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How to improve your Hygiene of Life: The 10 rules to follow!


I am always surprised to see that when we talk about adopting a healthy lifestyle, we often talk about the body, sports and food and then it stops there! Of course these are important pillars for building a healthy lifestyle but this approach seems a little too superficial. If you want to adopt a perfect lifestyle, it is also about taking care of your mind. The mindset is in my opinion ultra important when talking about lifestyle and to talk about it I wanted to take advantage of the advice of Blandine, an expert in this area.

Hello, I am Blandine of the site in modenaturel. Thank you Alexander for giving me the opportunity to express myself on your blog.

What I propose with this article is to achieve a dual purpose: to take care of your body and take care of your mind. For me, adopting a healthy lifestyle should always rhyme with living a happy and fulfilling life. To be healthy, a healthy lifestyle is not enough, the mind is just as important because it is often the source of chronic stress, lack of self-confidence or anger. These are very strong emotions that in the long term can develop pathologies.

So why should we practice an intense sporting activity, eat healthy and on the other side be overwhelmed by his emotions, lead a stressful life? In my opinion, it does not fit with the healthy and happy life we ​​all seek to lead.

Through the 10 tips that I detail in the lines that follow, I propose to reconnect you to your body and your emotions so that they become tools to adopt a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Food is one of the pillars for a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, I am not partisan of repetitive diets or new fad diets (paleo, vegan, vegetarian) unless it is guided by strong convictions.

In my opinion, to have a healthy diet, just eat true. That means vegetables and fruits without pesticides, meat and fish that are brought up to the rules of the art while respecting their living conditions and their natural environment, chicken eggs raised in the open air. Read also: Where to shop for a healthy diet.

It also means forgetting processed products (prepared meals, products that are too sweet, too salty) and replacing them with raw and quality products like the ones I just mentioned in the previous paragraph. Renewing with these products is also relearning how to cook and how to have fun on the plate.

Our body is a complex machine but works like a car. If your car needs gas and you put diesel in it, it's the cat. It's the same for your body, if you give it pesticides, food dyes, additives or sugar that it can not digest, the machine stops. Give our bodies foods with real nutritional qualities it is to make sure of its good functioning.

But that's not everything!

Sport is part of a healthy lifestyle, that's for sure, but I prefer to talk about movement because you may not be a great athlete and it does not matter. Playing sports is ideal but moving is already very good. The activity helps develop your breathing and heart capacity and boost your immune system. What activity to practice and how often? These choices belong to you!

However, I have some tips to share with you to help you move whenever possible:

  • Take the stairs instead of choosing the elevator
  • Choose the walk instead of the car for trips near your home
  • Swap a shopping trip in a shopping center for a walk in nature (park, forest, lakeside)
  • Run only 10 or 15 minutes if the heart tells you
  • If you take public transport, get off one stop before your terminus to continue on foot.

You can do the exercise right now with a sheet of paper and a pen. Write down everything you do in your daily life that you can replace with a little movement.

Sleep occupies a essential role for your body. Indeed, it allows: hormonal stimulation, cerebral maturation, cellular reconstruction, immune development, learning and memorization, mood enhancement.

Do a little analysis of your sleep and ask yourself: Do I sleep enough? Do I wake up often at night? Am I having trouble falling asleep? Is my night restless?

Simple actions can be put in place to find a restful sleep :

  • Take the air when you get out of work before going home to disconnect, unpack your day
  • Light dinner
  • Before sleeping, take 30 minutes for a quiet activity (away from TV, phone and computer screens) like reading a book, drawing, doing meditation or writing
  • Opt for soothing herbal infusions: chamomile works very well for sleep, as long as you choose it in flowers in an organic shop (kraft bags) or a herbalist to enjoy all its benefits

And if all this does not work, why not try to identify the problem at the source of sleep disorders: anxiety, stress?

The return of vintage is everywhere and it makes me really optimistic. More and more people are taking part in circular economy initiatives: buying second-hand clothes, refining antique furniture, reconnect with natural products in his bathroom, opt for a local diet.

The cycles are repeated and I think we are entering a cycle that is really beneficial for our body and mind. We let's go back to basics, we live retro somehow by favoring artisans (butcher, fishmonger, market gardener), small creators, mutual aid and the sharing of goods. This creates social link and participate in our happiness. This is also the hygiene of life!

So if you have not joined this movement yet, I invite you to experience a way of life close to that of our grandparents, when supermarkets did not take over our consumption.

Consume differently just to see the sensations that it gives you and to allow you to ask yourself the following question: "What is really essential for me?"

The society in which we live is industrialized and agribusiness stakeholders offer us processed products in order to be always more productive and profitable. The problem is that the giants of industrialization delivers us products that put our health at risk. To adopt a healthy lifestyleit is necessary to shift from this mass industrialization.

How do you do it?

We learn to change our consumption habits, to live better with less.

Not easy to do is not it? It's true that it involves shifting a little but what is certain is that it also allows to lead a happier life. Because if we stop wanting to fill our homes with useless objects, buy more and more food that will end up in our garbage cans, fill our dressing room to use only 10% of it, we will be able to find our true source of happiness that is in us.

Yes, happiness is in usjust go get it and minimalism (live better with less) allows that.

Did you know that we have two brains? There is the central nervous system that we know and the enteric nervous system that can work independently and independently and is more commonly known as the digestive system.

These two systems are linked by nerve pathways that allow them to communicate with each other: sympathetic system and the parasympathetic system. If the brain is stressed then it sends signals to the second brain to the intestine and this produces an unpleasant reaction (stomach ache, diarrhea). Hence the importance of caring for both brains.

The intestine thus keeps many toxins (environmental, food but also emotional) and according to recent studies, these toxins could well be at the origin of many diseases and cancers. So how to take care of his two brains?

So to have a healthy lifestyle is what ?

Adopt good habits of life it is taking care of your body but also of your mind, it makes sense when you talk about the two brains. It's about giving your body a true diet that will not overload it with toxins but also deal with your emotions and stress.

Easier said than done, is not it? That's the quest for all my life and yours too I guess 🙂

Personally, I managed to slow down and relax when I stopped telling myself "I do not have the time", "I have too many things to do". I started to relax when I stopped putting pressure on me and most of all I really let go when I made the choice to take care of ME first.

What do you earn from running all day and especially what do you lose if you choose to take care of yourself first? From experience, I can assure you that you earn much more than you can imagine. How do you practice to slow down?

We give yourself time for yourself : read a good book on the way home from work, to get into Yoga or paint if that's what relaxes you, take the time to pamper yourself in the bathroom, read a poem or story aloud.Remember what you like to do in your teenage room or when "you have time" and incorporate it into your daily life.

We change our priorities: cleaning every day is not a priority. The priority is to act for your well-being, to get well. It's going to have a drink with friends, it's working on a project that is important to us, it's listening to each other.

To listen is to take into account the soul that your body shelters and that only asks to live fully. Act for your well-being, for yourself. It is by making (even small steps) that one develops his self-confidence, that one recognizes its value and unlimited potential.

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Adopt a perfect lifestyle it's not just about eating well and playing sports. In my opinion, it is much deeper than that. It is the choice to go well, a healthy and serene life.

Sometimes it is easier to put the blame on the outside elements: "I do not have the time", "with the children, the chores and my work I do not get out of it", "if I had more money I will be happier. " I have long been in these patterns there, I have long believed that the solution to a healthier and happier life would come from the outside, I waited a long time and in vain. Why ?

Because the solution is in each of uswe are masters of our happiness. It is important for everyone to decide if they want to be happy, if they want to change their lifestyle, if they want to make more money. Each of you has value and if you choose to switch, to be your best friend rather than your best enemy, you will begin to feel the serenity, happiness.

Learn to listen to your emotions and your body is the secret to fight against an unhealthy lifestyle. When you are stressed, you have a stomach ache, when you feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable, your body is talking to you. Your body and your emotions give you strong indicators, if you learn to observe them you will be able to search inside and clean your two brains: stress, emotional wounds, food toxins.

To be able to observe these indicators and improve your lifestyleyet one must reconnect with one's body and emotions. Yoga and meditation are incredible tools to reconnect to your body.

For the most refractory to these practices, it is sometimes enough simply to reconnect with one's passions and intuition. Alternative medicines such as acupuncture, hypnosis can help you with more important issues such as eating disorders, chronic anxieties, sleep disorders.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can be easier than you think. Ultimately, what you are looking for in a healthy lifestyle is to feel happy and healthy. So it's a balance to find between excesses and good habits and so the good rules of hygiene of life.

For example, choosing a healthy diet does not mean depriving yourself of all the pleasures of life. Once again it's a choice, people who choose vegetarianism do it by conviction and live it very well but it's not necessarily this lifestyle that will suit you.

Every body is different, every soul is unique. So relax, we walk step by step, we test and listen to his body and emotions to adjust things. We are not looking for happiness at all costs, it will come naturally if you act for yourself and according to you. Each of us is an imperfect being but endowed with unlimited power.

If you happen to crack on a pastry, do not blame yourself (remember, if you blame yourself, your brain will send a signal to your gut and deposit a "pretty" negative emotion in your intestinal flora) and ask yourself rather, if this cracking is an emotional drive and why does it manifest in this form?

To conclude, I hope that this article has more to you and will give you the keys to adopt a perfect lifestyle, or almost J. I wanted to show you, through this article, that the body and the spirit work together and that they each deserve special attention.

You can put in place all the diets that exist, practice all the sports activities of the world, if you do not take care of your mind, it will miss an essential component to your happiness.

Healing his emotional wounds, reconnecting with his interiority and understanding the dark and light areas of his soul is as essential as healing his diet and body. In my opinion, to adopt a healthy lifestyle is to accept your body as a whole and to consider it as a tool for develop one's personal worth.


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