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How to feel beautiful? The 4 stages unveiled!


How to be beautiful, happy and radiant in everyday life thanks to greater self-confidence? How to "be" but especially and above all to feel beautiful and ignore the eyes of others? How can I help you be and look the best of yourself by learning to love you?

Here is a subject that has always fascinated me and that I share with great pleasure through this article: the love of self through this channel that is the image and beauty of being oneself.

As such, I want to thank Alexander for welcoming me on his superb website. For all those who do not know me yet I am Miss M, aka Myriam Hoffmann and since 1993, I accompany women and men who wish to radiate through the image while freeing themselves from the diktat of fashion and media. In this article I want to give you the keys so that you feel better about yourself and that you feel attractive like a femme fatale. If you are wondering how to find yourself beautiful here is the answer in 4 steps!

To be beautiful (or beautiful), what is it çhas served?

How to feel beautiful?

To love oneself, when one is beautiful, rich, powerful, it is easy. Even if sublime women confess that they do not trust them, that they do not love each other. Always this lack of self-love ... In reality, few people have all the qualities required. Perfection is not of this world, and to meet happiness, you must go through the box: "I love myself". With your strengths and weaknesses. However, it is not essential to be beautiful, to please and feel beautiful.

Whether it's time for a celebration, a a date or every day, formal version, sexy version or nature version, there are in this quest for a transcended self, desires more or less open and more or less conscious. What is certain, and all the polls, all the experts are unanimous: we oscillate between acceptance and self-rejection.

Sometimes accepted, even appreciated, sometimes rejected, hurt. We affirm loudly our desire to be ourselves, to criticize violently the diet market, the media cult of youth, but, in fact, we are ready to try anything to erase some wrinkles or lose a few pounds. It's like we can not give up a dream!

Theambivalence between beauty and self-image or how to be beautiful ?!

"Paradoxical" is undoubtedly the adjective that best qualifies the relationship of women with their beauty and their own image. First, because self-construction involves one's desire and that of the other, sincewe never build ourselves alone. Then because women, more than men, are in this incessant round trip that is played between the desire to be oneself and the desire to be desired by the other. Which reader has never said I am a ugly woman ? Now, beauty and desire, as we can see, are inextricable, because it is in the eyes of the other, which is posed on oneself from the youngest age, that will be woven throughout our life the relation to our picture.

For example, a client, 35, told me: "Personal style is the antithesis of loneliness. He is born in complicity with the other. I had a blurred image of myself. I was floating in my big student sweatshirts. It was he, and he alone, who allowed me to reveal myself, to know that nothing is sweeter than to feel beautiful in one's gaze, "she says of the man in her life. The love affair allowed him to lose two sizes. "I felt better. I had the impression that he was redrawing me, that he "resiluetted" me. "

I will add to that another key concept of beauty that is coherence. I see on a daily basis that my clients want to bring their appearance closer to their inner feeling - that this interiority is in the long term or that it is the one of the moment. therefore it is necessary choose your clothes depending on the image that we want to send back.

When we ask ourselves how to feel beautiful, there are some keys to know and master. These are the last ones I wanted to give you in this article. But that's not all ! I also wanted to go further and to orient you on the psychological side because everything passes at first by the conviction that you are beautiful.

The 6 keys to feel beautiful and good about yourself

1) First of all, it is essential toaccept Imperfection, because you must be your best ally, your best friend to fully realize yourself, as well as to learn to love and live in compassion.

2) Then I invite you to develop the vision of your ideal image - I have said yours ... from your tastes, what makes you happy, makes you happy and makes you vibrate, all that lights thousands of stars in your eyes.

3) To avoid spreading in envy, comparison or other, I invite you to the recentering on you, your being, your essence. How? Yoga, taichi, meditation, breathing will help you.

4) Then, rather than losing yourself everywhere, without knowing your desires and needs, learn how to make Conscious and coherent choiceent going towards our ideal of life. If you get to know me, you will discover that this is an essential goal in my approach to image consulting: less is more.

5) Also think about release and lighten your mind of all these negative beliefs, to make room for creativity, lightness and confidence.

6) Go to the action : make sort of wardrobe, consult a professional image, get accompanied in your shopping. This will allow you to make sure of your choices if you still doubt. It will help you to structure your tastes and to better understand and make your choices clearer.

Smile ... laughter is essential to feel beautiful!

Observe these women who radiate, they live in deep joy, and even display in the difficulties they meet the smile of their souls. It's not about forcing yourself to "laugh" or smile when your heart really is not there - though! - but find the habit of opening to another. To smile is to transmit to the other two fundamental messages: I recognize you as a human being on the one hand, I feel a deep joy to interact with you, on the other.

Not easy to smile at who hurt you, or to someone who voluntarily creates a conflict with you. And smile first to others, to those who will respond to your smile because they share with you the same ideal of brotherhood. Also make this experience smile grumpy you just scramble to grab the place at the supermarket, to cultivate humor. This ability to laugh kindly at a situation or behavior. It allows a safe distance. Even if you are not very good at the base, you can progress quickly.

Cultivate the joy of life to find yourself beautiful

Yes some are naturally talented, others will need toto learn to love life, their life, but also to work on their emotional fluidity, to surround themselves with gay people that they will take care to model, and not to stoop!

It reflects not only the person's truth of being, but also the value of the person in their own eyes as well as in the eyes of others. It is on these conditions that it builds self-confidence. Because appearance allows you to get in touch with othersand this is the paradox of strengthening yourself.

And finally LOVE YOU !!!

To find yourself beautiful you must first to love yourself !

But how to feel beautiful and good about yourself? How to love me when I hate my chin, my hair, my shyness, my incompetence, my clumsiness, my life? Your complexes are very often linked to beliefs of the type: "With this fleeing chin, nobody will love me", "My awkwardness repels everyone", "I'm ugly, nobody ever looks at me".

So you have to reframe this type of belief: "I have a particular chin, and I also know that there exists on earth a being able to really love me, and to appreciate others of my qualities.", "I am brilliant, and I am going to put it into action to demonstrate it. "," I sometimes have awkward gestures, and I know that on earth, there are beings that will be affected. "

Confront yourself with reality: find people who have "succeeded" according to your criteria, found the soulmate who were wonderful people, loved with: a fleeing chin, a basic IQ, just because they had this other thing: faith in them, in their dreams, determined to defend their convictions and live their lives that's what made them beautiful.

Beware also of envy, idolatry that destroys you! Do not forget that all these "exceptional" beings, those people you see only on the glossy newspapers or the screen of your mobile have the financial means to carve a silhouette and a dreamy face with great support. scalpels, collagen, fat, injections, prosthesis, silicone. That often, their job requires this perfection with great reinforcement of sport, personal training, massage, while you, you type your report.Leave the idols on their base, and live! Do you really need to follow all this? Certainly, they make you dream, you come out of your daily life, but they make miserable appear your life, your person if you lack of insurance - run away from comparison - including with your office colleague.

In the end, what do my clients want most and what we all want? To claim our singularity, "what is unique in me" - and take care of oneself to live, as much as possible, in peace and in pleasure with one's image and with one's interiority. It is there, at the junction of the feelings that is the approach of the council in image: an accompaniment that is good for the body as well as for the soul, taking into account the unconscious and emotional dimension in the complex relationship we have with our appearance and, finally, the conviction that it is also through a work of self-awareness, awareness and openness of the heart that the beauty ceases to be a narcissistic pleasure to actually become a bond to another.

Take the prettiest girl you know. Imagine her now with a gray complexion, badly groomed teeth, dark circles, a gloomy look. Do you understand ? The image consulting proves it for decades: we are alls begirls. My mandate is to give you the desire, to guide you in this world always swarming in search of innovation and sensations.

To please you does not mean to identify with your image, but to meet you truly, to love you fully morally and physically, to send back to others the inner happiness of which Alexandre speaks so much in his videos and his blog. To reconcile authentic interiority and externality, in short, without false pretense. This is the key when you ask yourself how to be pretty everyday.

Irradiate is allow the light all inside of you to illuminate others. You certainly know about these people not necessarily very beautiful, not necessarily dressed with research, but have a real power of attraction. What do you say about Dialine? "She is bright!" What do you think of Henri: "He is radiant!" Their inner light reflects: it is made of joy, of deep serenity, of idealism too, of sharing, of solidarity.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments, I will be happy to answer you. And do not forget the famous round and beautiful show. These women were far from the criteria of beauty and yet they radiated. So whatever your physique, you are beautiful. It's up to you to be fully aware of it!

Your advisor to feel beautiful and good about yourself

Miss M