I have never loved a man so much, how can I make him understand?


How to find a man you loved but who does not want you today? What are the solutions to show him that you are independent and to avoid being in emotional dependence? How to accept the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning the page when we say "I'm crazy about him? "

Love and feelings in general are not controlled. You are in love with a man and that never happened to you with such force? You know it's him and not another but the relationship has become toxic and you're staying on a very heavy addiction that is ruining your life.

Do you know how to take control of your feelings and make you want to come back to you? In any case one thing is certain, it is not by repeating to you "I have never loved so much a man" that you will be able to take control of your emotions and to improve the situation. On the contrary ladies will now have to push your feelings to focus on the need to install a new seduction between you by making a clean sweep of the past!

I give you my advice and experience of love coach field because you are not alone in this situation and I will explain how to regain control and make you crazy. Yes you read that you will make this man fall in love again! By the way, feel free to share your story in the comments and I will be happy to answer you personally to guide you to success.

Why does not a man want to know that you love him?

We are in a society where seduction is established according to the balance of power and this famous saying "Flee me I am you, am I I flee". You are now in a new stage of your emotional life, that is to say, where you have to hide feelings, remaining a femme fatale and doing everything to make it the man who comes to seduce you!

The more you show what you feel and the more the man will be afraid to get involved in a relationship because he will be afraid that the relationship will go too fast. Have you ever heard the famous " I'm sorry but it's going too fast between us "Can you yourself have pronounced this sentence and today you are suffering the same thing.

Even if you know that he is the good onethat you have never loved before and that you are willing to give him some freedom to flourish in the relationship, your man will consider the life of a couple as a total loss of independence and he will fear to fall into a relationship that will suffocate him.

I have never loved a man so much because it's the right one!

This is the phrase I often hear in coaching. "Alexander, I know it's good because I've never loved a man so much". As said in the previous paragraph, despite all your feelings, you must learn to ignore them to avoid being acquired. To know that this is the good, we must get to revive a true "complicity". You should not focus on your feelings that can put you in a situation of demand, but instead remain focused on the need to have a pleasant dialogue, to establish a strong intimacy, that this man you love can only have 'with you. To be unique to attract him is indispensable. He must see only by you!

To achieve this you need to gain self-confidence, be natural and let go, and above all repeat yourself I have never loved a man before him.

So for to conquer the heart of a manDo not show him that you are crazy about him or that you have never loved him in the past, but you will have to take the bull by the horns to set up a natural seduction around a notion In other words, through sensations that he can not find in another woman. You are unique so show it to him!

This is how you will remain a challenge and you will no longer be acquired or in demand in his eyes. The seduction will be reversed then and it is he who will seek to put the hook on you. This is the notion of reverse seduction, who also tell you right away is the grail when you want to capsize a person's heart.

To find his darling, you have to take your time!

All the women who tell me "I have never been so fond of a man "Are in a situation where they panic constantly and are unable to take their time, because they are constantly under pressure. The fear of losing love definitely makes them thwart and you too dear reader do not fall into this trap. Before you ask how to make love to a man who repels me, you must already know how you will be able to get closer. Do not skip the steps!

You must advance to him in a process of seduction, maintaining attraction through a strong complicity and without ever burning the stages. I know you only hope for one thing, his return. But the situation remains delicate and as I told you, evoking the feelings will make him glimpse the global context with fears and not with envy.

To take your time and regain this self-confidence, I invite you to take initiatives for your personal life and do everything to stay dynamic. Stop moping in your couch after work or every weekend, if that's the case. The more you are going to have a full life on your side and the more you covet or covet again will want to conquer you.

It is important that you go out with your friends, that you take care of yourself and that you come to show him that your life is exciting because it is also part of the attraction. A man can only be interested in an independent woman, full of life, who puts no pressure on him and who also seduces him from a distance.
Time is therefore an important factor in your new conquest and to recreate feelings at home. Never go too fast, under pain of having him run away again and find you again in demand to show that you love him when he wonders about his feelings.

For to make a man in loveyou must absolutely keep your role of "femme fatale" even if you really know it's him and not another. Put your feelings in the background or rather force yourself to do so so as not to be too in demand, too intrusive in your life or just not to look hopeless.
I invite you to do everything to take back your life in hand and to make him regret his decision of rupture or lack of commitment.

To go further do not forget to comment on this article by sharing your story and your blockages, I will answer you as soon as possible.

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