How to seduce her

Love Coaching is not a female job!


To love coaching, you have to be a woman? False!

Hello everyone and welcome to my website. Since 2007, I practice the Love Coaching and I am even to this day the only man to propose to you a personalized accompaniment in your search of blooming in Love.

Love Coaching is a discipline that can guide you in your sentimental but also personal issues:

- How to gain self-confidence to: overcome one's shyness, accept one's painful past, overcome a break.
- How to understand men or women to find Love.
- How to communicate in his couple to flourish in everyday life.
- How to recover his ex to revive his story.

These general issues are often accompanied by a personal goal and my role is to help you achieve it. Let's explore together the importance of selecting the right Love Coach.

The love coaching rather with a man or a woman?

Love Coaching is not a job to categorize according to the sex of your Love coach but what matters most is the help you will get. To better understand the human and loving relationshipsIt is essential to contact a professional who will guide you with a true philosophy.

The tools I use on a daily basis are simple but are nevertheless complex to put in place. It is mainly about taking a step back, analyzing experiences, defining actions and above all, customizing each board according to the coachee and her desires.

Why do I like myself so well in a job where other coaches are women?

Over the years, I realized that more and more women were contacting me. I understood that there was a specific need, that of understand men. Who better than a Love Coach Man can you advise?

My unique approach and my taste for developing my own coaching tools allow me to offer a unique service in France.
That's good for me because I'm one of the coaches who practices the most since the beginning of the year and I do not intend to stop my momentum!

Understanding men: is not it utopian?

Recently, I was interviewed for a newspaper whose article is coming out next month and I had the right to an interesting question " Is it utopian to want to understand men ".

Yes, especially if you can not understand yourself! For attract a man or seduce him, it is necessary to know what impact do you have on him from an emotional, physical and intellectual point of view. By understanding your profile of seduction, you will have all the chances of understand men and to build a stable love relationship.

What remains a luxury in the 21st century!

To study your profile of seduction, I recommend reading my book " The Code of Love "with one version for men and one for women, no jealous 🙂

For a love coaching sessiondo not hesitate to contact me at 06 01 59 14 39 and I would be happy to guide you.

Your Love Coach