I'm crazy about her and I want her to come back!


Who can forget his first love? Probably nobody! Whether you are 20, 40 or 70 years old, the memory of the first kisses exchanged, and the first ones I love you will remain engraved forever in your mind. Besides, you never know why it ended. There is always a little nostalgia but the smile quickly picks up.

When a young man contacts me by telling me I'm crazy about her because it's my first love and I want to win her back, I know that her story is particularly close to her heart. I always give the best of myself to help a wounded person who wants to recover his half, but nothing is simple and every action to its importance when we want to find the woman of his life.

In this section of the letters of the readers, a testimony really moved me and I wished to publish it. Benjamin * gave me his permission for this and I thank him because I know that many young men will be in his story.

If you also want to get a little more response from me, do not hesitate to leave your testimony at the bottom of this article and I will answer you privately if you agree that your comment is published.

I'm crazy about her, how to get her back?

Hello Alexandre.

My name is Benjamin and I write because I was in a relationship for almost 4 years with my girlfriend and we lived the perfect love for my taste! However, this summer, it started to turn in his head. She started going out every night with older guys, she was hiding me from conversations that I had already spotted, and she even allowed herself to leave in the middle of the night from home to go home. end up at a guy she had just met (to talk about telling couple stories).

We managed to talk about it after a while and she said she was lost in her head, that it did not come from me, that she felt oppressed etc ... She wanted us to stop seeing each other and talk to each other until the end of the holidays. Something that was impossible for me with the stress that she left.

Short she was talking about wanting to make a "break". Inevitably we got to the head and then the momentum she told me by SMS that she left me, it was over, she did not love me anymore. 3 days after she told me she had slept with another one the day before but she had not taken pleasure then she still spent 3 nights at home as a simple friend !!!

We had to return to live together for the resumption of our studies and finally, she took her apartment to her. So I helped her to move out, we slept together and it was like there was never all these stories, these arguments, she said she loved me but she just needed to make the point in his head. Then in the end she saw this guy with whom she had slept and put it back. Learning this news, it made me crazy because I had this feeling of being taken for an idiot

But I was always behind her to support her and to be there when she needed me. I cried every night, even in front of her, begging, that I did not understand etc ... It was beautiful not being together, she wanted to continue to see me but without anything happening. For me it was nonsense, but I fell into his game every time and it made me suffer even more. We ended up arguing severely by SMS, to the point that it even compared me to the guy she had frequented, she did not love me anymore, that now she was sure.

Not supporting such remarks, it ended with a total radio silenceI quit my studies, I got closer to my parents, because I fell into depression. I had competitions that I wanted to spend and I learned through her friends that she just wanted to have fun, enjoy night clubs and find short stories.

No longer supporting this situation we did radio silence for 2 months until 5 days ago when his girlfriend she learned that everything was going well for my competitions and kindly sent me a sms congratulating me, she was proud of me. We then exchanged some messages telling each other our little life during this silence as if everything was always going well. Then she asked me for this famous helicopter ride (she had offered me a helicopter ride last year to do together for this year) to know if I had done it or not. I told him no, and she suggested that we do it together if it did not bother me, that both of us were supposed to do it together. Then laughing she told me "think about your answer because spend 2 days with the terrible Zoe is not an easy decision to take" then more seriously she asked me if it bothered me that we sleep together during this stay.

Responding that no it did not bother me, she was super happy to be able to do that with me and for 5 days nothing. This simple exchange with her, put me back on track, I felt happy again finally to be able to talk with her "normally".

It is clear that it is officially 4 months that we are no longer together but I'm crazy in love with her. One side pushes me to go to her but the other tells me after the harm she did to you, lets fall, even my friends, my family tell me to give up, it is not for me (and they are probably right). But when she speaks to me, it's the love that comes out of me, although I make sure to be indifferent to his eyes, but I forget everything that happened ...

I really do not know what to expect from this trip. I really do not understand what's behind her head (if she has anything). Because for me all these reactions she has had towards me so far are not clear and I think that between her and me in the end nothing is totally finished. Is it the magic of the first great love? I do not know and maybe you can answer me
What do you think of all this?

Sorry for the novel but it was really to try to dive into my life ...


The magic of first love never goes out but ...

Dear readers, it is certain that the magic of the first love never goes out but it is up to you to revive it as in the first day.

Novices in winback can wonder how Benjamin was able to get to this point with his girlfriend when everything seemed to be good after 4 years of relationship. Except that a small detail in appearance but which has a preponderant importance and came to check the machine ... This is a word that has been used and which in the story may go unnoticed, but not for a real professional relationship for he has nothing trivial about it.

Do you manage to know what is this important word? Take a few minutes to think about it.

This is of course the term "oppressed". Benjamin had extremely powerful feelings and his girlfriend Zoe found herself suffocated. It is not surprising that he admits I'm crazy about her and I want her back "This is felt throughout his story, but it is precisely by acting in this way that he has driven his half away.

To make matters worse, she was dangerously close to another man and she had contact with him. Yet nothing happened as she had envisaged since she did not appreciate the act. This is typical of this type of story because in fact everything happened very quickly between the separation and his new idyll.

It was then that Benjamin should have taken the opportunity to return and show him how he could fill her and make her happy.

But instead, he was disappointed by Zoe's behavior and he was out of it. We can understand his reaction but it is imperative keep control of your nerves during a reconquest because it's like a game of failure. He was too kind and he paid the consequences. Yes, you have to show your best face but it does not mean that you have to accept everything.
Following this dispute the relationship deteriorated significantly and resulted in a radio silence of 2 months.

However, she made a return to Benjamin on the pretext of taking news of his competitions. This means that she has not totally turned the page but the real question is whether it is for a friendly relationship or whether the door of love is always open. In my opinion, the second hypothesis is possible but everything will depend on the behavior of the young man.

However, I also strongly believe that this is a girl who appreciates provocation and who now wants to conquer conquests. If this is the case, then you must remain suspicious especially if you are still emotionally fragile. So you have to arm yourself and not give in too easily even if you feel like you know it by heart because it is your first love.

Anyway, you also have a role to play in this reconquest and above all you have to show a real change from jealousy and the possessive side. If your ex finds that there has been no change in your attitudes then you risk that she will run away again and never come back.

It is also essential to show a more mature and more confident side of oneself. For that, we must finish with the tears and the fact of begging for a return from his ex. On the contrary, you have to be strong and good about yourself because it's much more attractive.

The coach for to seduce his first love

* To preserve the anonymity of the person who wrote the testimony, the first name was changed.