My ex speaks to me badly, why and how to react?


Everyone knows, it is impossible to be systematically in agreement with your spouse! When disputes arise and the different are repeated and drag on, it may be that your quarrels go too far and the lack of respect too much causes the breakup! But sometimes the separation does not cause any change and you come to tell you my ex speaks badly and I can not stand it anymore. Even if your goal is to put you back together, you do not have to accept everything. Know that respect is essential to revive love and passion and that you will have to act to prevent your ex's words from exceeding his thoughts.

We all or almost all our little bad moments vis-à-vis our partner, as for example when it comes to insult his ex. Sometimes it goes even further and the lack of respect slams like a whiplash. Words often do more harm than beatings. Thus, too much disrespect in a couple leaves traces. If you feel depressed by someone with whom you are no longer in a relationship and some of his words or deeds hurt you deeply, then you are looking for a way out of this behavior.

Why is this lack of respect on the part of his ex? How to face it with your head up? It provokes me or it provokes me, it is mean to me / it is nasty with me, rather mysterious and strange behaviors on the part of an ex ... It is essential to know why your ex-partner is there take it with you before knowing how to respond to this situation.

Why does my ex talk to me badly?

All I have to do is read a few comments at the bottom of the articles on my site to discover that relations between former partners are rarely fixed. It is not uncommon to read this:

  • My ex is mean or my ex is mean to me
  • My ex causes me
  • My ex hurt me voluntarily
  • My ex ignores me to hurt me

It is quite normal to have a lot of arguments when you are in a relationship because you can not always agree and sometimes you try to impose yourself. On the other hand, when my ex is trying to provoke me and my ex makes me suffer, this is not normal or logical! Indeed, your relationship ended so he / she should turn the page.

The life of a couple is made of these exchanges, more or less violent, more or less frequent! Very often, disputes of this kind are caused by many factors such as fatigue, stress or even life together. But here, in your case, these lack of respect repeatedly do not have to be because you have no more account to your ex.

Verbal slippage and the lack of respect who may go as far as insult or threat, remind us if need be, that love is not always enough to establish a good relationship. But here it is even more complicated to support!

In this way, your ex surely tries to assert himself to defend his freedom, and sometimes to keep the power on yourself if you do not belong to him anymore! So, if my ex insults me, if my ex sends me bad messages or my ex hurt meI do not have to let myself go because I do not have to suffer his harmful behavior on my happiness.

Yes my ex speaks to me badly it's probably because he or she can not control himself. There is still too much anger which makes him / her express malice towards me.

Finally, despite appearances, when my ex insults me is often because his love for me is still very strong and that he / she feels that it is not necessarily reciprocal, so he / she empties his anger and powerlessness by talking badly to me.

How to react to the behavior of my ex who speaks to me badly?

My ex sucks me "This is a situation that many people experience everyday when an ex makes them see all the colors until they reach one. point of no return. To put an end to this heavy situation, follow 3 tips that will allow you to cope with the negative behavior of your ex in consideration to you !

If my ex naughs me, I do not fit in his game!

Cries, reproaches, misplaced words, insults ... Respond to his ex and get into a competition at who will do the most harm to each other will probably lead you to nothing, on the contrary! So if it hurts, do not answer with insults. On the contrary, try to calmly answer him and calm him to end the storm.

Putting words on what you would like to see improved is the best way to find a solution and to make him understand that you do not accept his behavior. This obviously assumes that the other wants to hear them and is not in the denial of the break ! This attitude is especially to put in place if you wish to recover it.

So do not go into provocations but do not suffer them either.If your ex exceeds certain limits then cut short the conversation and wait for him or her to calm down and stop his behavior. If ever he / she has been too far so do not hesitate to ask for an apology and explain to him that there must be no next time to his attitude.

My ex speaks to me badly: I must take a distance!

There is no point in veiling your face, your ex seeks revenge on you or getting noticed, that's why he / she speaks to you so badly! So do not think that time will pass and that his behavior will change. Face the situation with guts and determination!

Do not let the lack of respect become a habit in front of you! If your ex continues to treat you like this and you do not react, he or she may never stop! So accept the situation and fight it by cutting off any contact with your ex. If he / she does not have a way to see you or join you, your ex will have a hard time talking to you badly.

When he or she will say my ex does not speak to me anymorethen awareness will be automatic. You will have to be strong because it is not easy to get away after a breakup because habits may take over and create a lack, but you will have to be firm in your attitude.

And for that you will have to rebuild yourself and regain confidence in yourself and what you have beautiful to offer.

My ex seeks to provoke me: I must regain confidence in me to face it!

To belittle a person is a form of psychological harassment ! So your ex may be a narcissistic pervert or a manipulator.

His words or actions are intended to devalue you and break your trust so that you are at his mercy. This can lead to a situation of confinement and / or loss of bearings. You probably have a lack of confidence in you because of these repetitive lowering.

So to regain your self-confidence, stop listening to his hurtful words. When you think your ex me speaks, do not hesitate to take a little height and take stock of what can bring happiness or a better being. So, play sports, change haircuts, evolve your guard role ... No matter which solution you choose, you must think of yourself and do things that will make you feel better about yourself and therefore you to assert in the face of a ex who speaks badly.

How to use the hurtful words of his ex against him / her?

If your wish is to win back your ex and that this one or it does not speak to you badly or even that your ex you lieyou will be able to play this to carry out your plan of action. But we will have to act in 2 steps.

The first step is not to let yourself go and do not let your feet run. You will have to regain your dignity and have your ex respect you again and stop talking to you.

Often, when an ex or an ex is allowed to speak badly, it is because there is a feeling of superiority. It is very likely that you will be asked for it after the breakup, that you have shown him how important he / she was in your life or for a reason that is close to it. You will now have to show him that you can live without your ex!

Then, the second step to get closer to his ex who we disrespected will be to use not victimization but guilt. You will have to feel guilty about your ex in relation to his behavior and the urge to regret his words.

This is a complex process that can take a long time and the best is to be helped by a professional to know what attitude to adopt and what timing to put in place. For that, I refer you to a session of coaching with me or with my coaching team.