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How do you know if he has feelings?


Are you in a relationship with a man who never expresses his feelings and you want to be convinced of what he feels? You wonder "how do you know if he loves me and carries me in his heart"? What are the signs that prove that you are in a fulfilling relationship and that you bring him happiness that will give birth to feelings?

I know how many of you have been waiting for this article so much I note, through your questions in the comments that you can leave on the site, that this subject is bothering you. The behavior of men in a sentimental relationship is a source of questions. Normally, you have the impression of having fallen on a phobic communication, a man who does not know how to express himself on his expectations and needs or you think you never receive the Love you deserve and that you bring him.

Welcome to the sentimental relationships of the 21st century and on my website! You will discover in this article a series of advice that I give to the women I accompany to help them decode the love language of men and especially those who want an answer to the question how to know if he has feelings.

You will be able to take advantage of these practical tools in order to have a new look on your history and make the necessary decisions. You will now know how to know if he really loves you and especially you can answer another important "how does your companion express his love?".

A loving man always gets involved in a relationship!

In coaching, I meet many women who find themselves in a situation of couple where they lead more than three quarters of the actions. They are very involved and their companion then has no role to play because they do all the steps to make the flame last, but by force it becomes too much. To find out if your man is really in love, just measure his involvement in your story and how does he make you happy?

When we ask ourselves " How do I know if he loves me "It is imperative to act in this way!

If you find that the couple is built through your involvement but your partner also makes many efforts to meet your needs and prove his love then you will be able to observe in his actions and in his attitude that he holds very much to you and his feelings change over time. It's rather positive ...

Note that if you tend to get involved in the relationship a lot, you can not ask a man to do the same. A couple should never fall into a form of exclusive love because otherwise the emotions evolve with too much force and you run straight to the break. You must chase the emotional dependence and not put you waiting for the impossible. The concept of balance in the couple is preponderant and must be considered at its true value.

That's why, if you tend to get involved a lot, I invite you to lift your foot so that the man finds his place in your relationship and so he can prove his love to you. This simply having the opportunity to "lead the dance" in turn and to invest.

Why are men stingy with words of Love?

This question came to me from Julie, who explained to me that her partner could never express her feelings and that he was more like a "caveman" when it came to communicating with the couple.

Attention, all men do not behave in this way and make generalities is never a good idea in Love. But it is very likely that you share the same problem as Julie and that you would absolutely like to know if your man likes youafter all, nothing more normal. So it is necessary to look into other areas of the couple communication and wonder how to lead his seduction for it to become evolutionary.

For example :

- Does your man offer you gifts regularly?
- Does he pay you special attention by fulfilling your daily desires without you talking to him about it?
- Does he listen to you and support you when you have professional or family problems?
- Does he take care of him to please you?
- Does he not hesitate to introduce you to his friends and his family?

There are many ways to prove to someone that you care about them, but you have to admit that some men may be stingy with sweet words. In these conditions, it is often in the acts and even in the little compliments they make you everyday that you can find the love he has for you.

How to know if he has feelings, signs that do not deceive!

To go further, I have identified the signs that seem to me very important in the attitude of a man and that prove that he feels something strong about you, even if he does not know how to express them perfectly. You ask yourself how to know if he has feelings ? You will immediately understand!

A man who opens gradually expresses his feelings!

When you meet a man, you expect him to express his love instantly and meet all your expectations. This unconscious need is present in all human beings and it tends to give you the desire to always get a little more from your companion.

And yet, I invite you to observe his behavior to evaluate the progress with which he gives you his feelings and emotions. The more it opens up to you and the more you can be reassured. Do not try to rush him because some men just need time to be completely comfortable in their relationship and in the expression of their feelings. Everything depends on its character and the more it will be enclosed, the more it will take time. Take your patience and especially no ultimatum because it would be dramatic to behave well. He might take things badly and shut himself up even more. Again, you must think seduction, complicity and let go to achieve your ends, that is to say understand how his man works.

A happy man is a fulfilled man!

This is a sign that never deceives. If your partner seems happy in his day-to-day life, whether he is adopting a positive state of mind in his work, outings, or behavior with his loved ones, then you may think that he has strong feelings. The reason is obvious in my opinion but perhaps is not yet for you, you bring him a very important balance that generates a well being in everyday life. And that's what your half is looking for first.

A proud man is a man in love!

Another excellent criterion for knowing how much your man loves you is simply observing how well he integrates you into his life. If you are portrayed as the ideal woman and do not hesitate to talk about yourself to loved ones, coworkers, or just friends, then you can consider that he is involved in your story and thathe really loves you.

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I sincerely wish you the best for your love life.

Your love coach and expert,

Alexandre CORMONT.