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Discover how to defeat fear in love!


In this article, I will deal with a subject that concerns a lot of people who have suffered in their love life but not only. Indeed, the fear of loving, the fear of engagement concerns many stories and I realize from day to day that more and more people are struggling to manage this anxiety and therefore make some mistakes. However, the fear of love is not inevitable, you can change that and find a balance in love, but it also means self-love!

This is a problematic everyone has already been confronted with, because it is said that the fears that we can feel in Love eventually come true. The more your partner, where you, will think negatively and the more you will endanger your relationship.

How to fight fear in love? How Overcome the fear of suffering in love ? How to live and accept one's emotional past without being afraid to be in a relationship? The time has come to understand why you think so and especially it is time for me to bring you concrete solutions that will help you feel better and get back to you emotionally.

Let's answer this question right away: Yes, of course! And not only in love elsewhere. The fear is part of life in general but when one wishes to advance it is essential to fight against it and to put it aside or at least to master this negative feeling.

You do not have to blame yourself at all and feel guilty because you do not always feel good or because love scares. As I mentioned in the introduction, the fear of love has touched us all at least once. I often tend to remember, and if you follow my articles or my YouTube channel for some time you know what I'm referring to,

only after happiness, love is the strongest feeling you can feel whether in the positive or even in the negative

The most beautiful moments of your life will come from love, be it marriage, children, family holidays, etc ... But the most difficult moments also with for example the death of the one or the one you love, but also a failure in love like a separation or a divorce.

Fear and love are linked because of different elements:

- To approach a woman / man who attracts you

- Tell your partner what you do not like about him / her

- To permanently lose an ex following a break.

- To suffer in love and therefore not to be oneself daily

- To give your trust because you anticipate treason and so somewhere it is about fear of commitment !

If you are in one of his cases, I can help you overcome fear in love and improve your situation through Love Coaching. You need a precise study to be able to advance in your love life as a single person or to save your marriage.

It is normal to be afraid in Love. The stakes are too important for us to put aside.

However, it is necessary that today you fight your fear of love so as not to relive disillusionment! If you let the negative take over, you may no longer have opportunities to live in happiness.

Fear is one of the strongest feelings. We can not control it and it is often she who will determine all our actions future. This is how we make mistakes, that our behavior is no longer rational and that we progress little by little towards the situation that we fear! While it is normal to be afraid of love but we must not let the fears invade us and paralyze us.

You must know that fear in love has the ability to annihilate our instinct and make us think twice before acting or speaking. That's why it's not really the fear of being in love or the afraid to be in love which interests us but rather the way to control his emotions.

Say to yourselflove scares me"makes sense but it's not about feelings or the future that you need to focus your energy but more about self-confidence and emotions because these are the things that will really help you to move forward and strengthen your relationship of couple.

Unfortunately, it is by analyzing too much a situation that we make mistakes. By procrastinating, coming back to the past, thinking about what you can do or not do, you do not move forward.

It's a bit like breaking your phone screen. You regret having put it at the end of the table, you hesitate to take another or to go fix it, you try to tinker a little but 3 days after your phone is still in the same state. You did not go to the end of things and you dithered.In love, and there it is more serious than with a broken object, this habit returns CONSTANTLY. That's why you must act now to fight yourphobia of love.

In order to stop to be afraid to loveWhether you are already in a relationship or not, it is important to apply some methods to find a good balance. And small important clarification, know that the word love does not mean love addiction so especially do not imagine for a moment that you have to put your partner on a pedestal and tell you I love him too much.

You will have to draw an analysis of the situation.

When do you take it? What are the words that go beyond your thought? Can you excuse yourself?

These 3 questions will allow you to put out a beginning fire by immediately questioning you and identifying the source of your fear.

At the same time, it is essential to continue to build your own universe and to always tell you that there are solutions for overcome a problem. Indeed, the fear of falling in love or love or rather the way to overcome this anxiety is upstream and not only when you have doubts. When it is the case it is already too late!

To build self-confidence so as not to say to myself I am afraid to love

To fight fear in love or rather the fear of love, one must do personal development work in order to know oneself better and to understand one's own limits. Most of the time, we do not believe in ourselves and therefore we can not blossom. If you do not love yourself, it will be difficult to find happiness in couples or happiness in love.

When I do my analyzes or my in-depth studies of situations seen in coaching, I realize that the couples who hold the longest are those who are built by two people with full confidence. From the moment you are well in your life, you can be good to two and especially not to think negatively.

To summarize, even iflove scares certainly it is essential not to focus on the negative aspects. Love must never be synonymous with lack of self-confidence and you must fight against the need to be reassured all the time. That's why, to force oneself to love is not the solution.

And keep in mind that the actions to put in place are first on you!

Do not look for the perfect relationship!

Love and fear are often linked because you rely on items that are not necessarily the right ones. You do not have to look for a perfect relationship, quite the opposite! Do not be fooled by what you see in movies, series or cartoons because it has nothing to do with real life ...

same the strongest couples, the happiest have arguments or even crises. A life for two and / or perfect family from Monday morning to Sunday evening, it does not exist!

Sorry to disappoint you but knowing that will help you put less pressure because the life of two is not always rosy. But you can adapt. But if you're afraid of making mistakes, if you're afraid of being one of those many relationships that end up breaking, you risk missing out on unforgettable moments and not totally live deeply your love relationship.

Focus on happiness and not on engagement

The fear of being in love as well as the fear of falling in love also comes from the fact that you do not focus enough on the two-person moments. Rather than ask yourself questions and constantly be in doubt, why not just go out and share a good time with your partner? Why not enjoy life? Ask yourself the question! No actually instead of asking you the question remedy y !!!

Have the phobia of love and to prevent yourself from living is a vicious circle because in reality you never live strong moments, especially in couples. Do not try to stay 20 years with the same person, do not count the number of times he / she tells you "I love you". Do not focus on the details and live in happiness, enjoy life simply! The more you share strong moments and the more you will make your marriage strong! And that's what will make you totally forget your fear of love.

Observe your past and you will notice that you always succeed in bouncing back, even if sometimes love Hurts. Now it's time to fight fear in love to move even more serenely. Whether you are a couple or looking for love, this is the philosophy of positive life you must have!

Good luck to everyone !

Your Love Coach,