She feels nothing for me, how to reverse the trend?


Your partner has just announced that she does not love you anymore or that she no longer feels any feeling? How to remedy the situation to make sure that his feelings return little by little and that this person who shares your life finds the passion that animated him? What are the tips to revive the flame in its history and avoid being guided by the fear of losing the woman we love?

When your partner tells you that nothing goes wrong in your relationship because she does not love you anymore, it's a general panic in your mind and you're always wondering how to avoid breaking up and regain control of the situation.

From there, I have good and bad news for you today. The good thing is that very often your partner still has feelings but they are buried under a layer of negative emotions that have taken over in his mind. The bad news is that you will have to radically change your behavior but also your perception of the situation if you want her feelings to return and she finds the desire to fight your couple.

Even if you say "it does not feel anything for me" and that it hurts you, know that the situation is not dramatic, even if it is still serious, because we do not stop loving a person overnight, so you may consider that your partner has been feeling unwell for some time. This is why in this article I will teach you to immediately stop your bad habits and define the right behavior to revive the flame in your relationship and that it feels something strong again for you.

My wife has no feelings, what mistakes to avoid?

When the loved one announces that his feelings are getting the hell out, we try absolutely to catch the situation and sometimes acting without thinking too much of an evolutionary strategy. The risk is to fall in haste without really establishing an analysis. And so it is better sometimes to play the card of ignorance.

I do not have to ask myself 1000 questions if she does not feel anything for me anymore

I know that you are going through a difficult stage of your life and that you were not preparing for this breakup in love that hangs in your face and even less the suffering it may cause. On the other hand, you really have to make the best efforts not to make the mistake of asking many questions to your wife or your ex if the break has already been announced. Behaving like during a police interrogation is totally useless because counterproductive to revive passion in the couple.

Here is a non exhaustive list of the sentences which you must absolutely avoid to pronounce not to pass for a heavy one and thus to risk that it cuts the communication:

" Do you still have feelings for me? "
" Do you miss me ? "
"Why do you keep my gifts?"
"Do you think of me?"
"Are you going to come back or is your decision final?"

These questions all revolve around your need to be reassured or better understand her decision, while your job is to interpret on your own, focusing instead on the need to change and not on the "why" of your wife's attitude.

I must not choke on my wife if she does not love me anymore

This painful moment provokes in you the need to express yourself to make your partner understand that you love him and that it represents everything you have always wanted to have.

Unfortunately, you act too late and this behavior will naturally lead your wife or girlfriend away because she will wonder if you are trying to manipulate her to win her back or if you have really become aware of your mistakes and you will be able to then catch up.

When one says to oneself "my wife does not feel any more for me" it is necessary all the same to act unnatural and to force to let it breathe. Instead of showing him that you are emotionally dependent, bring him proof that you will never make the same mistakes again because that is what will change everything ...

She does not love me anymore but I force myself not to analyze her behavior

Third big mistake when we say she does not love me anymore and that everyone commits, is to analyze its least facts and gestures. You look constantly at his attitude and you try to determine an interpretation. The reality is that you're fixing on insignificant details and you're trying to answer a key question: "Do I still have a chance to relaunch his feelings ? ".

To revive the flame is to counteract this attitude since we will have to analyze this time what is the reaction of your half following a specific action on your part.We must regain control to bring it back as and when ... Without looking at details that are not important to you and that distort your interpretation of the situation. To better understand this aspect, I explain in more detail this process in my ebook 35 rules to save his couple.

She feels nothing for me, how to react effectively?

After talking about what not to do when you say "it does not feel any more me", I must refer you to the actions to be implemented to bring back his feelings little by little.

And if we forgot the feelings to focus on the smile?

This sentence may seem incomprehensible to you because the objective is to win back your beloved and you do not want to turn the page of your feelings. On the contrary, you have only one desire to revive his own. And yet, it is now a matter of thinking carefully before acting to not give too much weight to the problems and to find solutions. This is why you must relay your desires and your feelings to the background.

Now, the right behavior is simply to take life on the right side with a smile and a more positive vision. Concentrate only on the need to restore complicity between the two of you and you can then to revive one's feelings.

Should we communicate to improve the situation?

Nobody will tell you but your partner secretly waits for you to be able to read in it. This is why communication plays an extremely limited role when it comes to reviving the flame.

Your goal is to do everything you can to surprise her and to show her that you change every day, especially through strong actions. To improve communication you can also use the concept of "valuation".

In conclusion, I invite you not to repeat yourself " it's the end of the world she does not love me anymore like before "but on the contrary to take your patience to recreate a strong complicity by leaving the errors aside.In fact I often say that to save a couple it is essential to stop its mistakes and not to set up dozens of In other words, it is your behavior that causes you to react to the weight of emotions and this is precisely what you should avoid.

I wish you the best to save your story and make your partner find his feelings.