How to recognize a man in love ? 5 obvious signs!


When we have feelings for a man, we necessarily want them to be reciprocal. Indeed, no one wants a unilateral love that hurts and I imagine you still want to be the only one to invest in the relationship. In this context, it is therefore normal to want to know what the man who shares your life has on the heart so as to adapt to the situation. Many of you ask questions because it is true that men can sometimes hide their feelings which causes suffering. So you have trouble projecting yourself and you ask yourself a lot of questions including the most important: how to recognize a man in love? In a special file I already answered the question how to know if he loves me, but here I wanted to bring you other perspectives.

All women question at least once to find out if the man they love feels the same. That is why I wanted to give you a clear answer today through this article and for those who wish to deepen the question at the conference I will give Sunday at 18:00 To learn more about this special event, he you just have to register here or by clicking on the image that you will find a little lower.

If you are in doubt and can not fully grasp it, it can hurt your relationship. You are therefore looking for the elements that will help you out of this period of doubt that can be harmful for the couple.

When one wonders how to recognize a man in love or who has feelings, it is important not to wait until he makes his statement. But do not confuse him about what he's feeling because you're going to ask. The ideal would be for him to come to you and to confess his feelings for himself. If you need to have answers to your questions this article is for you but we will also go even further by analyzing the reasons for this need that are not always clear. You also want to succeed in living your relationship without having the same questions all the time? Want to know what's going on in your darling's head and what are his feelings? Are you wondering whether he feels anything strong? Discover in this article all the tips to put yourself in the place of a man, think like him and know what he feels in order to act accordingly.

Why want to recognize a man who has feelings?

Why do so many women need to know what their man really thinks or rather what he feels? Thanks to my experience and to the thousands of women accompanied by coaching, I am able to give 4 reasons explaining this desire to better define its half. Of course there are others, but if I had to remember all the possibilities, this article would make 100 pages! So I tried as much as possible to condense.

If you want more precision or you do not find yourself in this list, do not hesitate to leave me a comment explaining your story and telling me why you want to recognize a man in love.

I want to know if he is in love to reassure me

A lot of women at the beginning of a story but also when the relationship stagnates ask themselves is he in love with me ?

Of course, the first explanation for this type of questioning is the need that each person (men and women) feels for not engaging in a relationship to which the other does not attach any importance. Indeed, there is probably nothing more painful than ending up loving a person who does not really like us. Thus, if we know in advance that the one who shares our life or on whom we eventually have views, feels nothing, then we can protect ourselves.

I know that many of you have suffered from the lack of attachment that men have. In order to have a different image of the male, you need him to prove and express his love for you so as not to waste time with a man who does not attach himself. But beware, having experienced difficult times with another man does not mean that your current half will behave the same way. Above all do not generalize because you could suffer and suffer.

Know that to know if a man is really in love there is a simple process, ask yourself if he makes plans and if he includes you in!

To have projects you have to be certain of your feelings

If you are part of his projects then this is a good sign, but that is not everything because it also requires stability. On your side do not worry too much if it projects itself because certainly it's a sign of his love but other aspects must also be observed.

The need to reassure oneself is also a way to take a step, to have strong moments to two and to concretize things as a couple.Whether it's marriage, a child, or an installation together, it's obvious that you first need to feel something to do it and to propose such a change. On your side you know what you want, you do not want to wait any longer but regarding your man you do not really know what to do and you especially can make a mistake.

To have confidence in yourself and in him!

To know that a man is in love is also to gain self-confidence. You want to show the proofs of his love to your friends, to your loved ones, you want him to assume his feelings in the eyes of the world so as to feel more serene.

One of my coachees felt this need because it came out of a chaotic story, we could even talk about toxic relationship, and had lost all confidence in her. Absolutely wanting a man with feelings, a man who assumes the couple allowed him to feel better his skin, to feel loved and this is how she was able to raise her head more easily.

Know if he is in love to be sure he is faithful!

One of the main fear of women in couples is infidelity. I think it is the most important as I see it in the many comments you leave me on my various articles. In order to have confidence in him and to reassure you about his behavior you want him to be in love, to show signs of tenderness, to get involved. All this will allow you to be sure of his love but also to be more serene when he will delay responding to your messages or when he will be with friends.

How to recognize a man in love ? The 3 obvious signs!

You are in a relationship and are wondering if he really has feelings, whether he likes you or not. Here are 3 of the main ones that show that a man is in love and that he wishes to engage in the relationship if it is not done yet.

A man in love has plans

As I explained above, a man who shares his plans with his girlfriend or wife makes it clear that he is considering the future with her. In these circumstances, why doubt?

When we want to know How to recognize a man in love you have to largely rely on the projects that he has or not for your couple. Even if they are minor in your eyes, it is better that it is so and it projects a minimum rather than it envisages nothing concrete and that it is waiting, if you are always the only one to suggest then you will have to ask yourself questions. I am speaking to couples together a few months ago, or just a little over a year.

Whether it's a dream vacation, living together, having a child, a man who loves his wife will want to share things with two. He is not just going to live the couple without suggesting anything. After course it will also take into account its character so do not panic if his reserved side prevents him from offering you things daily! When you live with a man who offers outings, to test new activities or to make you enjoy his passions, you can assume that you are dear to his eyes.

He shows his love and does not just say it

I am aware that you want and even need to hear words of love and statements but it must be understood that men do not necessarily have this habit. The less they show what they feel and the stronger they feel, it's a process that has been rooted since childhood when they were told they should not show their emotions. Nevertheless, that does not mean that they remain idle and never please their partner!

On the contrary, for them, words often do not represent much, but gestures are the perfect representation of their thoughts. Moreover, this is often what causes misunderstandings between the male and female.

Simply, they will rather focus on actions, whether it is the projects that I mentioned earlier or the signs of attention. Do not expect a great statement inflamed but a man in love will not rest on his laurels. Many women think that a man who does not speak is a man who has no feelings, but they often forget to analyze his actions.

He has gestures that prove his love and is attentive

Whether it's buying flowers when you've had a bad week, organizing a surprise dinner at a restaurant that you enjoy, doing a little massage from time to time ... These are the love signs of a man. Indeed, all men do not behave this way and if yours has this attitude, then you can have a smile because it shows that he wants to please you and takes into consideration your happiness.

Your man is not perfect, he will obviously make mistakes, it is enough that he does not have many experiences and that he does not realize that he is doing badly so that you do not think he He does not like it, yet if he cares, it means he feels something strong about you.

The goal is to understand his "language" and the way he has to Express one's feelings for this aspect is peculiar to him. The idea is that we must try to be on the same wavelength as him. If you ever find that the signs are not obvious or even that there are none, do not panic when seeking or claiming them.

I do not see any signs of a loving man what to do?

I know that some women have trouble imagining couples simply because their companion does not speak much or not at all! When one wonders how to recognize a man in love one must first understand and accept that feelings can take time to come. There is unfortunately no exact duration for this period and we must also accept that for the other it is longer.

Some will say I love you after 2 months while others will do after 1 year. If I explain this, it's simply because many women tend to want to go too fast to the sentimental level and put tremendous pressure on me because they say to themselves that if their darling does not tell them the famous I love you then it's because he plays with her.

A lot of women make a fixation on soft words especially when they consider that the relationship becomes serious. Putting the pressure on him and putting himself at the same time brings nothing positive. If you do not see any sign it may be because he has not yet had time to give it. After you can still exchange or put your finger on his blockages, but do not go to annoy him because it would then risk to turn completely. And a man who is pointing ... I'm not going to draw you because you understand perfectly where I'm going!

It is also necessary learn to analyze his actions and not just seeing the negative side of things. I coached a woman who, like you, doubted the feelings of his man. She was with him recently and she told me that he had introduced her family, her children, that he organized weekends when he could (admittedly it was not enough for his taste but they had schedules a little offbeat). However he did not respond quickly enough to sms according to her and she began to doubt his sincerity, she even imagined that he might have been taken as a mistress! Of course, in this situation we can see that feelings are present and this coachee had forgotten to take a step back to see it. It was mostly a afraid to relive the infidelity of a man which had caused a significant trauma to her.

To make him fall in love one must act appropriately and put in place strong actions. If you want to deepen things, I strongly advise you to read my ebook The code of Love since in this last I give all the advices concerning the masculine psychology and the way to please a man. By the time he sees that you are unique then his feelings will necessarily be increased tenfold! And there you will not wonder how to recognize a man in love ... You will know that you are the right one in his eyes! But be careful in love as in many areas nothing is ever acquired and you must constantly renew yourself to stay his beautiful, just as he will have to maintain his efforts.


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