Should we give up with his ex?


A breakup in love does not always mean that feelings are increased and that we must attempt a reconquest. All the people who follow me on a daily basis do not necessarily want to win back their ex or at least they hesitate and do not know what decision to take. It must be recognized that it is not an easy decision to give your former partner a second chance, to try to bring back the person you love or to draw a line on his love story.

In this confused period you tend to make mistakes, rush to regret your actions. However, you will have to change your way of doing things very quickly! It will be necessary to create a strategy to have the ideas clear and make the choice that suits you best. If I am the love coach number 1 in France it's good because I accompany the men and women who trust me from A to Z and it is precisely through this experience I am able to deliver the advice most relevant.

One of the questions that really comes back to me regularly (not to mention daily!) Is: "Alexander, should I continue my reconquest?" Or "is not it a waste of time?" But also "Do I still have a chance to recover my ex or is it lost?" If you are reading this article in search of advice is that you are in this situation, you probably have the same questions! Should we give up with his ex? I reveal everything in this article ...

Take stock of his actions and the break before giving up

In our time to break has become something banal and very often in a few weeks a long story of several years can stop. Yet that does not mean that feelings disappear overnight. Simply as soon as this announcement there is a way to proceed to revive the flame that must imperatively respect. That's why the right question to ask is not " should i give up with my ex? "but rather" so far I had the right strategy? And that inevitably involves understanding certain aspects.

In all post-separation situationsit is necessary not to act too quickly and make hasty decisions because in general these are the ones you may regret. Unfortunately this is often the case and too many people come to see me after acting in the wrong way hoping that I have the miracle cure to change everything in the space of a few days. Often, tensions last for weeks, months or even years and you would like everything to be arranged in the course of a conversation? Come back to the reason! A reconquest can sometimes last as long as the moment between the first tensions and the separation. This is the reason why it is not so simple and besides you will have during this period to have an irreproachable behavior.

There are, however, multiple situations. Either the slightest doubt the other one goes away, or it is you who made the decision to leave and you regret so you come back, at the beginning it was about make a break but you insisted so much that it turned into a breakup, you had not heard each other for months and everyone was afraid of celibacy so you stayed together for comfort ...

No matter what situation you find yourself in, from now on you wonder whether it was a wise decision return to his ex. On the one hand because you are afraid to make these efforts for nothing but also because you want to be reassured (e). Nothing more normal, but ... We must be aware that as long as you do not adopt the right actions nothing will evolve in the direction you want. So if your ex has not been receptive or receptive so far, it's all logical because you did not have the right attitude.

To explain this in a simple way, I often take a simple example related to the sport but that is really speaking. Indeed, imagine yourself playing basketball. If you throw the ball in the wrong way you have very little chance of scoring a basket. On the other hand if you change your technique and you control better your shots with a little more technique then your chances of marking a point increase considerably. For the reconquest of an ex, if you want to succeed, then you must do it the same way. It is necessary understand his ex, understand the reasons for the breakup and adapt his actions.

In order to avoid being stuck in one of the situations I just mentioned, you will have to take a step back and understand why you are currently going through this ordeal. A separation that one undergoes or chooses is never the result of chance. There are reasons why you got there. To help you move forward, do not ask yourself if you have to give up with his ex but focus, first of all, on the analysis of your love life, what you really want and how best to achieve it. Reflection is just as important as action!

Should we drop his ex and move on?

The right decision is the one that will suit you! Forget the advice of friends, loved ones, or forums that offer hilarious explanations, deep within you, you already have the answer you need.

However, the problem is that you can not express it, you may not be able to assume your choice, and that is why you are always asking questions like should I abdicate with my ex or continue to relaunch it. You know well what will make you happy but for that it is necessary to be violent and it is far from simple.

The goal you must seek is to avoid the regrets that may arise in a few years.
If you decide to turn the page you think you might change your mind in a while and he / she will meet someone else. Therefore you want to stay in his life. On the contrary, if you are convinced that he / she is not going to change, that you will always have to take the first step in his direction. In all situations you find unfavorable arguments and you hesitate on the decision to take in this situation.

Start from scratch after a break or recover your ex is not to choose between the plague and cholera you should not make the decision the "less serious" but the one that will allow you to move forward and will really make you smile. If you only see the negative you will have trouble moving forward in your love life. You have to believe in your decision if you want to avoid moping in a few years!

Abandon with her ex: actions to find out if it's really over!

You need to be reassured before making your decision, you do not want to make mistakes and give a second chance to a man or woman who does not deserve it or let go of anyone who could to be the good or the good. That's why it's important to " test his love "to have accurate answers and know which foot to dance to.

Some have the reflex to come to my site only a few hours or a few days after the break, so we can very quickly put in place an adapted action plan by having a personalized and confidential interview. However, this is not the case for everyone, some of you read this article and have no contact with their ex any more for several months. He / she did not revive you and you also never sent a message during all this period, it is a kind of SR that settled. In this situation we can say that the ex has passed (e) something else but it is sometimes pride that leads one and the other to behave well. So there is a whole strategy to implement for the resumption of contact. If the other does not seem at all receptive and you have no news for months or even years then you have to either change the way you do or give up with your ex and try to move on. This does not mean that it is not possible to bring back the other but that the requirements of the reconquest may hurt you and thus destabilize you with all that it entails: loss of confidence, psychological suffering, incessant questioning. So you have to be strong in these moments and it is not given to everyone.

However, what is true for some stories is not good for others, and that's why you need a customized analysis for create an effective strategy in order to have the expected results. The latter goes through individual coaching. For an hour we will take stock of your past and I will explain to you what actions it is necessary to strive to create a new atmosphere and therefore make his ex positively react.

I wanted to finish on a positive note and you must know that there are a lot of couples who rebuild themselves after months of silence but it requires the implementation of a particular method that requires a strong investment person because nothing happens. solves alone.


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