We separated a few days: how to relaunch the relationship?


It is often said that the break is final or that it must necessarily last a long time, but often it is not the case! Besides, you realize that because that's what you're going through right now. You are not separated, you are not doing a break either, you just put yourself together and the separation was rather short but you could not stop you from picking up the pieces.

It only took a few days to get closer, but there are still issues that are persistent and that prevent you from finding the couple you had before the big fight concluded by this separation. Feelings are present but we do not really know how to find the joy of living together because blocks remain.

But even when we have separated a few days it is important to put in place the right actions to revive his couple. We must not therefore assume that this break represented nothing and that we must neglect it, especially if it is not the first. It is precisely by taking the lead and by adopting a real change that you will escape and find a little serenity. You will have to adapt and act to change things in the right direction. You may not know the Cormont method yet, but it's my role to guide you to make the right decisions and live again in a sentimental relationship that's soothed even after a conflict.

We separated a few days, was it too early to get back together?

When we return together after a separation, and just as you do today, quite quickly we wonder, if this love reconciliation It is not too early, if it was not necessary to use the distance to just do even better and the point and not be in this situation. Know that there is no predetermined time to get back with someone but we must focus on the actions to put in place to especially not make the same mistakes.

If you are together again after 3 or 4 days it is very good but you must not relive what you had known and which led to this short separation. And that's why you're in doubt today and you may wonder if it was not too early to be together again.

Do not go back to the one who was our ex for a few days just because of the affective dependance because in the end it would be back to better jump. When we decide to get back to the person who shared our life it is because we have solved the problems or at least we are doing it. If after a strong fit of jealousy you break up for example but you immediately recover together without anything changes you will never go forward and the situation will be repeated tirelessly. We must therefore implement a real change when we decide to resume a relationship that has stopped.

So yes we must "take advantage" of the break to bring change without necessarily giving an exact duration, but act intensively to quickly find a relationship that will suit you both. You have the chance to be with him again, so you have to take the opportunity to re-establish strong links because even if you think you are in a complicated situation it is not as much as a real reconquest we have to start from scratch.

Do not make the break last a sign of love?

When we separated a few days and so we have very quickly got back together, we often tend to consider that love is stronger than anything and that it is a strong sign. The consequence is to think (or think that the other thinks) that one will always get back together, whatever happens. It is true that this is not trivial and that it shows that you hold to each other, but it is not enough to rely on feelings to explain this situation. It is essential to put the finger on the different issues and find solutions because love alone does not allow to have a solid relationship.

This express reconciliation can be seen as a sign of a deep love but also a fear of being alone (e) for you as for him / her. But that does not mean that we have provided answers to all the problems on the contrary. What I want to tell you is that your couple is strong, the proof, you are together again while thousands of others remain separated. But we must now see further to be better in his skin and it begins by not considering his man or his wife as acquired (e).

When faced with this situation, we often tend not to want to use actions, to let time do the work for us, but we have to go out of this way to save his couple definitely and no longer ask thousands of questions.

How to feel better after recovering together quickly?

Here are 3 tips to improve your couple after a sudden break but reunion just as fast.

Do not talk about the past

Do not talk about the breakup as such and look for a culprit or stir the knife in the wound. For 2 main reasons. The first is the most logical, it hurts and it is difficult to overcome the separation. On the other hand, stirring the knife in the wound will not make you progress and it will force your partner to think of the past and therefore the difficult moments. It is therefore better to focus on the real issues and not on their consequences.

Have strong personal projects

To get back together when we separated a few days and to find a healthy and solid life of couple also requires to prepare the future and thus to have new desires, strong moments so as to erase the bad memories, the negative past in order to build some of stronger and more joyful. Having a future brings a new dimension and gives even more desire to invest.

Do not put pressure on his half

We often want his relationship to be perfect and especially after an event that upsets, an electroshock that is separation. So we make a mistake by asking a lot of his / her partner and the pressure is precisely the last thing to use to have a couple that works. It is important to be patient and not expect everything to turn pink in a snap.

You have to know how to give time to the time and concentrate on the evolution that you wish to gradually give to your love story.


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