How can my ex be afraid of losing me?


The question of how to make my ex afraid of losing me may seem paradoxical because today it is rather you who fear not to have any contact together. But through this article you will discover the technique to better control the balance of power with his ex and even go so far as to reverse it!

The fear of losing a person who is dear to us must absolutely be controlled because it is the latter that leads us to behave inappropriately and therefore prevents us from recovering an ex or in any case that blocks us to this goal. It is thus essential to fight it and to do this, there are several ways of doing that I present you here, but also in my last program which is titled How to control the balance of power with his ex and to succeed his reconquest?

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Why must we reverse the balance of power with his ex?

As I explain in another article that I invite you to read as soon as possible, there is always a kind of balance of power in the couple. Of course depending on your history and your respective characters, the latter is more or less pronounced, but the fact remains that the balance of power is indeed present.

So after a separation, this phenomenon is even more important because the person left has the feeling of being inferior and that the one who made the decision to break will have the impression to control things. Therefore what will happen and occurs in 8 cases out of 10 breaks is that the person left will lose his self-confidence and self-esteem sometimes to the point of falling into extreme emotional dependence or an idealization of his ex.

When I accompany people who have just separated and want to get back with their ex, it is not uncommon for me to hear that at the base the break did not frighten them because the couple was no longer working. But as it happened faster than expected or because it is the other who decided to break, these people have not agreed to be single and want to get back with their ex.

So it's not the pursuit of happiness that guides their choice, but rather the afraid of being left alone. If you recognize yourself in this description, you must act as soon as possible because this situation can very quickly lead you to a love depression it will be difficult to get out, because when it comes to say that it is the right person but that it no longer considers us as his soul mate, it suffers to be rejected (e). So, the first fear against which you must fight after a break up is to lose your ex forever.

I'm afraid of losing my ex: how to fight this fear?

I am well aware, it is absolutely not obvious fight against the fear of losing your ex. Yet, that's what you'll have to put in place as soon as possible! Indeed, if you want to feel good about yourself and act properly, you must not let yourself be overwhelmed by fear or other negative emotions.

It is essential to regain the upper hand because if you get dragged into a negative spiral, you will no longer have the psychological resources to move forward. But above all you risk being destabilized (e) the least annoyance or the least unexpected.

The management of stress and the control of delicate moments is an integral part of the reconquest. It is important to be aware of this so that you will not be destabilized when things do not turn out as you have planned and your ex will not be receptive or receptive to your actions or words.

For a human being there is no worse feeling than losing something that belongs to him. It is not me who claims it, or rather I am not the only one to pretend it. Many other human relations experts explain that losing an asset is extremely painful because it is a habit that is changing and therefore upsetting our daily lives. We must adapt and change the way we conceive our lives when it is our love life it is.

Therefore for fight against the fear of losing your ex the idea is to try to reverse the trend by making sure your ex is afraid of losing you! For that, it will be necessary that you take the upper hand to tell you that you do not lose it, but that it is only a way to start again because you will have to make again efforts and show your best face.

How can my ex be afraid of losing?

Exactly, if you ask yourself how to make my ex afraid of losing meit is essential to stay on this notion of showing the best of oneself because that is what will make it really reflect.Indeed, nobody wants to move on while the person in front of us is absolutely great and that it corresponds in every point or almost to our ideal.

Therefore, even if your ex has made the decision to break up, you have the opportunity to show him that you are always the right person by showing him that his choice was not right because you are someone who can bring happiness.

From the moment your ex realizes that his decision was a little hasty or that it was not the right one because you are changing and that it is someone else who will profit from your evolution Well, at this moment your ex will begin to feed you with regrets and come back to you gently. It will be up to youto drive the nail in an irreproachable attitude.

This does not mean that you have to play a role only in order to win back that person you love because it would then back down to better jump. The idea is to really show him that you can match him through specific actions and focused attitudes.

If you are unsure of what to do, you will have to think about how you think he / she would like you to behave. If you still have doubts or want to better understand both his expectations, but also the right attitudes in order to have the repartition and to better manage the balance of power that you may face, then I really recommend to follow my last training that you will receive directly in your mailbox and instantly after your order.

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