Divorce after an infidelity: is this the only solution?


When the man or woman we love does not adopt the behavior that we expect, it is inevitably a terrible disappointment that falls on us. An argument, disagreements or an evening that ends badly can easily and quickly be corrected.

But in this case, it's a much stronger feeling. When the person who shares our life, enters into an extramarital relationship or spends the night with someone else, it is a real stab in the back, which is hard to get up to. If you are, past that, if the title of this article evokes something or even reminds you of one of the moments of your married life you must understand me.

The consequences of not being faithful can be very important and can signify the irremediable end of the couple. But is this really the only solution?

The divorce after an infidelity Is it synonymous with deliverance or is it still possible to move forward and rebuild? Is the offending partner alone? These are the questions that many married people ask themselves and that is why I invite you to discover my analysis right now.

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Life together is not always obvious

The couple life is not always pink. Indeed, unlike what you see in Hollywood movies, and what novels or series want you to believe through romantic comedies, everything is not so rosy. you have to take care of the children, pay the bills, go to work ... so love is not the only problem on a daily basis!

In a couple, and for this one to work, it is necessary to make sacrifices or compromises so that you and your half are happy. In the opposite case or when it is always the same who makes concessions for the couple there may be issues that emerge. The difference of sex, sometimes of age, but also of education necessarily causes misunderstandings or a way of communicating which is not the same. Given these elements, it seems normal or at least understandable that the expectations you have for your life together are not exactly the same as those of your partner. These problems are characterized by disputes, sometimes serious conflicts, but thanks to the communication as well as to the feelings, the rupture can be avoided more easily.

Even if nowadays it is necessary to recognize, and I also tend to remember it, that most couples leave too quickly without having taken the trouble to try a love reconciliation. The vast majority of the problems of life are surmountable but still it is necessary! Nevertheless, these couple crises, due to the problems that I mentioned at the moment do not always lead to a dispute, there can be a much more serious consequence: infidelity.

First of all, she is more serious by her gesture. By deciding to go "see elsewhere" you really put your couple in danger, even if your partner seems to affective dependancebecause it is impossible to know his reaction to the announcement of " cuckolding ".

But infidelity is also more serious because very often it means the final end of your relationship. The feelings are not dead, but it is actually the trust that is at its lowest and that leads your partner to end your life together.

The divorce after an infidelity is sometimes the only interview option to end the sorrow of love and find a life, more or less, stable, without having to think of the actions committed by the other.

Suffering infidelity, the worst sensation

You are shot down, your morale is low because you do not know how to react after learning this sad news. It's all the years you've spent together that you question and go up in smoke. You ask yourself thousands of questions:

- Was it the first time?
- Was there really love between you?
- Why get there?
- Did anything happen in your bed?
- Why does your partner feel attracted to another?

But even worse than that you feel responsible for the situation, when it's not entirely your fault, you have not directly pushed your partner into the bed of one or the other. Even if you consider that your behavior has not been optimal, you should not go after yourself. There is better to do: bounce back. Either to recover your soul mate, or by relaunching yourself in a new story with someone who will really take care of you and with whom there will be no more arguments or misunderstandings.

However, even if the grief is immense and I totally understand it, you must not let yourself be defeated by this moment. It's time to raise your head even if it will be difficult to rebuild confidence again.

Not only will you need such a state of mind to regain morale but also to make the best decision possible. For this you should not stay moping at home, to ask you thousands of questions. You must go out, change the environment, so as not to think about the gesture of your man or your wife. Sport is a great way to combine the two, you will not only do good to your body, but most importantly, you will clear your mind and spend your time away from conflict.

One of the problems that follows infidelity and the desire to act too fast, whether to forgive or to punish. Even if distance is required because you can not act as if nothing had happened, you must overcome this ordeal before thinking about making a decision.

Your daily life has never been so dark, so you must first think of yourself, it is not selfish to do so, on the contrary, you must be different from others and not to reproduce the same mistakes by precipitating things.

Should we forgive or divorce?

In the love life, each situation is different, the decisions that must be made are unique and correspond to what your couple is going through or has gone through recently. I can not tell you to divorce or forgive without having more specific information and that is why there is a personalized coaching service in which you can tell me your story so that I can guide you as much as possible to the path of happiness in love.

Elements must be taken into account. If you have children for example, are you going to leave their father or their mother because of betrayal or are you going to let things go? Have you got afraid to feel alone ?

Divorce after an infidelity and even divorce is not to be taken lightly and decided after only a few hours of reflection. Depending on your family situation, an apology, explanations provided by your other half, your reaction, your ability to accept this betrayalyou will be able to make your decision, one that will allow you to regain happiness.

The divorce is of course not the only solution after an infidelity but it is essential to make the right part of things. Many couples manage to revive in a more fulfilling story after going through such a crisis. But for that, it is essential to put in place the right mechanisms for you as for your half.

If you really want to get started, only one way out is possible and you will have to look to put happiness back in the center of your love life.

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