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How close are you to love?


This article is written by Kenza Pace, Psychologist, Love coach of the site, founder of the method "Fray Your Way to Love".

First of all ... a big thank you to Alexandre for having proposed to intervene on this site to answer the question of when will I find love!

I know that for many of us: live happily with the man of our life! It is a dream ! Is not it ?

A dream that can become reality for you if you know how to find love and how to go about not finding dead ends and building a lasting bond with a man!

Often, we get bogged down in relationships that do not progress ... We despair and we end up thinking that love is not made for us! Some people have also given up on this quest, saying "perfectly well alone" ... But it is a difficult choice to make. And you probably do not want to give up on your dream of happy love! And you are right !

So where are you in your quest for a soul mate?

The Six Steps to Achieving Love

To tell the truth, we all go through key stages that gradually lead us to grow, to evolve ... it is by drawing lessons from our past encounters that we evolve, until we are ready and at the best of our ability. when we meet the man of our life!

Overall, these steps are of the order of 6:

  • The first is to understand past mistakes, and to free oneself from the past.
  • The second step requires getting to know each other and knowing exactly what you are looking for in a relationship.
  • The third is the stage where we radiate our independence, our self-confidence and where we fulfill ourselves as a person.
  • The fourth step concerns the choice of language and the way one expresses oneself. This is the stage of communication and authenticity.
  • The fifth stage is where, thanks to our openness and our confidence we meet lots of potential partners ...
  • The sixth step is the one where you settle down concretely and where you have the conviction to have found the man of your life!

Where are you in your quest for love?

To find out, here is a checklist that will let you know where you are in your quest for the soul mate, and what you have to do to increase your chances of living the love you want:

Sincerely say if you are YES or NO agree with his statements:

- I do not have a clear idea about what went wrong in my past relationships.

- I am still in contact with at least one of my ex and it is sometimes ambiguous.

- If I have not found a soul mate yet, it's because men are difficult.

- I need a man in my life.

- I can not stand my celibacy.

- My lack of self-confidence is a real obstacle to my quest for love.

- I do not like meeting people.

- No man fits what I want.

- I am always interested in men inaccessible or not interested in me!

- I think I have problems communicating: either I am too direct and it is scary, or I do not express myself enough and I accept things that I do not want.

How many YES did you get?

If you have 10 YES: You still have a lot of work of mourning and liberation to do compared to your past. You are stuck in what has been, and that prevents you from moving forward and opening yourself to what can be. It's a shame because you miss out on what you really want!

If you have between 6 and 9 YES: You are somewhere halfway to your process of maturing to love. You still lack a bit of openness, some benchmarks and especially the desire to get out of your comfort zone 😉

If you have between 0 and 5 YES: Bravo! You have already come a long way and you are now only a few steps away from true love. Maybe you need a little help to guide you through the last steps?

Leave me a comment, and tell me what score did you get ... and what will help you in your quest for love?


For further…

Anyway, you can be helped to go through these steps to find the soulmate.

To go further, watch this series of 4 videos where I explain in detail how to increase your chances of being in a relationship you want and make your relationship last!