5 Keys to live well as a couple!


Really commit to the relationship and decide to live in a relationship is a big step in life together. This is an important step to build a bright love future. You will really share your life with the person you love but you must also be aware that there will be some conflicts that will emerge at some point. It's quite classic and there is nothing dramatic about it. Simply, it is necessary to prevent these tensions from becoming too important. It's about making concessions that are not necessarily natural.Yet, we regularly forget that living as a couple is learned. You have to agree with your partner, master new emotions, set goals ...

Your relationship is not as fulfilling as desired and you would never have imagined having so many quarrels in your relationship? Do you feel like losing a little more each day your partner? Would you like to solve your everyday worries and interact effectively with your spouse? To cope properly I give you 5 effective tips in this article.

1 / Why live on a daily basis with your half must learn?

You can not stand now that you live under the same roof? Do you have the feeling of moving away from your partner when he / she is only a few meters from you? The worries of everyday life are far too big for you?

If you want to put aside the tensions you're going to have learn to live in a relationship !

Indeed, even if we think that love is enough, it is not always the case because you have a different education and way of life. You must be aware of these distinctions so that you can not only fix them, but learn to live with them. All that is new requires a time of adaptation and even if you spend time together, the fact of having crossed a new stage which is that of living in household, will inevitably have repercussions.

This requires a strong investment because it is not easy to adopt a new lifestyle with concessions. So when the time comes for the first problems, it is imperative toprevent them from gaining momentum. You will have to appease the situation the time to acclimatize to your half and the way of living.

But be careful not to forget you because even if the couple is important, your well being is too.

2 / To live in couple does not mean to forget itself!

Live together should not deprive you of organizing your personal life and keep in mind that you have your own dreams to maintain. You can devote time to your work, to your friends, to your family but also to reconcile your couple lifein order to flourish on a daily basis.

The overly fusional relationships run out of steam if there is no change in the first months or years of the relationship. You need to build yourself to flourish, be it alone at first and then as a couple afterwards. It is therefore imperative to fight against emotional dependence if the latter seems too present.

To live well as a couple there are clichés to forget. Indeed, many people think that sharing the same roof as your partner means the end of your personal life. But it is important that you continue to devote yourself to your passions. Living with your other half should not prevent you from having your own life and most importantly do not put an end to your socialization.

The couple life is upset when one of them is closed and considers that his life is limited only to the moments shared with his half or possibly with the children ... It is imperative to have a life outside the couple because it is a great way to solidify your feelings and therefore to consider a future together more serenely because it is what allows to better live his couple.

3 / The dialogue is the key to better live as a couple!

Dialog and then re-dialogue to end up arguing. Here is the classic pattern when trying to convey a "new message" or a particular desire. When misunderstanding is emerging in your relationship, do not hesitate to change the mode of communication.

The dialogue in the couple represents the basis of any relationship and you have to know how to listen to your partner to be able to meet their expectations. You can change the basics of your relationship in consultation with him / her but always in a diplomatic way by making understand your desires and by using the emotions to transmit your message as well as possible.

Live well your couple it is therefore to be at your side every day and therefore there are inevitably things that will disturb you at home and that you do not notice before. Whatever the problem, the solution is the dialogue.Communicating with the one you love helps resolve conflicts before they become too big. This situation is all that makes sense. Your way of life and that of your partner are different and therefore, you can not have the same point of view on everything. You must be aware of this and do not make it a drama when your opinions diverge or that some things displease you in your half.

A happy couple is a couple who communicates. Exchange is the basis for forming a strong union. You must be able to listen to your partner in order to meet his expectations and make him / her happier. In addition, you can also express your emotions, your desires and your partner will be more inevitably more receptive if you have a more fusional relationship and you do not hesitate to indulge your emotions.

4 / The change in your relationship always goes through the action!

When we decide to live as a couple we realize that the words do not materialize by acts. It will therefore be necessary to think to act also to show your partner what your wishes are. Thus, you will show the example, until becoming irreproachable.

A small illustrative example. If you feel that your partner takes a step back and do not get involved as much as you in your relationship so do not consider the situation as a balance of power where you are going to have a natural backslide claiming the lack of investment of your spouse to justify you. On the contrary, it's up to you to create a rhythm and relaunch the "good deeds" to unlock the situation. It is essential to manage well his couple.

In the sentimental life far too many people, promise things to their partners while they are not able to keep their word or when they can not make enough efforts for it. However, forlive together you must be able to respect what you have committed to do, otherwise you will be in trouble with your other half. Actions should not only be done one way, you can just as well act to "lead by example" to your other half. If you expect a change from him, in addition to communication, your actions your actions will prove to be very effective.

In case of disagreements with whoever shares your life it is not by installing a balance of power that you will be able to find a solution, on the contrary it could make things worse. I reminded you there are some lines you must focus on the dialogue however you can go further. If you feel that your couple is going through a moment of doubt, it's up to you to set up actions (outings, trips, activities to do to two) for revive the flame in the couple. To reassure your partner, nothing better than strong and effective actions that will be able to make him / her react.

5 / In a couple, the wrongs are often shared!

It is natural to want to share with your friends or family complicated situation in his couple. You like that we listen to you or even that we complain without necessarily delivering you solutions that will fix the situation. However, you must be aware that your social circle will always support you ... Because your loved ones will only have your version of the facts! I assure you you are not the only one to behave this way, but is that really what will help?

Today behave differently! Instead, try not to blame the other and realize that the problem may also come from you. If you are stuck, your couple is no longer advancing and you are in this situation then it is your job to change the way you do it!

Rejecting the fault on your half not to feel responsible for a problem is not the solution to apply. The life together is learning even after years ! You must know how to challenge yourself and propose solutions when problems arise.

It is your duty not to let this situation last in time, but rather to take the lead and settle what comes together. You will find that there is nothing dramatic and that even if your words can hurt your half at the moment, you will be heard and the situation will evolve. Be patient and if this still does not work, consider considering a live couple coachingI will be happy to answer you in a personalized way.

Living as a couple is learned and changes are never simple. However, if you read these lines is that you are able to challenge yourself and propose solutions that match you.

See you soon.
Your Love Coach