign that she is dragging youunless you were right next to her. In the latter case doubt is allowed.

How to react when she picks me up?

It's not always easy to react to a woman who is dragging a man because that can be enough surprising and embarrassing !

Indeed, if a woman comes to dredge you can feel a little weak because it is well known that it is supposed to be the opposite. So you lose all your means against this woman who in the end had more courage than you. To avoid the affront of not knowing how to react to a woman who flirts with you, follow 3 infallible tips that will help you get out of this situation.

1 / Play indifference to face a girl who flirts

The best way for a man to accept being swept by a woman is to do like them! It is well known that women are specialists in the field when it comes to play indifference and make us run after them.

So if they do, why not us? Play the indifferent person who is not sensitive to the advances that are made to him (even if you think otherwise) while still maintaining the attraction with a kind of follow me I'm escaping you. In this way, you will see more clearly what are his intentions towards you!

If it continues despite your attitude, it means that it really wants you! All this is to destabilize a little and play your charm and your power in this situation. Girls who are dredging also like the difficulty.If you have it rowed even a little you will put all the chances on your side to make her addicted.

2 / Going into your game: a solution when a woman flirts with a man

Once you have thoroughly analyzed the signals that prove you like him and she tries to flirt with you, go back into her game to spice things up! If she touches your stockings, your hand, your shoulder while talking to you, and looks for an implicit connection, do the same and play this situation. This technique has a name, this is the kino.

If you find that she is behaving differently with you, that she is smiling at you or laughing for no reason, get back into her game while remaining yourself! Take out your assets and show off!

Play the situation! When she leans toward you when she wants to talk to you, it's an implicit way of getting closer to you. In this case, try to lean back slightly when she speaks, it will require her to lean more and therefore to increase the closeness between you. This technique is particularly useful if you are in the evening in a noisy place or in a large concert hall like these.

3 / I have to show my charisma when a woman catches me!

Women love men who assert themselves and trust them so when it comes to flirt with you, do not be shy! Impose and let your virility speak. Even if at first you are surprised and you stutter a little, re-enter and take the situation in hand.

Charisma is a fundamental element to win in seduction and especially when facing a dredge girl. To assert oneself, it is necessary to show that one is someone who has confidence in him and who is sure of him. Do not be closed to the discussion, show this woman that she can flirt with you!

In the same way, to show him that you have confidence in yourself and that you know how to impose yourself, you must not let her lead the conversation. Even if it is she who came to flirt with you, get back on the situation and lead the conversation while listening.

Now you master the keys to know how to react if a woman swept you. Above all, do not be surprised and show that you know how to do it!

Good seduction,

Steven Domingues and Alex Cormont