My ex wants me: how to ease tensions?


If my ex is angry with me, it's probably because some things have remained in his throat! However, at the beginning of a story, it's often pretty beautiful and it is therefore the crazy love between the partners. But gradually, there are arguments, misunderstandings and finally separation.

A breakup is never easy to digest, especially if you are aware of his wrongdoing and we know it was the right person! While many are recovering quickly and easily enough, others are struggling to move on and move forward. Is this your case? After the hurtful announcement of the separation your ex wants you terribly and does not want to talk to you anymore?

Do not give up now! You have the opportunity to appease the situation and even stronger to relaunch the feelings, even if you tell yourself my ex is very angry. But for this, it is still necessary to properly analyze the situation and especially act accordingly.

1st step when my ex is resentful: analyze the context in a neutral way!

Very often after a break, anger or even hatred come to live with one of the partners or even both! By surprising in these conditions to think my ex really wants me

It must be said that after breaking, partners react differently depending on their character but also the wrongs of each. Some people maintain friendly relations with their ex, while for others, it is absolutely impossible to remain friends with their ex and relationships are tense. And if you read these lines, it's a safe bet that you are in the latter case.

Still, you still love it and want to do everything to get it back. So no need to lament his fate by telling himself my ex is angry or my ex goes on to something else. From now on you must understand the reasons why your ex. You will have to have an objective eye on the situation and gain height. This is what allows better understand his ex and therefore to act in a timely manner.

Why does my ex love me?

When I accompany men and women in coaching post rupture, because their ex wants them, there are 4 reasons that stand out. Of course each case is specific but in an article I can not list all the cases. If you do not recognize yourself in these 4 examples and wish to be guided, it would be good to consider a personalized consultation.

1 / You have left your and he or she wants you!

If you are at the root of the breakup and the separation has been quite brutal and radical, it is understandable that it is difficult to digest for your ex. He / she may want you a lot because his ego was hurt.

This is a fairly common situation, especially when your ex always feels love for you. Your ex blames you for putting an end to this great adventure and putting an end to his dreams. He / she is thus invaded by anger.

Just thinking of you puts him / her in terrible shape! In these conditions you say to yourself my ex does not want to see me anymore because the separation has made her suffer too much.

Yet, there is a precise method to apply when you have left your ex and we regret. To act properly I invite you to follow my guide How to recover my ex that I left (e)!

2 / Your ex is angry because you have not kept your promises!

Often, before the break, it was promised for weeks that changes would be made to his attitudes. Your ex trusted you. But in the end, your evolution was only ephemeral or even worse it was nonexistent.

Therefore, your ex does not believe you anymore. You broke the trust that existed and in these conditions it is normal to say my ex wants me because somewhere are his hopes that you have broken.

3 / Your ex blames you after inappropriate behavior on your part

There is nothing worse than insults or verbal abuse. When in a relationship Mutual respect is one of the keys. So of course, everyone has their way of conceiving this notion. Some couples exchange some kindness without affecting their history.

It's all about staying within reasonable limits and what your half can accept.

Regarding physical violence it is simply unacceptable. Which one emanates from a man or a woman from elsewhere. In my opinion, nothing justifies the blows. And I consider that a couple who reaches this end has nothing to save.

4 / Your ex told you "I blame you because you have been unfaithful"!

If you have deceived your ex, it is also quite normal that he / she does not want to see you anymore or even hear about you!

Infidelity is one of the main causes of divorce. To know that we have been betrayed by the person most trusted is not easy to live. Thus, if you have deceived your ex, it is likely that he / she refuses to forgive you.

By your act, you broke the trust that was in you and it will be very difficult to find it, and it will be difficult to regain it. But it's not impossible mission ...

Whatever your case, you are going to have to very quickly correct your attitude. I explain below how to proceed.

Your ex is resentful? Here are the behaviors to adopt!

It does not matter who is causing the separation. Know that generally in the early stages, it is very difficult for things to go in order. It will usually be necessary to allow some time so that you can consider speaking without conflict.

This duration depends on several criteria but the main one is the degree of anger or rancor of your ex.

So, he wants me to do Where does she want me?

First of all, you have to accept this distance without being destabilized. After waiting, you will be able to resume contact to talk to each other again. However, when despite the time, your ex categorically refuses to have any relationship with you. It must necessarily restart a second radio silence.

Yes my ex wants me, It is not a coincidence. But if he / she does not want to talk to you, it's a good sign! Indeed, maybe your ex still loves you! Sometimes this is the case and he / she refuses the communication so as not to hurt even more.

On the other hand if it is he / she who is at the origin of the break but he / she still does not wish to see you again and that he / she does not want to know anything about you, it is perhaps to be because some things that happened when you were together still haunts his thoughts. In this precise case, he does not want to see me anymore/ she does not want to see me anymore because some wounds of the past have not closed.

In the latter case, you will have to glean information from your friends in common to find out what is the best time to restart the communication. However, it must be different from what you used to do. Whether on the bottom but also on the form ...

How to win back my ex who wants me?

Now that you know why your ex wants you so much, you need to know how to get your ex back and get him back. If you want to resume a relationship that you do not feel really finished, follow 3 unavoidable tips to find out how to recover my ex who wants me.

1 / If my ex does not want to see me I do not insist!

It is obvious that you are in a situation of distress because it can be very difficult to manage and control yourself. Yet you must understand that harassing your ex the will push even more !

My ex always wants meso I respect his decision, at least that's what I show him. This for a while in order to the let this break down and override his anger and hatred.

Because of the breakup, your ex surely has trouble and can not be guided negative feelings so if you go to him / her, you will inevitably face a wall. He / she blames you for making you feel that you do not want to be contacted all the time, either by text message or on the phone.

Give him time to digest before hoping to win him back!

If your ex shines every time you talk together and that is why he / she does not want to talk to you anymore, take your trouble until the tensions subside a little.

My ex wants me so I must show him that I evolve ...

Whether you have strong feelings for him / her because you have built something strong or you are just sad about breaking up because you start to tie, it will be important to have no regrets! Say to yourself my ex turned the page "And standing there with your arms folded to look at it and move away may cause you pain.

You will have to act and for that, you must inevitably show that you can match his ex and that we are made to be together

When a person feels that his / her ex belongs to the past, he / she often tends not to think about oneself, to neglect oneself and to concentrate only on the one he / she loves. You must avoid this at all costs ! Focus on your personal well-being instead of putting your ex first.

And who says well being personal evolution ! You will indirectly show your ex that you have taken into account his expectations. To act at best, I guide you in my program how to prove to his ex that we have changed.

If you want to have a chance to win back your ex, you must not neglect the personal evolution side! Indeed, to aspire to a flourishing in a relationship, you must first know personal fulfillment. That's why you have to take care of yourself in order to regain your self-confidence and become the best version of yourself.

My ex is angry! Now I am forgiven

If your ex wants you as much, it is surely not for nothing! There was necessarily something that did not suit him, either before or after breaking. Even if everyone has their wrongs in a couple, it is necessary to recognize them and maybe you have not done!

If your story ended and you stayed on unsaid with your exhe / she will never stop blaming you. You must clarify certain points so that he / she will forgive you and as he / she plans to open a door for you to be able to retrieve it.

If my ex does not want to see me or talk to me anymore it's probably because I hurt him a lot! So you will have to apologize for forgiving yourself. Try it all and open your heart. Be sincere and make your mea culpa !

If you do not completely recognize yourself in the situations mentioned in this article, do not hesitate to ask your questions in the comments area below, and to subscribe to my newsletter because my best advice can be found in these emails 😉