What to say to his ex? An expert guides you on the words to avoid!


In the reconquest of love there are important extreme elements and we must strive to apply them well. Of course communication is part of it. Although one of the flagship methods is the radio silence, it does not mean that we will never talk to his ex, quite the contrary, but everything in his time. At some point it will be necessary to resume contact and I know that this situation makes you stress because you ask yourself but what to say to his ex after the breakup?

We often have 1001 ideas that go through our heads, but they are often not good ones. We will therefore study together the Words and phrases not to say to your ex otherwise you may consider that you are making a mistake and that you are less likely to find it.

To be sure, breakup is the area where I am most experienced and where my expertise can help you reach your goal faster. I have accompanied thousands of people and even if the situations are different, the mistakes are often the same. Returning his ex requires specific methods. We will analyze them in this article in order to provide all the necessary answers.

What to say to his ex: The mistakes not to do!

Before mentioning the words that must be said to his ex to make him / her react positively, I would like to dwell on the 3 sentences not to pronounce especially to his ex.

"I LOVE YOU" The phrase to recover his ex not to say!

In a time of breakup, you tend to want to reaffirm your love to your ex in order to bring her back.

And yet, these are the last words your ex wants to hear. If you love him as you claim then why not help him feel better and push him to break? Here is the question that your ex will ask.

Likewise, he / she is accustomed to hearing from you that you like him and that you will wait for him for the time needed. Henceforth, it is the opposite that must be done to show him / her that she / he is indeed single and that the situation is not as simple to live as he / she could think.

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"YOU MISS ME" it does not work for him or bring it back!

Your ex needs time to rebuild and if you do the same, then you will appear as a new person. On the other hand, if you constantly come back to the lack or the need to have it by your side, you will approach the communication post separation with the same words as in the past and then your ex will not see your change!

When we ask ourselves how to crack his ex, it must be understood that it is not by asking oneself that we will succeed. Speaking of lack or worse feelings does not send the right message. It is not by being too present and too sad that we will have a chance to recover with the one we love. On the contrary, tell his ex we miss him it's putting a lot of pressure on him, so it's something to avoid. Indeed, in response to your admission of the lack that results from his absence you may get even more distance from him.

" I THINK OF YOU " ! The wrong message to bring back his ex

In the same vein of the two previous expressions, it is completely forbidden to say "I think of you" to his ex. This expression reflects not only your inability to move forward but also to change your attitude. The more you tell your ex that he / she is in your thoughts, the worse your actions will be because you risk going to the emotional side only.

If your ex told you that the break had nothing to do with feelings then you realize that you are not going on the right axis. A person does not come back because we think about them but because we are going to propose something else to them, something new. It is necessary not to show your ex that you expect him, that you run after him and that his return is an obsession.

If your ex has left you saying that he or she doubted his feelings, it's exactly the same! It's not because you think about your ex that it's going to bring back his love. On the contrary, we must focus on a process of seduction in which we must put emotional distance.

To know what behavior to adopt in this kind of case, I refer you to my training how to resed her ex ?

Very often, you do not really measure the impact of these 3 sentences because you know that you have changed and that you have understood the expectations of your old or former partner. But do you ask the question of what your ex think exactly and especially if you seem credible? For that, you will have to put yourself in its place. Yes you read well, get in his skin!

In the end, these are all marks of feeling that must absolutely be removed so as not to rush your ex and show him that you are ready to accept this break in order to rebuild a new relationship. In most cases to know what to say to his exyou have to go against the logic you see.

When we want to find a sentence to bring back his ex we often tend to neglect the non-verbal communication. If you follow my philosophy, you know that one of the most powerful methods is radio silence. It's pretty paradoxical to get away when you're wondering what to say to recover his ex. Nevertheless, will actually have a considerable impact because you will bring doubt into his mind.

If I told you that in the space of a few days you will be able to push him / her to wonder about giving you another chance would you apply this technique? If this is the case I advise you to read this the complete file on the SR technique

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There are 2 main reasons that should push you to apply this method rather than sending a text to recover his ex found on a quote site. The first reason is that distance will prevent you from making mistakes like harassment or threats. The goal is not to return to him / her as quickly as possible but especially to do it well. The SR will help you think your message, rework it for several days before finding the right one and above all you will be able to adopt the right timing. So it's a great way to control his readiness.

The second reason why you have to take your time to know what to say to your ex and come back is simply the impact you will give your contact recovery. Indeed, if we do not send a message for 10 days, 15 days or several weeks for the most patients, the sentence to make regret his ex or the reconquer will have much more power.

So do not see the time only as your enemy because using the latter is your reconquest that will go forward. Even if it requires taking on oneself, you will have to be able to do that.

A nuance however! If you were in a short relationship then I formally discourage radio silence. In this case you were in what I call a CFP and I advise you to take another path of reconquest.

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Knowing the mistakes not to do is already a leap forward in his reconquest sentimental because we become aware of certain aspects and in particular how to get it back in the right way. Nevertheless, this is not the only thing to consider after a separation.

It is important not to mention the past but the changes for return to his ex. In many cases when you ask yourself to tell your ex to come back or come back, we imagine having to talk about the past and good times spent with two. Yet, it is far from being the case!

Indeed, seek to bring back his ex with a photo holiday, a family photo or the story of memories, it is not to bring change ... In addition, you do not know if for your ex it really corresponds to wonderful moments, as it was for you.

It's important, as I explain in 70 pro tips to get your ex back to show a new face in order to bring a second wind to your reports and thus prove to him that the relationship you have will have nothing to do with the previous one. The good sentence to recover his ex it is the one that shows that we evolve, that we live new things.

However, this sentence must be sincere, so we must live new things, we must turn the page on the past so as to recreate a new attraction that will be powerful. It is by highlighting, by addressing new topics that we find the right words.

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I wish you much success in your love life and your reconquest and I tell you tomorrow for a future article.

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