To avoid: The 4 worst mistakes to win back his ex!


Many of you are wondering what are the most common blunders after a breakup, and what are the mistakes to win back his ex that are unacceptable. Each relationship has its specificities, it is difficult to establish a precise list, but to help you, I wanted to highlight in this article what you should not do.

I know that controlling your emotions is not easy after such an emotional shock but you must absolutely adopt the right behaviors. To help you, to better understand what are called the prohibitions of the reconquest and especially how to fix it, here is the guide to follow: How to recover his ex after prohibitions.

But before clicking on the link above, I reveal here some keys that will help you overcome some misconceptions about how to get back with his ex.

The 4 main banned to win back the person of his dreams

The mistakes of a reconquest are a great classic because you feel so bad that you tend to act in a totally unusual and unthinking way. It is for this reason that I decided to rename the term "errors to reconquer his ex" in " forbidden from the reconquest It is therefore absolutely necessary to ban certain actions that can serve you in your objective ofrecover the person who matters most to you.

The 3 most well-known taboos are also those that are done most often. Whether crying, insults or supplication these 3 mistakes are to be avoided absolutely. I would also like to mention a ban that you practice too regularly and which unfortunately can affect even more importantly your reconquest ...

No more crying in front of her ex

It is important to control your emotions after a break-up and not show that breakup affects you. I am aware that this is the case and your ex must know it but it is important not to show it and be detached emotionally to succeed in reacting it.

Do not insult his ex

The goal is not to put more oil on the fire after separation. On the contrary, it is important to keep good contacts and not at the same time get angry with your ex and create even more tension. I know it's not easy but it's necessary to move forward.

Do not make supplication to his ex

After breaking up, feelings may still be present and it makes sense to want to tell his ex at the same time as wanting a second chance. However, asking, begging is not going to help you because that's not what your ex wants. He or She needs concrete changes to move forward.

Applying for help can spoil your reconquest

To put too much in demand and thus to force his ex to return is to banish definitively. It is a killer 'love of the reconquest and therefore in my opinion one of the main mistakes to win back his ex.

You musttake control of your love life and that goes through directing your reconquest. Which means that there are certain terms that you will have to erase from your vocabulary and more particularly you no longer have to pronounce "I love you", "I miss you" or "I think of you". We must draw a definitive trait on feelings and replace if not above your ex, at least the same level.

You have the ability to recover your ex if you are able to apply these tips. For maximum success, do not be in demand and above all avoid making these4 mistakes to win back his ex.

What if you make mistakes to win back your ex?

This is one of the questions that comes up very often when we've done a error with his ex and that we have remorse.

You discovered my site after committing these balls with your ex and I know you want to but I want to reassure you. You can perfectly succeed in reversing the trend and finding better bases for a reconquest more often.

For this, here are the 4 actions that will allow you to show a new face.

There must be no excuses!

I know that logic certainly drives you to want to do everything to make you forgive even if you excuse yourself for things you have not done. Yet it is a behavior to avoid.

It's very simple, the more you will excuse yourself and the more you will remind your ex of the past and the mistakes made. So you go to shoot in the foot by acting in this way. It is important not to give your reasons for blaming you. do not mention the past and do not apologize.

Put away from his ex

At the moment, the main thing that your ex blames you for is your omnipresence after separation. When we want to return his ex, paradoxically, we must go through this phase of taking distance.Prohibitions are constantly actions during which you do not let your ex breathe. Harassment, tons of messages, gifts and supplications.

I do not blame you because in 90% of cases it also happens that way. But it is not possible to do so and reclaim his ex. That's why, to get back with your ex after bans you must have a behavior the opposite of the one you may have recently.

We change for ourselves and not for our ex

One of mistakes to win back his ex that I see most often is to do everything according to his ex, even to deny his personality. No, if you have problems of emotional dependence, communication, commitment that are the main reasons for the breakup is above all for you that must be resolved and not for your ex or your loved ones. It is important to have this in mind because many men and women after a break-up tend to act differently.

Only listen to you!

Indeed, in this situation it is not uncommon for you to let yourself be influenced and that there are therefore bad actions that are put in place. Not because you absolutely want to place them but because your entourage advises you.

Faced with a break, you have to avoid following the opinions of those close to him because they see you suffer and try to help you in their own way. You must rely only on you because you know your ex better than anyone. If however you need a boost or a totally neutral opinion, I direct you to a coaching session with a real professional accustomed to accompany men and women in their reconquest. To learn more about the coaching sessions with me or with a member of my team, it's here !

How to recover his ex?

It is now necessary to take a step towards your ex but in the right way if you want to succeed his reconquest. You need organization to move forward and forget the past. I realize that you have a hard time imagining that you will succeed in creating a new complicity but it is perfectly possible to succeed. I explain it precisely in training for act correctly after the forbidden.

There are therefore two strong actions to put in place to recover his ex after chaining mistakes.

The letter to restore the dialogue with his ex

The goal, I reassure you, is not to avoid your ex for years and cut off all contacts. You just have to do it in better conditions. You were not yourself when you committed these taboos. You need to show your ex a new image. Take a distance of one week 10 days for CFP, ie short relations, and a radio silence of 3/4 weeks for longer relationships is necessary.

Following the letter templates that I propose on the siteyou can create a powerful letter that is not a love letter, but a good way to show your evolution. You can show him that you have become aware of certain things and especially that you are evolving and that is how you will be able to progress

The reseduction of his ex

Today, if you think about couples, feelings, long-term projects you make a mistake. You have to think about having good times and that's the most important thing. The more you will put pressure on yourself and talk about reconciliation and the more your ex is going to flee.

He / she must understand that you no longer want the old relationship you want to rebuild and have a good time. Exit the tensions and arguments and place the new you! But for that we must accept to progress gradually.

Your ex needs to be comfortable to come back and especially that he / she does not say that you are still in demand or that you remain the one or that of the previous relationship. Do not send tons of messages, it's useless! Start a real seduction and for that, remember how you did it during your first story 😉

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