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The law of reciprocity applied to the couple and relationships


We sometimes have a tendency to complain about our lives, our husbands / wives, our relationships, our homes, our families, and to consider the outside environment and people as the source of our misfortunes, forgetting that we are ourselves agents of change in our environment and that we can decide through the actions we take of what will happen in our lives. Today we are talking about the law of reciprocity.

Jesus stated this spiritual law in Matthew 7:12, when He said:

Whatever you want men to do for you, do the same for them, for it is the law and the prophets.

In other words, do to others what you would like us to do for you.Or again: do not do to others what you would not like us to do to you! In other words, by your actions, sow in the life of others what you want to see happen in your life. Or avoid trying to experiment with others what you would not like to experiment!

It is the law of cause and effect that some people call the law of reciprocity: smile at someone, and that person will probably return a smile. Be critical of people, and people will criticize you.

Sometimes, we absolutely want to change others. It's always the others who have a problem. We complain and we criticize. But through this principle, Jesus shows us that the first person to initiate change in our relationships, in our relationships, should be OURSELVES!

Basically Jesus says, I paraphrase: "Do not try to change people, sow what you would like to receive or have in life, invest it in someone else, invest it selflessly and with joy. And you will receive it back! If you do not feel like receiving things you want to have, start sowing them! "

The beneficent soul will be satiated, and the one who sprinkles will be watered himself. (Proverbs 11:25)

In general, what you would like to receive in life, give it (sow it) first. And it will be returned to you (perhaps not by the same person, but it will be returned to you anyway)!

Some examples of the application of the law of reciprocity in the couple and relationships

Would you like to be appreciated and encouraged? Appreciate and encourage others!

You would like to be interested in you, more interested in people!

You would not want your neighbor to steal your tools. Do not take people's belongings without asking.

You would like to have a hand in times when you are in trouble. Help those in need, especially the brethren in faith.

In the workplace, you would not want to be oppressed by anyone. Do not oppress your employees or colleagues.

You would like to be honored by people? Honor and recognize the value and importance of others!

You would not like to betray your trust. Be faithful. Do not betray the trust of others.

Would you like your wife to take better care of you? Take care of her!

Would you like to be disrespected? Respect and honor others!

You would not want someone to take your wife or husband. Respect the homes of others.

If everyone applied this law in interactions / relationships with others, society would no longer need armies and prisons. A lot of problems would be solved, the burdens of our governments would be eased. Not true ? 🙂

May God bless you abundantly!

Have a good week !