How to recover his ex remotely? A pro guides you


Your ex has decided to leave, that the decision emanates from him / her or the opposite is always so painful to separate from someone that we loved very hard. So you have only one idea in mind: to bring back that person so important to your balance.

But all is not so simple because there is an important parameter to take into consideration, you do not live or you no longer live close to each other.

Yet, you know by now, you can not live without him! So you have considered a reconquest of love, but now, because of this distance that separates you, you do not know how to behave or how to recontact his ex. To recover his ex at a distance is a case a little particular because to the / the fall in your arms it will be necessary to use strategies a little unusual. But do not panic, which can be mistaken for a problem at first glance may even serve you in the end.

Take your courage with both hands and strive to apply these tips to be able to win back your ex and be happy again with two.

We often tend to think that the kilometers that separate us from being reunited again yet it is within your reach even if an ocean separates you. Since 2007 I have accompanied men and women who for professional, school or family reasons lived in what is called a distance relationship. Besides, some were together when they were only seen a few times.

If we doubt and assume that we will never find solutions, you will not change things and the break will be final. Even if I understand your question and your doubts this article is the best answer and after reading it you will not have to act in a way to find the one you like. I need you to trust yourself to move forward and that means no more negative thoughts.

Find your ex remotely requires the adaptation of different methods. The strict radio silence several weeks or even several months is not the best idea, but that does not mean that you can not take a distance in the emotional sense of the term. The prohibitions of the reconquest in love are the same. If you harass, beg or threaten your ex your winback will not advance.

In the reconquest with removal it is important to find the right balance between seduction, distance and reunion. I reassure you, I personally guide you to achieve this with personalized coaching. It will have to create an opportunity to meet again without necessarily ringing too much "I want to get you back" is how we will increase its chances of finding it.

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The classic technique to recover his ex at a distance

The best way to reconquer your ex at a distance is still to use a well-known technique: emotional detachment. This is to cut any contact, whether by SMS, on social networks or by mail but also by phone, and wait for the other who comes back in contact with you.

To distance oneself is then the best solution. Thus, you can not only take the time to reflect on whether you really want to get back with your ex, and you can at the same time mourn your past relationship to start a new story more serenely.

This is an essential step in the reconquest of love whether we are at a distance or not and we must not neglect it. But when there are many kilometers between two people, it is easier to break the bridges for a while. But it must be limited. Too many people contact me by explaining that it's been several months that they are in SR, which is far from effective in this kind of case.

In addition, the introduction of this distance will be quite simple to set up. Already because you do not risk re-crossing your ex at any time, which allows you to recover from the break without the risk of rethinking your suffering. At least your ex is not likely to be around the corner!

Without any physical contact with your ex, he / she will be more likely to realize your absence and think more easily by being away from you. Your ex could even to question the break in question and come back to you by getting back in touch. Seeing that he / she has no more news, your former half will want to know what is happening on your side, which it will not necessarily do if you see it regularly at work, at the in college or in parties. In certain situations, recover his ex at a distance can be an advantage.

It goes without saying that this classic technique is only the first step but it will allow you to react to it. If your story is more complex than it seems and / or your radio silence has not paid off, coaching is required to establish a personalized action plan.

Technology to react to his ex at a distance

New technologies can be an asset but you have to think about leaving them out, especially shortly after the break. Your ex is gone, and you can not help but spy on his Facebook account, watch for any new photo or the smallest status on his part.

Take off this torture! You only make it even more difficult for you to do so. Cut off contact so you do not have the temptation to reconnect with his ex and you will see that taking on yourself will be better than if his head is before your eyes all day long. Your ex will necessarily wonder where you have gone and will ask questions about your current life.

You ask yourself how to recover his ex at a distance ? It's simple, avoid posting on Facebook depressing status like "I miss you", "come back to me", or "I'm so sad without you". This can only serve you because no one wants to get back to someone on the verge of depression and who no longer has any self-confidence.

Stay positive or positive and let it know! Show your ex that you do not need his presence to be happy and that you are doing very well. You must not show that you are emotionally dependent. Seeing your happiness, he / she can only wonder how you do to be as good and how you managed to turn the page so fast. His questions may be for your ex an excuse to talk to you again and the technology will have served you well. Speaking of technology, do not hesitate to visit the shop to see what solutions I can propose to you so that your ex comes back at the earliest.

It is possible to recover his ex despite the distance but we can not act as we wish. There are steps, gestures to respect if you really want to have a chance. With distance communication can be slightly more complicated to manage and it makes us make mistakes, we offer romantic weekends 3 days after he / she broke, we take the first plane ticket to / join but in reality it is not in this way that we will find a lasting solution for the couple.

Rule # 1: Do not get too close to your ex

We give up work, family and friends to move and prove to him that we really want to be with him / her, even if the intention is good we put a huge pressure on his ex and above all it shows a great dependence emotional what is not positive. It is important first of all to find a good dialogue before wanting to change your life without having any guarantee that he / she will come back only because of his / her move.

Thus after the emotional decline, it is essential to recreate good contacts and have peaceful exchanges in which the complicity will be reborn. As long as you are not at this stage, do not try anything because you risk destabilizing everything.

Rule # 2: Do not put your ex on a pedestal

With the distance we often tend to see his ex even more beautiful / beautiful than he / she really is, at the physical level but also the character, and therefore on the one hand we depreciate and then we start asking for a second chance.

It is important not to consider it better or to think that our life is much less interesting than its own. If we want to win him back, it is precisely the opposite state of mind that we must have in order not to leave on a bad base and prevent ourselves from having results in his reconquest, because if we based on what you think you do not put forward your chances, quite the contrary. The fact of having left you does not make it better.

Rule # 3 After a Distance Relationship: Having Projects for the Future

Do we understand well do not go back to his ex asking him to  we marry and talk about children, but we must have medium-term projects especially if distance is precisely the cause of this break. If you recover with him / her to stay in the same situation and never have a totally stable relationship you will have trouble moving forward. It is important for you to think about what you can do to bring both of you together.

Think about getting closer and closer in a remote reconquest

The time you have left for you will be useful.You will see that you will be ready to reconnect with your ex.

What is the right moment? It's just when this one or this one will not occupy all your thoughts anymore.

If your ex has not given up and he / she still has not caught the temperature near you, use a well known technique to reconnect. Whether you are far from each other does not matter, send small messages as I recommend in this audio seminar. But no need to write a novel and do not start by telling him your feelings by begging him to come back to you. Let the conversation settle and rediscover each other gently, without rushing things. And for that, there is nothing better than sms.

Renew the experience gradually, being careful that your approach is not taken for harassment. You must not be too intrusive. Even at a distance, the link that unites you is likely to recreate itself and the kilometers that separate you can play to your advantage because it means not going too fast and you will not necessarily be able to see you again in the immediate future, even if it will be a step to consider quickly later, especially if the reason for the separation was that you did not take advantage of each other enough because you could not be together often.

You have the time to rediscover yourself before you want to see you again in real life and know how to recover his ex remotely and definitely. After you have explained, the spirits will be more serene and you can consider the reconquest from a better angle. An appointment later, several messages and a little patience will be necessary so that you can get back together and for a long time despite the travel time by car, plane or train that separates you.

In the reconquest of love whether at a distance or a little more classical, it is important not to not give the impression of wanting to recover his ex. I know, it's a little paradoxical because we think that it is precisely by showing signs of affection, showing his love and feelings that we will succeed in reviving the flame and the bring back but this is unfortunately not the case. This is why we must return more subtly to him / her and not talk to him about a couple, love, projects such as a wedding or a baby. Easier to say than to do, I know it, that's what you're saying but I assure you I will not leave you without explanation and without concrete advice, you probably know it is not my kind.

Okay but then how to recover his ex at a distance without arousing his suspicions?

This is a question that I am often asked, which is normal, and many have doubts and think that we are obliged to be romantic or to talk about what we feel, but this is not the case, quite the contrary. In order to have the right behavior, here are 3 tips that work really well when used wisely.

Speak to your ex as to a friend

We often have the reflex to speak to the one we want to recover as we would talk to his / her partner but although it is difficult to accept, you are no longer in a relationship and you must not communicate anymore as if it was always your half.

That's why when we do not want to arouse the suspicions of his ex it is important to see him / her as your friend, distance between you or not you have to avoid soft words, soft words, this is not the way you will succeed in relaunching your story. on the contrary, love. The more you focus on the feelings and the more he / she will push you away.

Do not talk to him every day!

You know, I do not advise radio silence in remote relationships, however between a strict SR and getting messages from morning till night there is a big difference. When we want recover his ex despite a physical distance and not only sentimental, it is necessary to space the messages and especially to return to him / her when one has something to say. "Hi what's new?" Every 2 days is not useful you must have a real communication strategy to recover his ex!

Not making contact every day will also help to create a slight lack and we must be a little violent in saying that it can really change the prospects.

Do not propose too romantic things

Obviously, one of the highlights of a reconquest at a distance is the reunion, however, when we want to return to his ex without appearing to be in demand, we must make sure that they are not totally under the sign of love.

If you offer a weekend at the spa, both with candlelit dinner after 2 months away it may sound too "I want to get back with you" you need less romantic ideas.Just have a coffee if he / she is in town, perhaps propose to leave with friends, go near his place of life (not in the same city) and offer a small exit will be more than enough. Especially do not do too much because it could really have the opposite effect.

If you would like more individualized help to develop or implement the tips provided in this article, I refer you to the coaching page for more details on personalized consultations.

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