How to save a relationship after several breaks?


Saving his relationship and recovering his ex after a second break or even after several breaks may seem like a delicate exercise. Indeed, you probably think that you have missed several chances and that your ex force will end up annoying and never come back. As surprising as it may seem, this is not quite the case, at least not always, so do not despair.

On the other hand, if you have arrived at this stage, it is because there was a recurring problematic and it is thus necessary not only to be aware of it, to analyze it but also to solve it in order to show your ex that you are well on the same wavelength. For this, and as I recommend in my training to prove his change to his ex, you will have to act step by step and especially determine the most effective action plan according to certain criteria such as the reasons for multiple separations, your ex's personality and possibly your various mistakes.

If you consider that you have to pick up the pieces, you will begin a reconquest cleverly orchestrated to save your story and especially to start on a good basis. From now on, you have to ask yourself the right questions in order to act in the right direction and above all to keep in mind your goal.

After several breaks, ask yourself the right questions!

You feel that you suffer too much because of your story, but the same goes for your ex. Both of you wonder if you are meant to be together. This process makes perfect sense when you have been in a relationship with someonethere were several breaks. Moreover, I imagine that your relatives tell you that after a while you have to face the facts and that you do not get along even if there is something strong between you.

You have failed in your relationship but for what reasons? It is important to ask this question in order to put your finger on what was not working. Indeed, to resolve a situation that was no longer tenable, it is essential to understand the exact causes of separation because that's what will allow you to find relevant solutions.

You will have to work on this axis so as not to reproduce the mistakes of the past. Save your relationship effectively requires significant thinking skills. The questions about your stories are many, but it is particularly interesting to target some key points such as:

- What are the issues that are at the origin of breaks?
- Are you able to make the connection between the arguments and the source of the problems?
- How to save your relationship by staying in yourself while understanding the expectations of your partner?

But above all, you will have to ask yourself how is it possible to demonstrate to a person with whom there were several breaks that one is able to evolve and put something new in our reports and more broadly in our life.

These questions should already allow you to make a first point on your situation and understand the discomfort and suffering of your partner. Do not forget to focus on him / her as this will be one of the keys to your reconquest. If you ever have trouble decoding the causes of failure, check this out!

Save your relationship by starting on a new basis!

Many breaks unfortunately plunge your relationship towards its final end. You must not imagine that breakup is part of your everyday life because on the contrary, it does not than smother your love. It must therefore that the one you are currently living is really the last and for that we must really start on a new basis.

You, like the one you want to win back, must turn the page of the past and agree to relaunch your story on a solid foundation.

You need to define new bases in order to find solutions together to your problems of couple and for that a coach of couple can guide you step by step towards the success that you wait.After an umpteenth breakit is legitimate to have a feeling of fear about the loss of one's partner.

At this point, it is impossible for you to act effectively relativizing your problems. Yet that's what I tell you

advocates because with a positive state of mind and the desire to change thingsyou can move forward and give another twist to your relationship.

How to recover his ex after severalbreaks?

Proof that a breakup is not necessarily final, some couples manage to get back together after a few weeks together. Nevertheless if these stories manage to persist in the time others undergo a new break. As I said above, it is not trivial to cross several separations.

Even if everything is never perfect in a couple and you will inevitably argue and have misunderstandings, coming back again to the break necessarily weakens your relationship. However, your feelings may not have changed and you still have the urge to create something strong with him / her, you want to to win him back a second time.

There are two possible situations in what interests us. The first is that of rupture for the same reasons as the first time. You may have been jealous and you have not changed, you were too much in demand and you still have this habit, you were in the routine and the monotony is still present in the couple or maybe it was the dependence on each other who ruined your story. Whatever the motive that led you to break, if it repeats itself, it will have to be solved.

In this situation your ex is going to have a lack of confidence in your change and your reconquest may be longer but not necessarily more difficult. You have to be able to question yourself and to go forward on your side to work on the different issues.

in these conditions, no false promises, no discussions to negotiate his return, ONLY the action. Proving to your ex but also to yourself, that you can advance will help you to you feel better ! The goal is to actually turn the page on the past to be able to move forward and no longer reproduce the same mistakes than previously.

After a separation, it is important not to get back together too quickly. I know this may surprise you from a loving coach. I imagine you frowning behind your screen! Nevertheless, to manage to separate several times after months or even years for a futile reason, is not trivial. You need time just like your partner. Getting back together just because the sms are missing or because we cried one night does not save your couple on the contrary. Take the time to solve the deep issues so as not to break all the time, that is, when something does not suit one or the other.

However, this new break may not necessarily be related to a recurring error or an error that has already occurred. If it's a new problem that comes up then you'll have to behave a little differently. In this case, before you want to act there is a phase of analysis to put in place to find an explanation but especially a balance in the relationship.

If you get to break up on different topics whether it's your fault or yours is that your couple is not communicating enough, you and / or your partner are probably not doing enough. In this situation, you need objectivity and a specific plan. A coach is the solution you need otherwise it's a circle that will not end.

It's an investment in the future because you will secure your projects, have a real analysis and a concrete action plan. You need to move forward and only an expert can help you get there in the best way possible.

Finally, do not forget the main goal: to be happy in love!

If you make the decision to recover your ex, do it with the goal of being able to recover in good conditions in order to revive your story on a solid foundation and stop your bad momentum.

My coaching often goes to many couples who have tendency to separatefor a yes or a no, and this situation greatly weakens the relationship. Your mission is to take back a GOOD communication, serene and stable, to assert your reflection and a better future.

Take control of your situation today to recover from your love failures, to avoid unnecessary disputes and, above all, to install more happiness between you !

I wish you every success,
Your coach to save his relationship and recover his ex after several breaks,
Alexandre CORMONT.