How to convince his ex to come back in 3 stages and for good!


Do you want to prove to your ex that he / she made the worst decision of his life by deciding to leave you? How to make him want to rebuild your couple and how to make his ex want to come back from himself or herself? What are the really effective techniques to persuade your ex to come back and start a new relationship for more passion and love?

After a breakup, you made the choice to do everything possible to prove to your ex that you were able to change and catch up with your mistakes. Unfortunately, he / she still does not believe in your evolution and you would therefore like to know all the techniques to convince your ex to return to the one and only goal of relaunching your love story. However, it will take patience and avoid some pitfalls.

If there is not a magic method or miracle, you should know that some techniques can adapt to your situation to make your ex want to return while reviving your story perfectly. In this article, I present to you how to succeed this tour de force without putting you in demand, nor begging your ex who are banned from reconquest to avoid imperatively.

The positive love reconquest or the art of convincing an ex or an ex!

It is very important that you show your ex that you can understand his decision and that this test has allowed you to better understand his expectations. This is a fundamental step in showing your change and the fact that you can meet your needs.

Accept the separation, does not mean that we must give up all hope of reforming a couple with his ex and thus turn the page. I know that many think that way but they make a mistake. You must not you fight against the fact that he / she decided to break up but on how you are going to set up your reconquest and the ideal action plan. This is not the time to recreate conflicts, if you want to change you have to start from scratch, admitting the separation, but only for one purpose: it is to better return or return his ex!

But beyond that, your change will also go through your way of carrying out your actions and showing at the same time that you know how to adopt a positive attitude. This is not to accept everything out of love because by doing so you risk going straight into the wall. On the other hand, you must show that you have evolved and that you better understand the message that your ex wanted to send you.

The goal is not to become the "toy" of his exand do whatever he / she asks to please him. This is not how you will be able to increase your chances of coming back. The goal is to become aware of what was wrong with your relationship and work on it to show you that you know how to make an effort. Moreover, to know how to act I invite you to leave a comment at the bottom of this article explaining your situation so that I can explain the first actions to implement. I know it's not easy to win a reconquest alone and that's why I accompany you step by step through my book too. "70 pro tips to get your ex back".

3 rules to convince his ex to come back even when he / she does not want to see you again!

How to get back with your ex when he / she does not want to see me again?

This is one of the biggest problems of reconquest and therefore I treat it almost daily in coaching and when it's not me, it's my team that comes up against this type of question (to know more about the coaching formulas click here). Indeed, we must be aware that each story is different and I must adapt to the psychology of each ex, the duration of your story and how the break occurred. These elements are fundamental to achieving a really effective strategy and therefore, in order for me to refine my analysis, a coaching session is imperative.

However, there are tips that can help you from now on regardless of your situation because the goal will be to show a strong and lasting change, even if you do not see your ex face to face, ie even if your ex does not want to see you again, because it's one of the keys when you want to convince your ex to come back as soon as possible.

The first of these tips is to go unnoticed because I will ask you to give a little less attention to your ex to put you more forward. The latter needs to know what you do new activities in your daily to see that you move and that you are not the same person since the separation.So do not hesitate to discuss with him / her all the good deeds you do on a daily basis.

In parallel, I invite you not to hesitate to use all the social networks that are available to you: facebook is eficace to recover his ex indirectly, Instagram or Snapchat. And if you did not have an account so far, do not hesitate to create a profile because even if you are not in direct contact with it, everything you publish will arrive sooner or later in his ears. So it's a great tool to prove that you do not get shot down and that your only goal is to to take back the hair of the beast after the break. By the way, do not hesitate to add me by following this link: I want to join Alex Cormont's Facebook page !

To go even further, effective change requires that you not be in a role and that you can really work in depth on your image, your personal confidence and your socialization. It's time to take an agenda and create a real schedule where your main goal will be to get out of your comfort zone to find a joie de vivre in everyday life. A sincere smile is always very powerful and you will need a single meeting face to face with your ex to bring him this proof. In the meantime, stay confident and force yourself to keep a rebuilding pace!

Be careful not to make the worst mistakes

If you just discovered my site with my articles or videos, you probably do not know yet what is the worst mistake you could make in a reconquest. Besides, you may have already committed it without even knowing it.

Even if you feel sick, and I know that's how you feel when you read these lines, you should not let your feelings take over. For convince his ex to come backit's useless to scream "I love you" or to harass him with messages that reveal your feelings. It's all different that we must act!

Recovering his ex after bans is quite possible and I have also created an audio conference accompanied by a specific guide to address this issue because when you know a separation, the latter is often unexpected, we are not prepared for this situation and we make mistakes unintentionally because we are overwhelmed by our emotions. In order to help you catch up with the situation, I invite you to listen to my program by clicking here.

From now on, it is imperative to put aside all that concerns your emotions because it blinds you and leads you in the wrong direction.

Your ex will come back when he / she will regret and be afraid of losing you forever!

As you must know, the main principle of the reconquest is to be aware that your ex will come back when he or she will be afraid of losing you. When you read this sentence, you tend to look at the past and all that you have lost from awesome with your old or former partner. And yet, know that when one wishes convince his ex it is not the past that will push her to return, quite the contrary.

When your ex made the decision to break up, it was to draw a line on all the negative (and thus the recent past) for your story was no longer fulfilling enough in his eyes. You have to be aware when you're wondering how to convince a man or make his ex want to come back.

So how do you convince him to come back or convince her?

If you offer him a return to the past and therefore to a negative relationship (in his mind anyway)? It's simply impossible!

For recover his exit is necessary that he / she feels the fear of losing the person you have become today! Your ex must realize that you are confident, smiling, dynamic, with projects, and that you do not make a fixation on him or her ... The rule is that you find all your qualities (those who knew how to seduce him) but also that you mastered your daily life. You must radiate and build good social relationships !

This is how he / she will feel a real fear by saying "Thing, if I do not come back now, it is another person who will be able to benefit from this change. He / she has become (e) all that I expected, I can not miss this opportunity because it is indeed the person of my life ".

It is therefore a perfect attitude when one wonders how to convince my ex to come back and that we want to engage in a new story, more stable and serene than the one that ended.

How to convince his ex to come back? The coaching trick never revealed ...

This tip is very important because it will allow you to prove to your ex that you are in full evolution (not to say a revolution!) even if he / she did not want to see it. When you attempt a reconquest, you tend to put yourself in demand and place yourself below your ex.

From now on, I will ask you to generalize your will of change to prove to your ex that you do not try to convince him to return but that you completely modify your philosophy of life. All the changes you make are put in place to improve your daily life and to look especially to chew life to the fullest.

By adopting this new philosophy of life you can quickly regain your self-confidence to the point that your ex will completely forget that you are trying to recover.

If you are not able to do the same, your ex will always repeat "His change is ephemeral, he / she does just to recover me" ... Result, more effect of surprise or willingness to know more about your willingness to evolve. That's how the reconquest gets stuck, when his ex is on the defensive and that your change is distorted by your inability to fully generalize it to your daily life.

This is the right moment to revolutionize your professional life, to give more love to your loved ones, to work on your image and your posture to be more seductive, because all these tools will allow you to make an excellent impression in front of your ex and finally to convince him / her to come back for a story much more beautiful than that lived in the past!

Convince an ex to come back is never simple but you will have to keep the control of your emotions to never invade you by the fear, the sadness, the bitterness ... To guide you in the smallest details I suggest you the reading of my ebook 70 pro tips to get his ex back that you can find here. You will know which are the most effective techniques to return it whatever the reason for the separation but also the duration of your story. Indeed, the strategies are not identical when one is in a short relationship or in a long relationship.

I sincerely wish you the best for your reconquest.

Your coach to know how to convince an ex to come back definitely!