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How do I know if he likes me? 3-point answer!


It is well known that men have trouble communicating and this is even more true when questions revolve around how they feel. They have always been told that you have to be strong and not show weaknesses because they are boys. So inevitably after hearing this during all their youth, it leaves traces! Sometimes even after months of relationship you may wonder what he has in mind, if you really like him, and how to know if he cares about me as I care about him. While there is nothing more frustrating than going to a man who does not open his heart, you prefer to keep everything for yourself for fear of running away.

In fact, you do not want him to feel that you are passing the rope around his neck because he might get away. But in parallel, you know how you feel and you would not only like it to be reciprocal but also that it shows you that it is attached. You would also like to penetrate his thoughts to find out why he has trouble showing you his feelings, what he thinks of your relationship or just what he thinks of you!

But how to think like a man and especially how to know if a man is with us? For once, it's a male coach who will answer you! I am aware that men are not always easy to understand and that is why I wanted to bring you these 3 keys that will allow you to make no mistakes and have the best analysis possible about the man who attracts you. And whether you are already in a relationship or covet it! By following these tips you will know if he likes you or not ...

Know what a man is waiting for the relationshipknowing what he thinks of the couple or the possibility of creating one is important if one wants to succeed in balancing one's emotions and thus not getting excited.

Some women that I accompany during sentimental coaching sessions, and you are probably in the same situation, make it a point of honor to know exactly what their companion thinks deep inside of him. So, to ask himself what does he feel for me and to find the answer by oneself allows to behave better and especially to adapt one's attitude according to the other.

That way you show less acquired, and that's what allows you to launch or revive the attraction. But that's not all. By asking you how to know if he likes me you will also be able to reassure you about his feelings, consider the relationship from a more serious angle and especially to know if it's worth it fight for this story or not.

I want to know what he thinks of me to reassure me!

When we ask ourselves how does he care about me or how do I know if he thinks of me when you're not together, it's not trivial. It's not just to think like him but it's all about to reassure oneself about one's intentions. Be careful, that does not mean that it's a bad reason, quite the contrary. You just have to understand your behavior and avoid getting in the face or even worse in a form of paranoia.

In most cases you need love, affection, and icing on the cake to know whether or not he is faithful. And you can not blame yourself when you're looking for signs of love. A lot of women that I coach there is this fear of losing, this apprehension of being alone whether after 6 months of relationship or even after 10 years.

In reality when one wonders how to know what he thinks or if I miss himthere is an underlying question. The latter is the following: does he really love me (if you are in a relationship) or will he really engage (if you are still in the seduction phase).

And if the answer is yes, it reassures and it makes you want to go even further with him!

I want to know his feelings before going further!

Speaking of commitment, this is the second reason that leads you to ask yourself if he likes you. Indeed, you need to feel that your man is on the same wavelength as you and shares your desire to move in the same direction.

Indeed, and especially early in the relationship, it is essential to move at the same pace. If your target feels that you are going too fast and you are constantly accelerating while slowing down, this will automatically create an imbalance. And so it's absolutely necessary to avoid to avoid a false start.

Regularly wondering how to know if he loves me or how to know if I really like him, can better decode the desires of the man in question. But be careful not to make a fixation! I see too many women give all their energy for men who make no effort. The relationship must be balanced if you really want to be happy and that is how you will be able to please each other and keep a good opinion of you.

It's not after you are engaged and after declaring your passion that you must ask yourself how do you know if a man wants you it is from the beginning of the relationship or as soon as you feel that it is distancing itself. You deserve a man who gets involved. If you do not want to go too fast, it is essential to apply the technique of me am I fled that I explain in this article.

But that's not all, by answering the question how to know if he cares about me, you will be able to know if your story can be serene or if you will regularly go through turbulent areas.

Because testing if it's up to you lets know if your story is viable!

Let things be clear, it's not by typing test to know if he likes me that you'll get an answer! Indeed, one day you will feel that it is very attached and the day after you will feel that it moves away a little.

But it's like that for every story. There is inevitably ups and downs. Simply, you need to measure an aspect that will be paramount. This is the "satisfaction rate".

If your man is happy with you then there is a good chance that your story will be viable, even if it is not "perfect". Besides, no story is really so do not demand perfection. From the moment you say it is mine, and we have good times, it is that you have chances to go further both.

However, it will still improve your complicity and continue to seduce him, to push him to engage more. If you are unsure of how to proceed, I refer you to my training seduce a man and push him to engage accessible here !

Now that you know why it's important to know if a man wants you, I'd like to talk about the signs that show that he's interested in you.

When we ask ourselves how do I know if he cares about me it is not necessary to rely solely on his words, on the fact of missing him and on the sweet words he can pronounce. Although these are important, they do not alone represent a reliable index. So you need more elements to really trust him.

I have listed here the 3 main signs that indicate if a man is holding a woman or not.

He cares about me when he includes me in his projects ...

You must be aware that a man is not likely to tell you clearly that you are everything for him and that he loves you, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

Nevertheless, one must know how to analyze his words, but also his actions because he can express himself unconsciously. So, a man who you include in his projects, which speaks of future, without necessarily that it is very important things, it can be about holidays for example, then it is a man who takes initiatives and which indirectly engages.

As much to say to you that it is an excellent thing especially if you fall also in love with your side!

He does not hide me! Does he have feelings for me?

Does his family, friends or family know you? Or he tried to introduce you but so far it has not been done yet? This is an obvious sign that you count for him.

Some women are not only distant but they do not do anything to make the relationship even more successful. To know if he wants you, you have to rely on the way he considers you if he includes you in his social circle, in his family (when the relationship becomes longer) the sincere and committed men act in this way .

If so, then you can consider that you are a special woman in his eyes.

How he cares about me: He must have small attentions!

It may not be the attention he will have on a daily basis, but rather the marks of affection he will have from time to time. Basically, he has to show you that you are a special person for him and he will act accordingly.

Sometimes it's all about little things like letting the movie go to the cinema, sometimes it's more important. A small bouquet of flowers, a surprise restaurant, a little message in the middle of the day to tell you that you miss him, or realize your sexual fantasies.

A man who has this kind of reflexes is his companion and thinks of her. This is how one can have concrete answers when one wonders how to know if he has feelings for me or even better if he is in love.

To conclude this article, I would like to discuss with you a anecdote coaching about a behavior to avoid.

I recently coached a woman who was wondering "What does he want from me? "And who could not decode the attitudes of his man.However his companion for a little less than 8 months acted using the 3 signs mentioned above.Simply she did not see them.Or rather she wanted more She took her time but still had a positive attitude, she had just been hurt in the past and she wanted always be reassured.

In this situation, you have to accept being patient and not constantly putting too much pressure on yourself and / or putting some on your man's shoulders too much.

Sometimes you have to be patient for a man to start background in a relationship or that he engages in it. It is difficult to expect a man to commit too quickly and to give you complete satisfaction. So you must accept the flaws or the pace of the other but also give him time when he makes efforts.

If you also want to be guided to better manage your emotions or want to implement actions for the situation evolves in the right direction then I suggest you book a coaching session with me or with a member of my team. To learn more about the formulas just click on the coaching tab in the menu at the top right of the screen.

Alex Cormont