Why your will is not enough to achieve your goals ...


Why your will is not enough to achieve your goals ...

"I want to do this", "I want to achieve this goal", "I want to stop biting my nails", "I want to be bilingual", "I want to stop procrastinating", "I would like to be more efficient", "I would like to become famous", "I want to become rich", "I would like to succeed" and so on.

I want, I want, I want, I will do it.

It's good to say that, it reassures us consciously and unconsciously. We feel in ourselves a small dose ofhappiness, from positive

Who has never said a sentence starting with "I want", "I go" or "I would like"?

Who has neverdream to do such and such thing? The famous resolutions for example, does it speak to you? 😉)

Everyone goes there!

Everyone, one day, has been there. I am also sure that when you make your wish, you feel good for a period of time during which you are a bit motivated by it.

You imagine yourself already famous, orsuper confident, or you imagine yourself fulfilling withsuccess this goal that you covet so much. You have already imagined your little scenario in your head and you are positive.

However, I have abad news.

The majority of you will not accomplish anything in terms ofgoals.

I'm hard ? It is reality.

Do this simple test: think for a moment and write down mentally or in writing what you wanted to do in terms of goals. It can be anything as long as it is a will that comes from you. Analyze these wishes, and tell me in the end if you have begun to undertake the different goals that you have set for yourself.

maddening, is not it ?

But why Lirone?

Before I tell you why, let me tell you about a close person I coach in his everyday life.

He wanted to take control a few minutes ago now, and just for that, I congratulated him, because casually, taking charge is ultimately not that obvious. He realized that his life did not suit him, and especially he was very very (very very) negative.

In short I told him among other things to make a list of goals he would like to achieve. He did it. He wrote a lot! It ispositive and it's great. He always has this list with him.

Then, some time later, I asked him where he was in terms of his objectives.

He had not moved. Niet. Always at the same point.

After some explanation, I understood what was wrong, or rather what he was not really doing. When I told him about my remark, he told me, among other things:


"It's true that I had a lot of will, I was very motivated when I set my goals, but in the end, it's true that I'm still at the same point. I do not move. I stagnate. I'm fed up. I am still imagining myself realizing everything I want. I love that moment [...] With hindsight, I see that it affects me because in the end I do not do anything special " 

Still do not see what's wrong?

Come on I'll tell you why even with a goal list, if you do not do this,you will not move forwardeven with the greatest desire and motivation in the world.

Decide to succeed! Act to succeed!

The key is that! The key to undertaking your projects, your goals, succeed in your life, be positive and so on, that's it: act, decide !

Right now.

Your daily routine

Why do the majority of you stay in a daily routine? Because they do not act.

  • Why am I no longer shy when I was so terribly?I decided.
  • Why can I talk in front of a crowded room without any problem when talking to someone before me even before terrified me?I decided.
  • Why did I open a blog about development-person and that it is followed by hundreds of readers? I decided.
  • Why am I more productive when before procrastination dominated me? I decided.
  • Why am I positive everyday and that helps me a lot?I decided it.

And many more !

Each of my wishes has been transformed into action. Because yes action is what makes you succeed in your life. Not just the fact that you are going to write a long list of goals like your arm. It's not sufficient !

It will only remainfantasies if you do not act.

If you have to remember something from this article it's the following words: choice and act. You have the choice to act, so do it now!

The fear of acting

However, people who want to act can not because they are afraid. Yet this fear is only the creation of your mind. You created it from scratch.

The fear of failure ? The fear of not succeeding? The fear of not being up to it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is because you lack confidence in yourself.

Others sometimes have pretexts:

  • I do not know how to do it
  • I do not have time
  • I still have time before I start
  • I am too young / I am too old

Apologies that prevent you from acting. You are surely a victim of your limiting beliefs.

In any case, know that you all have the potential to succeed! ALL.

No excuses, no fuss, take a small step then another and then another until you succeed.

I count on you to act and achieve your goals!


It's your turn !

And you, what prevents you from moving forward? Leave me a comment and I would advise you 🙂