Women manipulators, the guide to detect them and fight against them


If you follow my philosophy of sentimental happiness through the articles I publish daily or at conferences that I organize every month, you know that I often refer to men who manipulate women as well as narcissistic perverts. It is true that this type of behavior is often associated with men. But gentlemen, I also know that many of you think that it works both ways and that women can also sometimes be cruel to you. When I write to explain to me a painful story in which a woman manipulates her man, I try to answer precisely because I know that there is no article on my site related to this problematic. He does not exist ? No, he did not exist! Because I promised you a special report on the thorny subject of women who make their partner suffer and here it is today! I know that many of you are going through this situation and do not know how to cope. So in addition to writing on the subject I also made a video that you will find just below. I invite you to listen to it carefully, to love it and to write to me to tell me about your situation or simply your encouragement.

Whether in a relationship, after a break or during a phase of seduction, you can suffer from the behavior of the woman you like so much and become a bit like his "toy". The narcissistic perverse manipulators are not all men and in this case we must therefore speak of narcissistic perverse manipulators. I am aware that society wants us to believe that only men are capable of doing hateful things in love life, yet women are not blameless as this demonstrates. Indeed, they can make mistakes either inadvertently or intentionally to make you suffer and prevent you from achieving happiness.

The phenomenon of manipulative women is not new, but more and more men tend to notice it and to fall victim to it. Of course, we must not generalize, all women do not act in this way! If I wrote this article it is to help those who suffer to help open their eyes, but it is quite possible to be happy to two without seeing the evil everywhere. It is important to better understand what handling in love means, what it generates but also to have the means to get out of it to raise your head and not let it control your whole life.

Commet behave manipulative women?

Manipulation has forced the other to do what we want in order to get what we want, be it money, power, sex, in love life several elements can push to act in this way. In most cases, manipulative women which men called my services out of their claw there was often this desire to control their man. This is one of the commonalities that these types of women have, the urge to be in a strong position.

In very many cases, a woman who wish to manipulate men because she has had a disastrous love affair and there is a form of revenge. After being deceived or beaten, abused there is this deep desire not to relive this situation and to do everything so that a man will never behave in this way. Handling is a way to protect yourself. I am not in any way excusing the behavior of these women towards you, because you are not responsible for its past, but I explain it to you so that you have answers to your questions.

Many women after meeting 1 or 2 dishonest men say immediately " all men are assholes "Becoming a woman who plays a double game, who is not sincere and who is selfish is not necessarily natural, her personal life may have pushed her to have this role.A lot of women explain to me that they have become like that because they have suffered too much and men, in their eyes, deserve to know what being a victim of manipulation means.

A manipulative woman is a woman who manages to get men to have feelings quickly, become addicted to make them fall in love and put them totally on their knees. Getting feelings allows him to make sure of their commitment and make sure to control their minds and always get them back regardless of their behavior.

Why does it hurt to be manipulated?

"Just to dump it is as simple" this sentence I hear it often, your friends think it's a situation easy to manage but as I tell you very often, the advice of relatives are not the best in this situation.Their support is important, but when it comes to advice or techniques to use, you should rely on an experienced coaching professional and not on men or women who are not objective in their analyzes.

The problem when one is handled by a woman is that we are just not able to make a decision as radical as separation, or because we do not want to stand up to the woman we love because we are afraid of suffering even more. For men who are not in this situation it may seem absurd because this problem can be resolved very quickly, but you are not in your normal state very often we use the term "lost" to define what we feel when the female manipulation is in action.

In men pride plays a dominant role, we often want to show that we are the one who "directs" the couple, who can assert themselves. But when we know that we are manipulated and that we are helpless in the face of this situation our ego takes a hit, we say that the woman we love lies to us, plays with us, hurts us voluntarily and it is therefore acts of a real stab in the back.

It's enough to have the idea of ​​a project with her, the desire to build a solid story to fall from above and have trouble raising your head. Most people who criticize men in your situation have never experienced it and make judgments that do not happen. It is perfectly normal and legitimate to suffer because of these manipulative women.

Those who will read this article in search of advice have very strong feelings for their half, and imagined a future, always imagine a future with it and it is the love that makes suffer more than manipulation. You want to hold on to her, to forgive her actions, her misplaced words, you would like to be able to regain control but some of you continue to believe in her change and hope she will become the perfect woman. Hope or rather despair hurts you because you do not know what decision to make. You say to yourself I love my wife even if she makes me suffer ".

According to her, all couple problems that you are going through is entirely your fault, there is no questioning of it while you are asking 1001 questions, you are constantly doubting and wondering if what you are doing is good or not. What is difficult to live when a woman plays with us is that we think we have deserved it and that inevitably complicates the various actions that must be put in place. You want to be too nice, you want to do too much and it is this state of mind that prevents you from moving forward. So it's the whole process of self-confidence that takes a hit, while it will be preponderant, as I explain in this video.

I am talking about sentimental pain but there is also physical pain. The narcissistic manipulators do not hesitate, in some cases to use violence and to mistreat their man other than words. In this case it is no longer manipulation because we are no longer in a subtle psychological framework, it is an aggression neither more nor less!

How to fight against a woman who plays with feelings?

In order to get out of the clutches of a woman who manipulates us first you have to realize that it is not totally sincere and that there is an obstacle to love, it is not so simple that that and many men do not know it or discover it too late. But that's not your case, how do I know? You are currently reading this article which proves that you are taking steps to get better and get away with it and I can only congratulate you. You see, you are able to make decisions that are going in the right direction and that will have a positive impact for your life, so we must continue on this path and go after things!

I'm not always in the negative you know and I know how to recognize when men and women give themselves the means to improve their daily life and that's why I fight every day so that you can reach your objectives and make so as not to live these toxic relationships

The first of the rules is not to feel guilty. The strength of the manipulators as manipulators elsewhere is precisely to make believe that you are the culprit, that his behavior is due to your. As a result, you get angry and find excuses for things you are not responsible for. You want to give the best of yourself but no matter what you can do it's never enough. You want it to change by showing your best side but it does not work. You are not guilty.Neither I nor anyone else can say that it is your fault, however, if you do not act and if you do not give yourself the means to go up the slope you will not have to blame only the one that hurts you.

There is usually a big problem of self-confidence, as said before, when one has to go through this situation. You do not agree, you think it's too good for you and you have to all the time you bend in 4 to satisfy his every need. The first thing will be to rebuild your morale and regain your confidence. For that I invite you not to read but to devour all the articles of the category like this one to know how to build a more stable love relationship.

Thanks to these you will be able to have a clear strategy. I'm not going to say "Largue-là and everything will be better" I know that for the moment it's a decision too difficult to take and that often the break does not help the contrary, just like the break in the couple . However, with the time and personal investment needed, you will be able to make the decision that is best for you.

Assert yourself in a couple and to show character will help you to no longer be a puppet that she manipulates as she wishes, you will become again the one you were or the one you must be, that is to say a man who does not do not let it go. But for that you must act on your side. You have to accept that saying "no" or having other priorities does not mean being mean to you, even if you do not like it. One of the issues that explains the fact that perverse narcissistic manipulators have power over their mate is that men do not dare to answer them, but to bring her down from her cloud and show her that you are not acquired is essential for save the relationship.


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