Why is radio silence useful for recovering your ex?


The radio silence is one of the techniques often recommended to recover his ex. You need to know that a reconquest requires time and patience and that taking a step back is sometimes essential. However, this method is not to be used as you see fit. Many people use this method in the wrong way. The first thing to do is to know why radio silence is useful in getting your ex back and especially when using it.

Indeed, it is essential to understand and know this technique and not only to wait for your ex to return after having deleted his phone number. You need to determine if your situation requires yes or no to use this distance.

If the SR, is a method that works well, it needs to apply in the right conditions and so, you will maximize your chances of bringing back the man or woman you love so much. In this article I will tell you everything about this trick because I know that there are many questions about it. It is a method that scares but will still help you.

The keys to this powerful tool that is Silence Radio!

Many men and women who have just suffered a breakup love want to use this method without knowing it. However, if you really want to put the odds on your side, it's essential to know exactly what you're going to apply and not go head first.

The Silence Radio is a period more or less long during which we do not communicate with his ex any more. In most situations that I am presented with, I am often asked what is the exact duration of an effective SR. Keep in mind that for at least 2/3 weeks you will have to cut off contact with the one who shared your life a few days or weeks ago. Otherwise, your distance will have no effect. Your ex may need to contact you for X or Y reasons, in which case you can answer very briefly without relaunching the conversation.

The time of radio silencemust not exceed several months. A radio silence of 6 or 8 months, it is not possible. It must be remembered that this method must remain only a step in the reconquest because communication is essential for recover your ex, all of which is to dialogue at the right time and on a good basis. Otherwise your ex will not see any change. The strength of this distance is clear.

First of all, let your ex breathe who has surely asked you explicitly or implicitly for the distance. You must also take time for yourself to rebuild and bring change but also create a lack to eventually react to your ex.

When we want to have the chance tokiss her ex again, radio silence is a method to adopt in order to provoke a psychological effect in his ex. the fact of having stayed years, months and suddenly no longer have news, attention, will upset.

Why is radio silence useful?

Silence Radio is needed for several reasons and the first is quite selfish: indeed, this distance will allow you to take stock, to take a step back, to regenerate and to try to blame the blow of the break before trying to make it more than a bad memory, and this, in recovering your ex if that is possible.

By sending messages every day, trying to offer appointments to your ex you will not advance quite the contrary. You are going to do two things that hurt the reconquest. The first is to show your intentions to your ex and make him understand that you want him / her to come back. The second is to put you in demand and therefore lose the balance of power that is so important in the reconquest.

The second reason for this radio silence is to serve the purpose of departure: win back your ex ! Indeed, this non-communication will leave doubts in the mind of your ex who will feel that you escape him totally and who will be stung in his pride. This is a kind of silent manipulation often useful for to revive desire in your ex by making him aware that you too can break in your own way.

However, for this technique to work, concrete changes need to be put in place and your ex is aware of it. whether through social networks, friends in common or in the letter or text that you will write, evoke your change, your new habits will help you. This is a period during which you must make change. Physically, socially, emotionally, seeing a new version of yourself will reassure your ex.He / she will not have the impression of giving a second chance to the same person left a short time ago.

Cases where silence is not obligatory!

Radio silence, although very useful in most cases, is not fruitful for everyone especially if you apply it at the wrong time. There are situations that are not suitable for this distance.

If your ex blamed you for not enough verbal exchange and as a bonus you continue on the same line after the breakit will serve you for sure. It will be necessary at this time to concentrate on your change and to communicate in a detached way with him / her.

There are also short relationships, passionate love at first sight as well as distant relationships that are not necessarily adapted to this method. Why ? In the first situation the feelings are often not strong enough, it is more passion than love and so putting distance does not affect your ex sufficiently. In remote relations, a physical distance is already present, to keep in touch once or twice a week makes it possible not to be too much forgotten.

On the other hand, if you have a constructive dialogue with your exWhy stop it for a radio silence that will not be understood and that can be misinterpreted? Indeed, at this moment, it is the seduction that must be used because you already exchange and you can get closer.

Radio silence is an art to master well and which can generate misunderstandings if it is not perfectly controlled. In addition, it is quite possible to practice radio silence, to communicate again, then to start over again. radio silence if the first communication is not paying.

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The reconquest of an ex is often complex so arm yourself with patience but above all act properly.

Your advises to get back with your ex,

Alex Cormont